Who uses a MAC with Equator / ResNet...

I have been using Dell laptop since the beginning of time.  My current one is on Life Support.  My Computer Geek says it's a matter of a few weeks if not days now... 

I have been considering making a leap from PC to MAC.  I am curious who uses a MAC, also  what issues I would encounter with Equator / ResNet should I make the leap...

Your comments are greatly appreciated... 





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  • I use MAC on both platforms and Apple computers are by far the best!  Once you go Apple, there is no going back to PC!
  • Oh no...  Now you have really messed me up!  Here I was thinking I should stay with my PC, now you are saying Mac works with Equator & ResNet... so I can get Windows 7 to run on a Mac?    Amazing!

    Your comment about 'going back, NO WAY...' is something I hear quite frequently from Mac users.

    Oh my gosh!  What's a girl to do...  

    It seems to me like you are very tech savvy & mobile.   I don't know about the 2 monitors, not sure I am ready for that!   

    Do you use any type of contact management system or strictly Equator / ResNet... just curious...

    Thanks for taking time to share your experiences with me!  This is giving me much more to consider!


  • I have been using Macs for 2 years now and I love them much more than PCs. I foirst bought my desk top for home, then immediately got the laptop I take every day to my office.  I do find some web sites that are not happy with Mac. One is RES.NET. I can do some things on it, but there are some issues that do arise. Equator I don't use often so I can't speak about that. Even our own MLS a few years ago wasn't happy with Macs, but most of those bugs are gone now. Some of my BPO vendors allow me to upload text with my Mac, but the photos or final submission process needs to be on a PC. How to solve these issues? I have a list of sites I use often that don't like Mac & for what reason. I have access to a PC at my office or my borrowing my daughter's PC at home so I plan my work accordingly. It may sound like a hassle, but it really isn't.
    • Thanks for responding so promptly!  Wow... you are giving me a lot to think about...    As you know which ever direction I go will be a big $$$ investment & don't want to get something & end up wanting to kick myself for leaping without looking!


      Thanks again!

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