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4359197401?profile=originalIt goes without saying that potential home buyers take to the Internet to search for homes, but just to make it official, reports a staggering 92% of home seekers utilize the Internet in some capacity and 50% use mobile websites or applications in their efforts. You can view the highlights here

Real estate agents want to get found online, but many find Real Estate SEO to be esoteric or an exercise in frustration, so I wanted to avail a post that covers the basics, without getting bogged down in technical details (those will come later). 

Let's put aside the arcane speak for a moment, and at the risk of over simplicity, consider the over-arching goal of search engines. It is to provide relevant, targeted search results for users. When someone searches for something, they are seeking information. The search engine attempts to match the searcher with repositories of the information their users seek. Since the search engines want to provide a positive user experience, they will evaluate the credibility of the site that is spewing out information.Is the site credible? If so, it is ranked high. 

There are many metrics they will use to gauge the credibility of a site, and gone are the days from yesteryear where you can simply stuff keywords on a page and guarantee that you appear at the top of search results. The biggest metric is fresh, updated, and unique content, and I know this from experience. 

For the better part of a decade, I sold real estate and other leads and had half a dozen or so websites that showed up on the front page of Google for pre-foreclosure leads, mortgage leads, and other keywords. I rarely had to make cold calls, because people would find me. What is remarkable about that is that I made no attempt to do any SEO. That's right, I did not try to optimize my websites for Google, yet my pages appeared at the forefront of search results. Why? 

There are two audiences to write for. One is a Google robot that crawls the web. The other, human beings to engage, inform, and converse with, and for a long time I ignored the former and wrote for human beings. By writing prolifically and often, Google notices that. 

SEO gurus will tell you that when generating content, you should branch out a little and mention keywords that are related to your main keyword. So, for example, since it's October, maybe you are searching for Halloween costumes. People searching for this very broad, competitive term may also be searching for "scary Halloween costumes", "Halloween costumes for kids", "Ideas for Halloween costumes", "best Halloween costumes", etc etc.

But if you have a passion for Halloween costumes and have a business selling costumes, these related phrases will be mentioned naturally. Naturally is the operative term. You wouldn't necessarily have to forensically analyze content, keyword count, etc, because these terms would appear organically. 

This is a lead in to what your real estate website is about. 

Many real estate professionals have taken the easy route by putting up a generic website, a prefab and uninspiring website furnished by their brokerage firm or some third-party company that makes every site look the same, merely changing a few things. This cookie-cutter sites are nearly impossible to be indexed by the search engines, much less to be viewed as a credible site with all of the duplicate content. Again, Google loves fresh, unique content. If you want to be found, you have to set yourself apart and have more than an expensive business card.

This requires a concerted approach to write about local schools, hang-out places, neighborhoods, attractions, the local yogurt shop. New developments sprouting up, changes in the rental market and so forth. It's been said that all politics are local. To that I would say all search is local. The search engines eat up locally specific information, and this need not be an arduous task, and I want to part with this thought. 

SEO should be fun, to the extent that you are communicating with the visitor and establishing yourself as a local real estate expert. It's the start of a conversation that leads to relationships and profits. If you view SEO as being a technical task to get found online, get some Ibuprofen. If you have a paradigm shift and view content as informing/engaging, you will succeed. I guarantee it. 

In the next posts, I'll try to tackle some of the nitty gritty details, putting a little structure to your real estate content. 

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Man vs. Machine – It is the age-old question. Can a machine replace a person? People and computers have worked together to make most tasks simpler and faster. People have invented brilliant machines and programs to boost our productivity, and in return raise our profits. Machines can process information faster. They can solve problems and provide specific and up-to-date solutions. So is it safe to say that machines have replaced the real estate agent? Does it mean that we don't need real live agents anymore being that technology can do a lot of the job?

Absolutely not! These machines still need human input. Any computer savvy real estate agent or his assistant can manage all of his properties online, freeing the agents’ time for meetings with prospective clients, showing properties, etc. It is also  a great way to ‘weed out’ the serious buyers over the ‘browsers’. While the ‘browsers’ are content to stay at home viewing all of the wonderful information you have on the internet, the serious buyer is already hooked on his dream home and is making an appointment.

There are many ways to advertise your property online, detailed descriptions, photos, virtual tours, videos and the like. The serious buyer will still want to see the property in person while the ‘browser’ will be satisfied with the online information and browse to their hearts content. Finding a home has never been as easy as it is today. Everything is right at the tip of our fingers. With just a few clicks, we can browse different price ranges, styles, square footage, room counts, lot sizes, and neighborhoods; we can even narrow our search to minute details in seconds. We can submit pre-approval applications and even estimate what our payments might be.

There are many areas where a realtor humbles technology. One of those areas that a machine cannot compete with is that the realtor knows all of the intricate details of a property. The computer can only pull all related key words that you put into the search. The realtor is physically acquainted with the property. They can also explain all of your possible mortgage options, property taxes, and any repairs that the home may need. These things are usually not disclosed online. A realtor can also orchestrate negotiations for the price which technology, even as advanced as it is cannot do.

Lastly, a realtor is there to help you with the entire home buying process. Testimonials tell us that there are a lot of challenges in home buying. A realtor is there to understand, encourage, and support us with all of the paper work, legal terms, financing, closing, etc. They are essential in making our dream home a reality. In short, with a realtor we can prepare, save, and complete our home purchase.

So even with the rise of technology, a real estate agent is still more effective than a computer. Of course, the use of both is most effective. Realtors should partner with technology to manage their listings and time so that they can serve homebuyers in the most time and cost efficient way. This would definitely boost the agents’ success.

It is vital for realtors in this day and age to be fully armed with the latest in technology. The problem is that most realtors do not have the time to educate themselves in the ever-changing ways of technology. The realtor has to manage his time effectively and be "out there" showing homes, talking to clients, building relationships and selling homes!

This is where a virtual office assistant can be a major help. Virtual assistants have many areas of expertise in the real estate field. They can take the stress out of your time management by taking your calls, managing your online portfolio, social media marketing, preparing BPO reports, managing your bills and reimbursements, home repairs, preparing spreadsheets, presentations, reports and many other tasks that you just do not have time for.

A virtual assistant can do just about any task that you need done, with less overhead cost than an in office assistant. To find out more about what a virtual assistant can do to help you achieve your goals, please feel free to contact us.

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5 Factors Affecting Sales Demand For Real Estate

Wherever you go, real estate holds a distinctive role in shaping up a country’s economy directly affecting the buyers and sellers in the market. Highly responsive to the law of demand and supply, realtors and independent sellers alike have to keep watch on various factors critical to their income-generating means. With hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of money on the loop, finding time to scrutinize the following critical factors affecting real estate demand will help generate positive results to your planned resale.
1. Current Demographics
The composition of the overall population concerning age, income, migration and population growth is critical. Most home buyers usually consider location as a top priority when researching for home investments making demographics highly critical when it comes to demand and, subsequently, pricing. Florida’s real estate market, for instance, has continually been tagged as a perfect haven for retirement due to the consistent number of baby boomers migrating to the area.
2. Demand Vis-à-Vis Supply of Real Estate Properties
There is no doubt that real estate properties’ supply largely affects demand in the market. As real estate can go through various cycles, so does its demand and supply. When supply surpasses demand in the market, prices can easily plummet. This is what took place in the US real estate market in the last three years or so. As the number of foreclosure rises, price of real estate took a nosedive. If you are in a realty buy-and-sell business, buying low and selling high later on will give bang to your buck. For someone selling a home, this can mean disaster as you will be competing with low-priced foreclosures.
3. Employment Condition
Areas with high employment availabilities are sure-ball real estate buying magnets. Cities usually equated with well-paying jobs can easily shift migration patterns leading to an increase in demand for more developments. Most cities with more employment requirements most often enjoy an upswing trajectory in real estate demand. As a result of this high demand, prices have the tendency to rise, too.
4. Correlating Credit Markets and Interest Rates
Not everyone can buy homes in cash. Most rely on mortgage or real estate loans to buy a property. If interest rate is low, loans can be had at a much lower cost making it highly beneficial for buyers. Low interest rates means easier to acquire loans or credit from financial markets and, subsequently, lower monthly amortization. With this, more demands for real estate will be imminent.
5. The Overall Economy
The health of the overall economy, of course, largely influence sales demand for real estate. A strong economy attracts more jobs and population growth increasing the demand for housing and development. A sluggish one does the opposite as consumer confidence is usually stunted. 

When you have a home or a piece of realty and you have plans for resale, it is important to take these critical factors into consideration. Do remember that in real estate, selling a property requires not just efforts but, most importantly, the right knowledge and timing. The perfect convergence of these factors will largely contribute to lucrative sale deals in the market.

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Quick Selling Tips When Staging Homes

Selling a home is not for the faint of heart, whether done privately or via the services of a real estate company. It takes time, effort, and deeply thought-of strategies to enhance your chances of snagging the right deal in the market. A quick sale is good, but one that comes with sure profits would be much better. One way to ensure a quick profit-making sale is by organizing a home staging initiative accordingly.
Significance of Home Staging
Staging a home is one lofty preparation of your abode prior to its presentation to the market. Its main objective is to make a home more appealing to more prospective buyers in the shortest time possible. Here, a homeowner or a realtor will get rid of the obvious flaws of a home such as clutter, defects and any sign of dilapidation. It systematizes clean-up, repairs, or home improvements to further enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of a property. From interior to exterior, home staging will make a potential buyer envision the property as her own.
Important Areas to Consider
Staging your home largely depends on your budget. If you can afford major improvements, then, the better leverage you have over its selling price. However, a limited budget is quite common among homeowners selling their homes. With this, it is wise to focus on areas that directly influence first impression of a buyer such as the landscape or exterior aesthetics, front entrance, kitchen, bathroom, masters’ bedroom, and living area.
Don’t Just Clean, Manage Your Clutter
Cleanliness is a must when it comes to home selling. A buyer love spotless properties. From bathroom tiles to kitchen countertops, ceiling, and toilet bowls, it is your goal to make every nook and cranny immaculate. Of course, make sure to remove unnecessary odors, too. Your favorite garlicky smell might not work with everyone. This is even more so for homeowners who love smoking indoors. Scented candles might do the trick in eliminating unpleasant odors.
When cleaning, consider organizing things like furniture, appliances, and decorative elements to generate ample legroom. No matter how pristine the floors and ceilings, if you have knick-knacks lying everywhere, your efforts are for naught. Sell, store or donate unnecessary stuff. Do not hide these in your closet or garage. Buyers check those, too.
Make An Exterior Space Standout
Does your home have a patio or garden? How about a lawn or a backyard? Let any of this space standout. Repaint your patio furniture or change its flooring. Mow grass on your front- or backyard. Try adding vibrant and fragrant blooms. An excellently defined exterior attracts buyers instantaneously.
Exert Efforts on Defining Interior Spaces
Buyers have the tendency to maximize square footage when looking for the best deal. Increase your leverage by creating fluidity in design and richly designed purpose for its space. Transform an attic into a mini-office or a guest room. Make your garage double as a storage room. Your basement can be an entertainment room or an office. A buyer may not use it with the purpose you have in mind, but this will give him a perspective that every inch of your home is functional.  
Play With Paint and Lighting
When thinking of a paint job, keep in mind that colors are highly personal in nature. What could be ideal for you may not apply to everyone. For a limited budget, a repaint using neutral colors will help “de-personalize” a home. To add more life to your new paint, updating interior lighting and fixtures will help enhance its appeal.

Indeed, home staging is of great help in increasing a home’s face value and in quickening its resale. Though preparations are essential, it is important not to invest a lot in the processes involved. By planning carefully the home staging processes, you are guaranteed to get the most bang for your buck.

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Are you planning to sell your house or apartment? Would you like to know what can help boost your resale incentives? If you have finally decided to list your property up for resale, you might be inundated by friends or work colleagues on undergoing notable changes to boost results. Though some people may find it easier to sell their homes “as is”, this idea does not apply if you want to gain more out of your hard-earned investment. You do not really have to spend a fortune if you wish to increase the resale value and appeal of your home. All you need to do is exert efforts and a few bucks to guarantee a resale that will put a huge grin on your coffers.
1. Standard Repairs
Aside from location, size, neighborhood, number of bathrooms and bedrooms, and so on, it is important that your property is comfortable and functional. You need to ensure that structure, plumbing, electrical, security system, and other crucial parts of the home are safe and sound. Carefully assess any broken outlets, chipped or cracked tiles, defective electrical and HVAC system, infestation, and other parts of your property. It is your ethical responsibility to sell a home that is functional and serviceable. In cases of serious repairs needed, a professional is one that guarantees a topnotch job, unless you are a master in do-it-yourself.
 2. Organizing Clutter
This may sound tedious at first but, when done right, can give your home a creative facelift without spending a lot. There are many ways to organize clutter nowadays. You can put into storage any unnecessary items which might disrupt a potential client’s interest. You may indulge in simple clean-up but when it comes to de-cluttering, you might want to check out various storage systems nowadays that deliver astounding results.
3. A Paint Job
Paint plays an important role in a home’s curb appeal. It is the very first impression that draws interest from potential clients. If you believe that your home is in dire need of a fresh coat of paint, slap both interior and exterior with a can or two. You may engage in DIY if you have significant experience. Just make sure not to become tacky with wallpaper, odd colors or bad flooring design. When you are not sure, better seek out a trusted local paint contractor to handle the job. Some also have a lot of vinyl siding now. It might be good to paint the exteriors or power wash them to ensure clean appearances for when clients come to view the property.
4. Add a Garden
You can prettify your back- and front yard with a garden. Mowing the lawn can prove to be an exciting chore to both men and women nowadays. A garden full of flowers makes a lot of difference. For small –spaced abodes, AeroGardening or simple recycled container gardening would suffice.
5. Take Note of the Kitchen and Bathroom
Be extra watchful of your bathrooms and kitchen. These areas are becoming highly considered focal points of a home. You might want to invest on new sinks, countertops or cabinets. Replace those with significant marks as this can easily distract a potential buyer.
6. Raise the Roof
Repaint, repair or replace? Carefully assess the problem on your roof. A professional roofer can easily pinpoint essential initiatives that must be done to ensure zero bad credit.
7. Update Security System

Last but not least, make necessary updates on your home’s security. Nothing beats a house that is not only well-kept but also fully secured. Homes with foolproof security system, often, acquire great interest.

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Must Have Apps and Gadgets For Realtors

A lot of changes have taken place in the last two years in technology. Along with these changes, real estate professionals are also busy finding ways on how to communicate effectively with clients and to keep track of a highly competitive and volatile market. Luckily, there are modern gadgets and apps that have been developed to serve every facet of their operation. To give you a head start, here are some of the newly updated gadgets and apps available on the tech market today designed specifically to serve real estate busybodies.

Gadgets You Should Not Miss
A Tech-y Desk
Most real estate agents have offices at home and having a 40-inch touch-screen that you can easily tuck on your desk is one great option. EXODesk allows you to connect, view and operate virtually any computer on either Windows or IOS platform. Apps can be added to suit your business needs.
Tablet Computer
Mobility is your game. Instead of buying a separate computer for home use and laptop or tablet for mobile use, buy one which features both. ASUS Transformer AIO P1801, for instance, works as both a PC and a tablet. It also has a dual operating system to serve its purpose.
Wi-Fi Camera in 3D
You will be taking pictures of homes to sell and what better way to do it than in 3D. Samsung NX300 features not just pixel-perfect results but also the ability to connect to a Smartphone or computer automatically sending photos in a click.
Smartphone and Accessories
Regardless of the size, a Smartphone is an essential gadget that realtors should not work without. This keeps your communication line open for clients and colleagues, and also doubles as your gateway to the Internet. Have a ChargeCard and DeLorme Inreach ready, too. The former gives you an extra charge for your battery while the latter serves as your satellite device when no signal is available.
Portable Scanner
As a real estate agent, titles and other documents are crucial in your transactions. A mobile scanner like that of Xerox comes handy. It can easily convert paper documents into PDFs or JPG files and then, sends these documents directly to your recipient via wireless contact.
Be Watch-ful
No matter how busy, you can always check for your email and phone calls through your “smart watch”. This watch allows you to tell time, retrieve emails, dial phone numbers, and go through social network updates.
New Apps to Consider
Every day, new apps are being developed for public consumption. For realtors, here are some of the current ones worthy of praise:
1. DocuSign - for digital signing of legal documents
2. Magic Plan – creating floor plan in a snap
3. Google Apps – Gmail, Calendar, Google+, Maps, Chrome, Google Drive, and more.
4. Dropbox – for back-up and storage
5. Sitegeist – great tidbits on people and housing, weather, and so on
6. DreamScore – access to local MLS listings
7. DreamPro – search app designed for realtors and brokers
8. Casmy – gather open-house info in real time
9. Open Home Pro – creating listings via phone
10. HomeSnap – take a picture of a home then, find out its market value, bed and baths, taxes, access to schools, hospitals, and so on.

In the months and years to come, more and more tech-y gadgets and apps will be introduced to the real estate arena. You need to keep your eyes open for these changes and updates. In a highly competitive industry like real estate, your chances can be determined by how well equipped you are.

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Today’s real estate market is continually meandering towards recovery amidst a slower-than-normal pace and an ongoing world economic distress. With almost six years of excruciating struggle, this sounds like a good deal for buyers-and-sellers, and realtors in the market. But what are the current emerging trends in the real estate market nowadays?  To give you a closer perspective, here are some top trends most investors, realtors and independent home buyers and sellers have observed.
Low Mortgage Rates
As the economy slowly perks up, it is understandable for the fixed 30-year mortgage rate to nosedive. This could mean an impending increase anytime soon. But contrary to previous prediction, this will not skyrocket abruptly. The Federal Reserve is wise enough to keep it low for at least the whole year to help hasten recovery in the housing market. As it scale back its stimulus program, expect rates to gradually rise but, as a rule, never at an abrupt pace. For buyers, this could mean that now is a great time to buy your dream home.
Dynamic Bidding Wars
With the purported recovery, bidding wars have become even more dynamic and forceful in various places like Southern California, Seattle, Boston, New York and Washington. This has, however, shown a decline in other states like Pennsylvania, Maryland and Baltimore. But with the ever fluctuating norm of the real estate market and the economy as a whole, dynamism of bidding wars has great rely on present locale situation.
Flexible Tenure and Adaptability
Before the economic upheavals, buyers are expected to stay in their purchased homes for a certain amount of time. Current trend, however, has shown that almost half of home buyers do not have clear expectations on their tenure in a particular property. As economy continually shifts, so does the mentality of a home buyer. With this, sellers must ensure to market their homes according to what a buyer needs taking into consideration a buyer’s future needs. You might want to promote flexible space characteristics like a convertible garage or basement.
Increase Demand from Married Couples
The current driving force in home buying lies on the hands of married couples who are not necessarily first-time buyers. This could be affected by the sudden shift in the economy and employment market. For sellers, staging a property that appeals to couples will definitely increase its appeal.
A Steady Influx of Renters
Unlike couples, the growing number of yuppies escaping their parent’s overcrowded basements and extended garage pave the way for the rise of demand on rental properties. As young people start moving back into the employment market brought by an improving economy, moving out of the family homes has become a norm steadily giving rise to a lucrative rental business. For sellers who are uncertain on their decision, renting out their property can be a good opportunity.
Rise of City High Rise Living
Whether the real estate market dip low or jumps up, the demand for high rise living like condominiums continually climbs at a steady pace as cities are becoming more compacted. The problem in space and more employment pouring in to these niche locations pave the way for accelerating demands and prices in condominiums. For sellers this could be a great time to invest as it can both capture both renter and buyer markets.
Consistent Rise of Digital Marketing
Of course, reliance on online trend persistently continues as the top search engine for both buyers and sellers. Digital data has become the most important resources of information. This also posed a good opportunity for realtors and private sellers as online marketing is much cheaper and wider in scope.
Let these real estate marketing trends give you a heads-up on where to put your investment. Finding which markets or sectors offer the best incentive to your hard-earned money can be quite challenging. With steadfast expectation and a competent realtor handy, home buyers and sellers can productively manage sudden shift on these trends to their advantage.
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Amidst the recovering real estate market, it can be observed that the usual word-of-mouth tactics employed by private homeowners is not helping. If it does, this usually leads to a decrease on your price tag. If you want to sell your home in a fast and efficient manner with the price you desire, listing it with a competent realtor will definitely do you good. These people are seasoned professionals when it comes to selling houses. They do more than just show properties or negotiate offers to help close a sale. Below are some things that these realtors do to make your house more sellable.

Help Improve Your Home’s Stature 

Competent realtors do not just list your house, match it with a potential home buyer and be done with it. Often, these people ensure that your home is ready for that open house event or for buyer viewing by making use of their connections in the field of home improvements. They can assist you in improving the curb appeal of your home by contacting their contacts in plumbing, roofing, fencing, painting, landscaping and so on. Keep in mind that buyers are mostly concerned of a home’s interior and exterior appearance. A fresh coat of paint, a clean roof and exterior walls, updated plumbing system, and so on will help augment the appeal and face value of your home. With their connections, they can help find you general contractors which can perform all the needed improvements at a much affordable rate to suit your budget.

Experts in Pricing Your Home Right

An important aspect in selling a home is in pricing it right. Realtors are experts in estimating the value of a certain property with their experience and skill-set. They are proficient and up-to-date with important considerations like target market, location, demand and supply, and the type of house. They are trained and experienced in property evaluation to demand appropriate pricing to ensure that your home gets every bit that it deserves.
They Help Sweeten the Deal

Another way to make home-selling more attractive to buyers is by offering perks. Credible realtors know precisely how to play around the selling price or add-in any other special deals that will help make the buyer realize the added advantage on this particular investment. Some realtors are also connected with service contractors and home insurance agents. They can use those connections to offer an extra mile in their services as leverage in letting the buyer perceive the deal as an “added value” service. Some also offer transferable home warranty (with the consent of the homeowner) for at least a year. This helps cover maintenance and warranty on appliances and other home fixtures—and this helps sweeten the whole deal. 

Help Gain Home Buyers Trust

Do take note that 90% of all real estate transactions occur with the assistance of realtors. This could be due to the reason that these professionals have an ethical obligation to disclose hidden or latent shortcomings or defects in a home. Buyers want an honest-to-goodness deal and you as a seller might be perceived being biased when asked for details on your home.

The Bottom Line

Selling a home can take extra work and knowledge. You may put all your efforts in getting your home in excellent shape but when you have no knowledge on marketing it or knowledge on the present condition of the real estate market, you will most likely find yourself empty-handed. With competent realtors, you can effectively increase the odds of getting your home sold on the market.

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In Search of....

I have been scratching my head lately how some name brand agents get their bank owned inventory....does the asset manger really care? or really know?

IN SEARCH  OF ....the listing agent

For starters... listing comes on the listed in the MLS....but has no lockbox until 4 days later because the assistant does not work on Sunday.  I tried to show this property twice offer from me!  This equals lost sales.  Should you not do your own work? I work Sundays.....

In a listing recently: This text in the agent commentary in the listing: "If status shows active it is not call for status, do not ask about offers, do not call, email only ( obviously has too many listings with no customer service.)

Or how abou this..." PLS use lckbx on door. Pls txt for all info. Snd offr w FICO,EMD,POF,RPA.  Sllr mtvd!  ( obviously too busy to slow down and write like a human.


My point is this.  Does a certification really make you a good REO agent?

I would think as long as you do a presentable job on 1 listing or 5 listings and act intelligent, I think that would be good enough. 

Really, can you think of why it would not benefit an asset manger to have their property marketed with the same vigor as a standard owner occupant?


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National Association of Women REO Brokerages to launch new website Monday


Be sure to visit National Association of Women REO Brokerages' new website this Monday, January 23, 2012.  NAWRB has a refreshed looked and is fill with lots of information, tools and resources.

Be sure to check it out:


We would like to hear your feedback on your experience.

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Normally there are two ways most REO agents handle their utility bills but wait, there is a third:

1. Pay each bill with a check and set the check aside for several weeks until it is due to minimize the leverage of funds

2. Pay by bill-pay through your banking website which only takes daunting hours of your time due to hundreds of accounts that are no longer used or require deletion

3. Use Realty Pilot's Concourse 360 to create the record of the check file and print one check for each utility company at the end of the month

Let's face it banks don't pay a management fee for properties as an REO and the longer the hold time of a property the more free labor the banks are squeezing out of you. One of the most important things to know is where your break even number with days to hold a property is. Is it based on the number of tasks that are involved, is it due to the price of the home or is it the amount of time the home stays in your inventory? All of these are concerns but the one most important is hold time. The longer the hold time the more chance the REO asset will cost you money rather than make you money. So what do you do? First, pin point what costs you money then find a way to minimize those costs. Since this blog is about utilities I am going to let you in on a little secret.

Utilities will cost you money by the amount of time spent paying the bill-pay through your bank and takes money out of your pocket immediately. They will also cost you money printing numerous amounts of checks every month only to release them strategically hoping not to miss one and you still have to scan a copy of that check for the invoice record. Additionally there could be deposits and bonds involved to support the volume of bills under your own name. So what do you do?

Realty Pilot's Concourse 360 has come up with a very unique check writing system that allows you create the check file within their system right from the expense record that looks just like your check without printing and scanning. This check file stays with the expense that is tracked for each property. This allows the agent to pay all bills for a utility company on one check at the end of the month. So now you only have to print one check for each utility company and your money is not immediately dispersed allowing you to reduce the amount of time your funds are leveraged for the bank or asset company.

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If you have read my last couple of blog post, you know by now that I am a big fan of this new book I am reading: The Personal MBA: by Josh Kaufman (

Here is an excerpt from his chapter on Marketing: "Rule #1 of Marketing is that you potential customer's available attention is limited. Keeping up with everything in your world would require way more attention than you actually have to work with. To compensate, you filter: you ration you attention, allocating more to things you care about ans less to things you don't. So does everyone else, including your potential prospects. To get someone's attention, you have to find a way around their filters.

High-quality attention must be earned. When you're seeking someone's attention, it's useful to take a moment to remember that you're competing against everything else in their world. In order to be noticed, you need to find a way to earn that attention by being more interesting or useful than the competing alternatives."

Check out the trailer for Life in Foreclosure.

New Year, New You.

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YouTube Channels! - UNDER-UTILIZED!

Youtube can be one of the most powerful tools for both showing asset managers your marketing abilities and generating leads for yourself from around the world. With the correct use of Property Addresses through Google Maps your YouTube Channel can be a showplace for both you and your properties. Take a look at this example

Call me if you want to learn more Dominic (EMS) 239-200-8141. 

If you are a RE/MAX Agent your in luck!!! Ask me why. . .


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Is Search An Early Market Indicator

Real Estate Porn
The search bunny keeps on going

Its interesting that online search for real estate is as strong as ever. Sales are miserable, people are afraid to buy. They no longer know what value and they have no job security. So, why is search so strong. President, Errol Samuelson notes that Online search is a critical measure of interest in real estate, especially now that more than 90 percent of buyers search for their homes online. So what can we glean from data mining search. Well, it turns out quite a lot.

Search As An Economic Indicator

Studys that indicate that the answer is yes, search can indicate future interest. The National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) recently published a study and concluded that predictive power of search can predict activity several weeks in advance.

Where Are The Top Ten
Sun Belt Still Strong

The top 10 most searched real estate markets in 2010 were established based on the number of visitors that viewed properties in each Metro Service Area (MSA) in the United States from January 2010 to December 2010 on Despite changing market conditions in 2010, the nation’s top search destinations remained remarkably stable and focused on the sunshine states of California, Nevada, Florida, Texas and Arizona.

Bottom Fishing?
Or Just Entertainment?

Despite changing market conditions in 2010, the nation’s most searched destinations remained remarkably consistent, focusing on the sunshine states of California, Nevada, Florida, Texas and Arizona. Whether the strong interest in Real Estate is just window shopping or whether these states will seriously pop first when the buying public feels this is the bottom remains to be seen. Be interesting to see if the heavy search points to an early opportunity.

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REO MARKETING - WHO do you market?

You should market your REO team that you work with. This would include your vendors. Such as:

1. Maintenance and Repair and/or

2. Property Preservationist

3. Accountants

4. Assistants

5. Listing Coordinators

6. Transaction Coordinators

7. BPO/MMR Coordinators

Sometimes asset management companies would like to know if you work with a team and what are themilestones you have reached. So if you do work with an REO team, you shouldtake the time to create a marketing package that includes a brief descriptionof each team members unique qualifications that contribute to the success ofyour REO team.

This also allows the asset company to see that you are equipped to take on a good amount of REO work and completeit successfully.

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REO MARKETING HOW should it be done?

There are several ways to market yourself as an REO Agent to obtain more business. I am going to
focus on a few. Listed below are two marketing techniques that you can utilize
for free!

1. Social Media

Blogging – as we know this is can be a very
powerful marketing tool. And really there is no shortage of subjects to blog
about. Three quick tips to successful blogging.

Relevant and interesting material that will
solicit comments from your readers

You need to do it on a constant basis to
continually build your reading audience

Address a need that maybe your readers are
struggling with. Such as key tips on how to communicate successfully with Asset

Networking – Online or through conventions

You can join online groups that are relevant to
your industry

1. Once you join – don’t forget to participate by
answering and asking questions!

2. Creating Groups – if you are a blogger, this is
a terrific way to network online. You can produce your own content and invite
others to join. As your readership increases, you can offer free seminars to
the group. You can also invite others to produce relevant blogs/content to help
the group.

Signing up with Asset Management companies

i. If you have the time, sign up with as many as
you can. And check back every month or so, to see what your status is or if you
have to submit up to date records.

ii. Signing up as an appraiser or recommending one –
sometimes the asset management companies are looking for other vendors other
than REO agents. If you can refer another type of vendor to them, that is a
good way to network. They will remember that you took the time to help their

iii. Signing up to do their short sales – the asset
companies are also looking for short sale agents. So this may be a way for you
to obtain some short sale work – that is if you are willing. But this is just
another avenue to look at.

So these are just a few marketing tips. Feel free to add any additional helpful tips that you would like to share!

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In the era of the internet marketing and search engine marketing it has become really important that we adopt good strategies to promote our products, services or other offerings. Web has become a great medium to popularize whatever we want to reach the mindset of masses or selected target audiences. However, people pay more attention to visuals than the written text and hence video marketing has become more popular than the articles.

In the era of web2.0 it is more important to use the resources in a correct manner. Nobody would sit and watch your videos if they are plainly filled with the pushy statements and connotations that "You should buy my product, it's the best". You need to create videos that educate the audience, tell them what's great about your product in a convincing manner and if you manage to do that then certainly people would be awed by your creation and promote it further.

You can create videos in variety of ways and they can be simple video landing pages, webpage with streaming videos, downloadable files or customer reviews etc.

Visual communication is always more impacting and influential than the written. It is rightly said that a picture is worth a hundred words because it helps to communicate an idea in a more precise and correct way without need of excessive explanation or detail. On the other hand if the picture or visual is not intelligently crafted than it may fail to give the real explanation and thus the thoughts and ideas may be mis-communicated. So there is need to create videos for video marketing in a clear and correct manner.

The creativity and ability to innovate is the key in this field. You may go in for animated videos or real life videos. It can certainly be used as a powerful medium to attract interested buyers into your market base. As per the statistics more than 9 out of 10 people would want to watch videos rather than reading articles. And another survey reveals that video marketing has more than 60% of the customers than the other channels of communication in the internet marketing.

It is important that the videos which you create are made in good quality and correct format. There are a lot of social video sharing sites like Yahoo video and YouTube by Google group which can create a lot of hype about your videos. You just need to share and upload your videos on these sites, If your videos have good content and are affirmatively educative and interesting, people would be more than glad to share them with others. In this way there would be immense popularity of your video. The more number of people watch your video greater would be the sales of your product.

Viral video marketing is indeed a great way to proliferate the sensitivity and idea behind your product to larger to a wider audience.

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It's important to understand and know what is best for you and your blog, when you start blogging and invest your valuable time writing for your blog, you want good return over the time you have invested. The way you will gain your profits is by getting more and more visitors to your blog. Now which is a better way to gain visitors social media or search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and other.Social media traffic - Positive side:• It can bring huge amount of traffic to a blog or website in a very little amount of time.• Your blog get exposure to new visitors, readers and advertisers.• It also gives you rise in your revenue sometimes.• A popular story on Digg, Stumbleupon or Reddit makes people link your story with their blog or bookmark in other social media websites like Delicious, Netscape and more, which helps in creating backlinks to your blog.Social media traffic - Negative side:• To bring traffic from social media you need a network of friends active in social media which demands lot of time investment, it completely depends on you if you want to invest your time to build a network in social media.• Social media traffic is not reliable because some day you might get peak in traffic and the other day you might get nothing also social media will only give you traffic until your post is popular and visible to mass audience.• Don't expect social media traffic to click on anything else on your page, majority of traffic will not even bother visiting any other web page of your blog which will lead to high bounce rate of your blog.• Eats up lot of bandwidth with almost nothing in return other than lot of page impressions and large spike in increased traffic.Organic Search engine traffic:• Search engine traffic provides targeted traffic to your blog, your visitors will look for more similar stuff on your blog if they like your posts and also will subscribe to your blog and more over spend time on it, all these factors will result in low bounce rate of your blog.• Gives you a moderate traffic but the traffic is steady and you will not face ups and downs in your traffic unlike social media traffic.• Search engine traffic pays you in long run.• Money makers: Search engine visitors are those visitors who come to your blog looking for something that they really want and if there is something you have which is useful to them then they would even won’t mind paying money to get it.Social media has evolved as a very powerful tool in recent times and the traffic from social media is very tempting to every one and to achieve that level of traffic people don't mind spending hours getting their story voted by others to make it popular.I can only say that both the channels have their own power and importance in blog promotion. I prefer search engine traffic over social media traffic but also I like sharing some unique and interesting stuff with my social media friends once in a while because it also keeps my blog visible in social media also.You can't just focus on either one of the channel's because you will be missing out on potential visitors from the other channel, so it's ideal to manage social media and search engines on regular basis and you can do this by optimizing your blog regularly for search engines and also chipping some posts for social media freaks to gain benefits from all the available resources available to generate traffic.
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How to Manage Your Online Reputation

If you've ever Googled your name, you know how important managing your reputation online can be. Each day, thousands of individuals are searching online for information about others simply by searching on Google or other leading search engines. With information being so readily available, managing your reputation is more important than ever.How to Manage Your Reputation OnlineFortunately, managing your reputation online isn't all that difficult, but it does take work. Here are 7 basic steps you can take to ensure that your reputation doesn't become negatively impacted by what's being said about you online.1. See where you stand. Start your reputation management initiative by Googling your name. Try it with quotes and with out (first and last name together). Look through each of your results on page one and page two of Google. Are there any negative items you wish to remove?2. Set up a Google alert. Visit Google and set up an alert for your name. After setting up the alert Google will send you and email to confirm that you wish to receive the updates. Accept the alert and each time your name is published to the Web, you'll know about it.3. Contact website owners for name removal. If there are sites that include your name and commentary that is less than desirable, contact the appropriate websites requesting that the information be removed. More often than not, website owners will agree to remove your name and/or inappropriate information.4. Purchase a domain with your name. Add sites and WebPages associated with your name and watch negative search results get pushed lower on Google rankings. Visit GoDaddy or another provider of website URLs and hosting, and purchase a domain that contains your name. Even if your name is rather common, experiment with variations until your name can be established in the form of a dot com. Once you own a domain, publish a webpage with your personal profile.5. Start a blog under your name. Blogger is a great tool for setting up your own blog which can be used to publish information about yourself. Popular blog sites are often picked up by Google and you can control the content. Be sure to sign up for Technorati after your blog has been published. Submit your blog for review and its popularity will increase, improving search rankings and continuing to push down negative search results.6. Free press release. Use or a similar free press release site to publish favorable information about your and your reputation. This form of reputation management is easy and costs nothing. Be sure to use your name throughout the release and in the release title.7. Author articles in your field. Publish article relative to a particular topic or area in which you've done some work or have experience. Use article distribution services to build online references to your content. Make sure your articles contain an about the author section that links back to your main website.There are a variety of strategies you can use to manage online references about you, your family, or others that need to manage their reputation online. Other online sites like Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, YouTube, and Squidoo, offer ample opportunity to deliver favorable search results that can push unfavorable results down in search engine rankings. The key is to start today - proactively manage your reputation and put yourself in a favorable light.
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Please Join The Chris Treece Show on January 13, 2010 at 11 am CST as my guest will be “The Social Media Scientist” Dan Zarrella. He will be discussing his new book, “The Social Media Marketing Book”. Call in number is 347-633-9495. Zarrella is an award winning social, search, and viral marketing scientist and author of the upcoming O’Reilly media book “The Social Media Marketing Book”. He has a background in web development and combines his programming capabilities with a passion for social marketing to create applications like the social URL shortener, Link Attraction Factors keyword tools, as well as TweetPsych, TwitterBrandSponsors, TweetBacks and TweetSuite.His Link Attraction Factors report helped readers determine which topics, days, times, and keywords attract links in social media stories for semantic content optimization, while his Viral Content report details the motivations, preferences and habits involved in online content sharing.Dan has written extensively about the science of viral marketing, memetics and social communications on his own blog and for a variety of popular industry blogs, including Mashable, CopyBlogger, ReadWriteWeb, Plagiarism Today, ProBlogger, Social Desire, CenterNetworks, Nowsourcing, and SEOScoop.He has been featured in The Twitter Book, Fast Company, The Financial Times, NYPost, The Boston Globe, Forbes, Wired, The Wall Street Journal, Mashable and TechCrunch. He was recently awarded Shorty and Semmy awards for social media & viral marketing.He has spoken at PubCon, Search Engine Strategies, Iowatasmic, Convergence ’09, 140 The Twitter Conference, The Cool Twitter Conference, WordCamp Mid Atlantic, Social Media Camp, Inbound Marketing Bootcamp, and The Texas Domains and Developers Conference, and he currently works as an inbound marketing manager at HubSpot.
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