A few days ago, I notified Emortgage that I recently changed brokerages, and I received an email this morning stating that they would have to cancel my account because they only allow 1 vendor per brokerage office.  Have you ever heard of this? I would have kept my mouth shut if I new this would happen! I can't imagine that there is only 1 agent for every brokerage office.

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  • Yes, several of the companies do this. 
  • Yes, that's their policy. I am shut out because another agent in my office was approved first by them. Fannie & Freddie have the same policy so I am out of luck with those accounts as well. I was approved by Clear Capital for BPO work 3 yrs ago, but never got an assignment, while another agent in my office sometimes got 10-15 per week! I called CC and they said the other agent was preventing me from getting assignments because she had signed up earlier than I. This business can be unfair-like a lot of things.
  • I believe that's their policy.

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