• I received the same letter today Marilyn. Thank God, I was paid up with no outstanding reimbursements. They are basically folding the company and going out of business.
  • yes.  I am no longer completing due to their current situation.  I am owed money for over 90 days now. 

  • Aloha from Maui,

    I haven't been paid for 4 BPO that I had completed in 2012 after being told I had just been designated a preferred vendor.

    I emailed my contact and vendor management to no avail. And had been paid up to that point.

  • When I started in REO nobody did a BPO under $100. I received $1000-2000 for successful CFK's & my commission was never less than 2.5 per transaction side. I stopped doing BPO's after the standard became $65! I saw people doing them for $35-50 in the end! My last REO sale commission was 2% -25%. They even started charging me $5 per invoice to pay me back my expenses

       I have almost stopped all REO work altogether! Except for  NRT I have no REO work but am making more $$$! NRT actually eased up making the hold REO weekly check every 14 days instead of 7. They gave me permission to do a 1 per month on this property after I complained and stopped doing them at all! Since I can handle any type of home, debtor, repair & always close on time they decided I was worth it!! Those who are awesome at what we do so we don't need REO's! In fact it's a bad business model compared to retail sales!  The smart companies will try and keep  quality brokers! If your a good broker don't be afraid to throw your weight around. If you loose a service provider so be it! Sell retails! Work with investors & builders!

    The service providers will all come around if the good brokers are acting like we are worth it! If they have to deal with the in experience & revolving door of new brokers for a while we will soon be in high demand. Selling houses with no discounts, service referrals, BPO's, CFK's, Repairs, utility management, & fighting with the payment dispatchers over how you uploaded the last electric bill is awesome! Damn.... why would we go back until they get back to the money they paid us before 2009! 

    Justin Thayer

    Team Thayer Real Estate

  • Just got a letter today from Markus Williams,  Attorney at Law.  IAS in in reconstructins bankruptcy and pretty well said I won't be paid,  so you who are waiting will most likely get the letter also.  We got the short end of the stick again

  • IAS Dead beats.They are in business because people dont pay their bills (mortgages). They are doing the same thing to agents.Who is going to foreclose on them


    I have 2 email contacts you can harass as well for your money. I email both every day and also send Ashley a fax. Ashley Bogart VP - Client Services O 303.850.2846 M 720.839.7456 F 303.850.2902  and Sheba Nelson AP Specialist O 303.889.8811 I was just advised this morning by Ashley they are sending my check next week.

    • I had every email in the book for IAS and this last time nothing worked except the Denver BBB.  That's the way they want to play it, ok by me.  I got paid and will do NO MORE work for them.

  • At this time we have very little respect for this company. Back in August we were given two assets by them and asked that any monies owed at that time be paid. After payment we requested that they reassign the assets. Seeming shocked and asking why,  we responded RE-ASSIGN THE ASSET! When McCarthy ran this company they were great! They are now the class clowns!

    • I'm really bummed reading all of these. I just got a listing assignment from them. I spent money doing a HVAC repair, sales clean, and some snow removal. They told me the other day it was 60 days then in another email they said they were running behind. Also I have yet to list the property and I sent a email checking on it yesterday and still haven't gotten a reply. I'm concerned they might lose the asset then who knows when I will get paid. All these REO companies tell us we need to be ready to pay for things up front then this kind of stuff happens. Also why should reimbursement take 60 days. PAS/Wells Fargo has been my number 1 client for years. They reimburse in 2 weeks. I will update when something happens.

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