• I upgraded to AMP just a handful of weeks ago and no increase in business yet. I think it's too soon to tell. I do expect an increase!
  • I used to have over 50 listing on RESNET last 2 years, so AMP was very useful for me, now I only have 6. One client transfer to Equator, another one loss the bid account and my other clients in RESNET are not giving me a lot of listings. My AMP is schedule for renewal next week and I am not renewing it, until business picks up again and it becomes a tool worth using. it is not worth using with only 6 listings.
  • Cindy,  It has been almost 5 months since you upgraded to AMP.  Anything happen yet? Curious....  Lee
  • Against my better judgment I paid the extra for the AMP a couple of weeks ago but so far I have not received anything - I have been with for over a year and have not gotten a thing - will see if this helps!
  • I moved to AMP just after 5 Star last year. No increase in business. I do know that Titanium is giving priority to agents on AMP with their REO listings when they get ramped up.
  • I know there are a few AMs who are looking into RES.NET AMP and whether it provides a better quality of REO agent to work with. One of the major problems that many AMs face is agents who don't take the time to learn the systems (, IClear, etc) and are bombarded with questions related to those systems that the AM is not able to answer but takes too much of their time. Just to note an example there was an agent who was having a hard time uploading expenses in and kept emailing the AM about it. The AM finally agreed to upload the expenses to get the agent of his back. When the agent emailed him the invoices they were in Word format instead of PDF. If RES.NET AMP can help solve those type of problems it will most likely be something AMs will look for when assigning assets.
    • I use Invoice Management for submitting my expenses and some of my AM's who use want me to submit expenses using IM.
    • I am in the same situation, my RESNET expires next month and I am wondering if I should spend the extra money for AMP. The only reason I would do it is to get more REO Listings, I do not need an additional software program.
      • I got it and it helps to get you organized if you don't have another REO system in place. Eventually, lots of their clients will get access to your profile and obtain business from your list of zip codes and more.
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