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Just Sold! 1817 Anhalt Dr, Madison Wisconsin 53704

We are happy to announce a sale for another Madison Wisconsin Rock Realty home seller!

This home was the perfect little tri-level on Madison's East Side. The buyers got a great price on this bank accepted short sale. Congratulations to the buyers and our sellers on this successful Madison short sale transaction!

If you are thinking of selling or buying a home in Wisconsin, our home buyer specialists would be happy to assist you. Give Rock Realty a call at 877-774-7625. We are a full service real estate brokerage.

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In Search of....

I have been scratching my head lately how some name brand agents get their bank owned inventory....does the asset manger really care? or really know?

IN SEARCH  OF ....the listing agent

For starters... listing comes on the listed in the MLS....but has no lockbox until 4 days later because the assistant does not work on Sunday.  I tried to show this property twice offer from me!  This equals lost sales.  Should you not do your own work? I work Sundays.....

In a listing recently: This text in the agent commentary in the listing: "If status shows active it is not call for status, do not ask about offers, do not call, email only ( obviously has too many listings with no customer service.)

Or how abou this..." PLS use lckbx on door. Pls txt for all info. Snd offr w FICO,EMD,POF,RPA.  Sllr mtvd!  ( obviously too busy to slow down and write like a human.


My point is this.  Does a certification really make you a good REO agent?

I would think as long as you do a presentable job on 1 listing or 5 listings and act intelligent, I think that would be good enough. 

Really, can you think of why it would not benefit an asset manger to have their property marketed with the same vigor as a standard owner occupant?


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YouTube Channels! - UNDER-UTILIZED!

Youtube can be one of the most powerful tools for both showing asset managers your marketing abilities and generating leads for yourself from around the world. With the correct use of Property Addresses through Google Maps your YouTube Channel can be a showplace for both you and your properties. Take a look at this example

Call me if you want to learn more Dominic (EMS) 239-200-8141. 

If you are a RE/MAX Agent your in luck!!! Ask me why. . .


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MLS still sells houses.. so fill it out

While doing some BPO work today for some multi-family houses it still amazes me the number of agents who do not fill out many of the non-required fields in the MLS.

It also was interesting that many of these "slim" MLS listings are REO properties.

Do people not realize that if you fail to fill out fields such as, # of units, number of bedrooms, number of baths, total sq feet, than many people doing searches for properties will NEVER SEE YOU LISTING IN MLS.

I also love the MLS description when people write... "Bank owned"... and nothing else.

I try to fill out full data fields, give multiple pictues (good and bad), and write an accurate description in the remarks field. No wonder my last 4 sales averaged 45 DOM.

That's my rant for the day.

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Seller%20Sign.jpgShould the REO Bank Sign and Approve the MLS Sheet? Yes, why not?After you receive a listing and have added it to the MLS (Active or Non-active status), send a copy to the Asset Manager for him/her to review and sign. Make sure you highlight the broker and agent remark section, commission, etc. Once the Asset Manager signs the active/non-active MLS sheet, activate the listing and return the signed copy along with the listing agreement in one secured PDF.Why? To prevent any miscommunication or problems after the fact with the information on the MLS. It may seem like a lot of extra work but you are protecting your agency and the REO bank from any claims of misrepresentation of information such as the commission terms, disclosure availability, repair and warranty statements, etc.A simple stamp with the Bank Name, Signature, and Date on each page will do. I have suggested this method to several of the brokers and agents I work with. The Asset Managers did not have a problem with signing the MLS Sheet. They have welcomed the idea! It’s all in the approach.You can also use the stamp for traditional real estate listings.Carolyn Nelson
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Las Vegas New MLS RULE & REGULATIONS (GLVAR) will affect REO & Bank owned listingsNEW MLS RULE & REGULATIONS will affect REO & Bank owned listingsSOURCE: Direct from GLVAR Go here to read articleMLS Rules & Regulations have been modified to add the following verbiage to Section 1.0 Listing Procedures:The Service shall not accept any listing agreement that provides that cooperative compensation cannot be offered or paid to a cooperating broker if the purchaser holds a particular license or credential, engages in a particular trade or profession, or if the range of potential purchasers is otherwise arbitrarily restricted. This does not affect specifically named prospects in listing agreements as set forth below.If a member is found in violation of the new rule they will receive a letter stating that they must modify their listing to be in compliance. If not modified within a thirty (30) day time period, the listing in question will be removed from the MLS.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------How to Contact the GLVAR MLS Department:(702) 784-5050 - Department Line
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