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HUGE News About Our New BPO AutoFill Software!!!!!!!



We are a technology company that strives to be on the cutting-edge of all that we do and with the products that we offer. Since we invented BPO AutoFill software in 2009, we have learned a whole heck of a lot about our business, our subscribers needs, changes in the industy and have taken it all to heart.

We are SUPER proud to announce that we are starting to work on a new version of our BPO AutoFill software product. Although, we officially start work on October, 2nd 2017, this project is something that I have been working towards for years.

We anticipate releasing it very soon as we are currently in beta testing of the new, improved BPO AutoFill software and can't wait to see this dream come true!

More news to follow and we can't tell you all of the exact details just yet but know that this is going to be HUGE!!!!!!


Nicole Ocean



Finish Your BPO Orders Faster With The Industry Leader Since 2009.


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Secrets to Real Estate Success for Newbies

Secrets to Real Estate Success for Newbies


Getting started in real estate can be tough is almost like trying to learn a brand, new game. It comes with its very own set of special rules, laws, systems, standards and guidelines that you must learn. While you are trying to become more competitive in an already over-saturated field where everyone knows someone who is a real estate agent or broker, you must be able to figure out a way to hustle and be different than your competition.

As you try to balance your new career and all the responsibilities that come with us, the real test of success is seeing if you can really juggle everything in the air at once, keep it moving smoothly so you don’t drop any balls and come out making enough money to maintain the lifestyle that you desire.

All of this is possible and I know because I’ve “been there, done that” myself. I’ve been a new real estate agent and quickly learned how to carve out a niche for myself so that I could not only stay in real estate and keep practicing it but also to see to it that I was thriving in my career. The same is possible for you, even though nothing is promised to you, you have the same opportunities to succeed as everyone else, IF you are willing to work for it, learn how to play the game and keep up with your duties on a daily basis.

For me, I found out about a way to make supplemental my income by doing CMA types of reports for banks called, broker price opinions. It saved me in more ways than one, in fact it helped pull me out of poverty as a single Mom to a young, bright-eyed and very loveable boy. And I’ve never looked back!

I’m very vocal about the BPO industry and I’m in love with it. I live to help real estate professionals around this great nation of ours that want to also carve out a niche for themselves in their real estate business by doing BPO’s. I also live for coaching and teaching, it’s what makes me happiest at my core on a professional level.

If you are curious to learn more about anything related to BPO’s, I’d love to be your guide, your coach and hopefully someone that you look up to.

Learn more about my newly updated “Broker Price Opinion Basics 101” video course here:

If you already know the basics about BPO’s then I’d like to invite you to learn more about how to double and triple your BPO income by using BPO AutoFill software here:

Your BPO Coach,

Nicole Ocean



Finish Your BPO Orders Faster With The Industry Leader Since 2009.


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Broker Price Opinion Needs

WePro BPO has been established as a Broker Price Opinion outsourcing company which caters all types of Residential and Commercial properties throughout United States.

Our company started as a small business partnership in 2008. 
With the perseverance, commitment and continuously delivering high quality reports of the people behind, the business started to grow and created a team of highly skilled real estate analyst who are best experienced in processing and formulating standard quality, error-free, quick turn around time and cost effective broker price opinions.

Please visit our website at

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In Florida, We're Having a Heat Wave This Winter At The Beach!

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Agent Testimonials

”I have been using BPOA for a few years now and couldn't be happier with the programs available from this great company. I use the AutoFill software for my business. I am able to be much more efficient and provide a much better price opinion to the companies I do work for.

Customer service is great at BPOA. The Tech staff stays on top of any changes that might occur with the various companies they support. Nicole and the gang are constantly improving and modifying the products they offer. From the owners on down, this is a great company to do business with.....“ - Mr. Robert Ceballos, Home Team Realty, Houston, TX


”I have been working with Nicole Ocean at BPO Automation Group for several years now and have enjoyed great success in using the automation software in my BPO business. Nicole stays on top of changes in the industry and has done an excellent job of adapting the BPO AutoFill software as needed to stay current and relevant.

In addition, the company Tech Support system is easy-to-use and staff responds in a timely manner to provide resolution to software issues and answer questions. The software is easy-to-use and the Group website (Member's site) is stable and secure and has rarely been offline in the past several years.....“ - Mr. Dana Yarbrough, Value Realty, Cordova, TN

Have Questions, Reach Us At: 360-223-2482 ext. 1



Finish Your BPO Orders Faster With The Industry Leader Since 2009.


 BPO Automation Group

Phone: (360) 223-2482
495 Grand Boulevard Suite #206

Miramar Beach, FL 32550

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Special Video Announcement12/14/2016




 Doing Your Fannie Mae and/or Equator Orders By Hand?

There is a Better Way With AMNForms and Our 90% BPO AutoFill Software!

Watch our video announcement 

We've found the perfect way to help you automate filling in 90% of your Fannie Mae AMN BPO orders as well as Equator's BPO and MMR orders,  letting you complete data-entry in as little as 5-minutes.


Subscribe to our Enhanced Plus iMacros 10 product and Get 30% OFF for 1 Month*

*Click on the button below and use the coupon code: SAVE30



P.S. When you choose to subscribe to one of our Enhanced Plus AutoFill software products, you will get 30% off of your total subscription price for 1 month (Max Value: $82.80) Other one-time fees may apply. For full offer details please call us (Offer Expires Dec. 31st, 2016). You will also need a seperate subscription to to automate Fannie Mae AMN HECM forms and Equator forms.
Please call us with any questions you may have at: 360-223-2482 ext. 1 



Finish Your BPO Orders Faster With The Industry Leader Since 2009.


BPO Automation Group

Phone: (360) 223-2482
495 Grand Boulevard Suite #206

Miramar Beach, FL 32550


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Special BPO AutoFill Software Offer09/29/2016




Are Your BPO Orders Scaring You?

Bite Back With Our Improved BPO AutoFill Software!



We want to give you an opportunity to enjoy to our Improved Enhanced Plus form-completion software that fills in 90% of your BPO and REO forms automatically, letting you complete data-entry in as little as 5-minutes.


Subscribe to Any Enhanced Plus Products and Get 50% OFF for 1 Month*

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P.S. When you choose to subscribe to one of our Enhanced Plus AutoFill software products, you will get 50% off of your total subscription price for 1 month (Max Value: $99.50) Other one-time fees may apply. For full offer details please call us (Offer Expires Oct. 31st, 2016)
Please call us with any questions you may have at: 360-223-2482 ext. 1 



Nicole Ocean


BPO Automation Group LLC



Finish Your BPO Orders Faster With The Industry Leader Since 2009.


 BPO Automation Group

Phone: (360) 223-2482
495 Grand Boulevard Suite #206

Miramar Beach, FL 32550



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Industry Announcement • January 27, 2016
Learn More About BPOA


 BPOA LogoThe Leader in BPO Automation
Software Since 2009 

 Are You Working For The Companies That Matter?

Since 2009, my team and I have been very fortunate to have worked with thousands of BPO & REO professionals all over this great nation. During these last 7 years that my software company has existed, I try to do a special blog posting once a year, where I give my top 10 favorite BPO mills or companies that I recommend that people sign up with to do BPO work.

Below you will find a list of my absolute favorite companies. Know that I am using my own industry experience as well as that of many of our software subscribers.

Nicole Ocean, Founder of BPOA

Here is my Top 10:

1. Altisource

2. Proteck

3. RRR

4. Clear Capital

5. eMortgage Logic

6. BPO Fulfillment

7. Servicelink

8. Specialized Asset Management

9. Solutionstar

10. SWBC (fka: Equi-Trax)


Bonus: Honorable mention goes to: Single Source Property Solutions

Top BPO Portals: and Equator


There you go! Please note, I choose the above companies because they all have a combination of being:

  • A stable company
  • Around and in business for years
  • Able to maintain a positive reputation in the industry overall
  • Having a high volume of BPO work across the nation
  • Smart enough to have adopted the NABPOP's BPOSG
  • Seen in the industry as a good company to work for.

To wrap this up, I can guarantee that if you are signed up, with more than one of the above companies (and don't have all your "BPO eggs" in just one basket, you are more likely to be successful in this niche business)

Not Signed Up With All of the Above Companies Yet?

We've made it easy to sign up with the companies listed above in our FREE BPO Companies Directory. Click here to go there now!

I hope you enjoyed reading this posting and if you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to help. Simply post a comment below!


Nicole Ocean,
Founder & Owner
BPO Automation Group LLC


 All Rights Reserved, BPO Automation Group LLC, © 2009-2016

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Continuing Education Classes start as low as $29.95 for 3 hours of continuing education credit. Some classes we offer are BPO Simplified, and REO Simplified. If you need CE credit for your license, why not get it through us? To learn more, visit REOPro's Continuing Education tab and follow the directions.

Visit REOPro Default Professionals at:

Posted by: James A.Browning, Course developer and creator for BPO and REO Simplified.

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iForm & iFill Automation -

Discover the newest form of BPO automation to hit the market. Turbo BPO is no longer just an outsourcing destination, we now empower agents to work on their own orders more efficiently.  This web software is built upon the trial and error of tens of thousands of outsourced orders to make the system as flexible, yet error free as humanly possible.  Our products take an innovative approach to form fill automation by recreating your MLS grid in our system, uploading your MLS data, automatically calculating nearly every possible data field to generate a "Data Driven BPO", and then transferring the final data into the valuation forms.  Theoretically you can complete up to 100% of a valuation form without even opening the company form, although you would still want to check the special instructions!  Invest less than 30 minutes seeing an iForm demo (25 Minutes) and iFill demo (2 Minutes) and this product may just change the whole way you've ever looked at completing a BPO more efficiently and more importantly, of quality.






What is the iForm?

- A one size fits all BPO form which automatically calculates nearly every possible data field.

What is iFill?

- A web browser extension which enables 100% data transfer from the iForm into valuation company forms.

Compatible Companies

BPO Fulfillment:

Clear Capital:







Old Republic:


Realty Pilot:

Real Estate Review:

Single Source:

Solution Star:

Specialized Asset Management:

Register a free account to get started immediately!


John Gattinger

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BPO Automation Group, LLC has just completed the sale of its software, Order Central, to the firm of Order Capture, Inc. This change will result in the ability of each firm to focus solely on one product. For BPOA the sole product will be its very successful AutoFill software. For OCI, the sole focus will be on enhancing the capability of Order Central software by adding new tasks to its capture capability and improvements to the software itself. The staff of Order Capture, Inc. includes Steve Lorimer, BPOA's former part-owner/Sales Manager, and the original Order Central development team with some added members.

The pricing, cancellation and refund policies, along with the software tasks and most of its capabilities have not changed, thus the software you have experienced at BPOA will continue to reliably capture orders for you. But, you will need to sign up for your credit card billing at Order and download the slightly revised software.

All BPOA customers, upon transition over to Order Capture, Inc. will continue with their pricing plan that has been in effect at BPOA. This pricing will continue at Order Capture, Inc. Moving over to Order Capture, Inc. from BPO Automation Group is easy and should only take a few minutes. You should do it as soon as possible to avoid future disruption of service. If you have any questions or concerns about this move, please don't hesitate to contact either Steve at: or

Here is how to enjoy a quick and easy transition to Order Capture, Inc:

1. Go to and browse for awhile, then click on the ‘Start Today’ tab. When prompted for the license key that you have had assigned to you at the BPO Automation Group there are two choices:

   * Click on the ‘Key Look Up’ tab and enter your name and email address. This link will provide your license key quickly and easily so that it can be copy and pasted into the license key prompt.

   * You can go to the Settings tab within Order Central to see your license key. It is a long code that looks like ABCD-EFGH-IJKL-MNOP-QRST-UVWX-YZTA. This would have also been emailed to you when you first signed up for Order Central with BPO Automation Group.

2. Select whether you are primarily a BPO agent or appraiser and click Submit. You will be directed to a secure billing screen for entry of your credit card information. For security reasons, we are unable to transfer your credit card information automatically from BPO Automation to Order Capture, Inc.

3. Upon completion of the billing information, go back to the Start Today tab and click, DOWNLOAD. If you need any help installing Order Central 2.0, please refer to the Installation Guide at: Follow the directions and your software will be downloaded quickly for your use.

4. Order Central for BPO Automation Group is in version 1.0. At Order Capture, Inc., we have updated Order Central to 2.0 and added some improvements that are mostly behind the scenes. To continue using Order Central, you must install Order Central 2.0. Your account at BPOA will be terminated on June 15th, so be sure to transition over prior to then. Your current version of Order Central will not automatically update to 2.0.

5. Again, if you need any help installing Order Central 2.0, please refer to the Installation Guide.

6. Once you've installed Order Central 2.0, the first time you run it, you will be asked to enter the email address you used to sign up and the password you entered.

7. You should now uninstall Order Central 1.0.

We have taken steps to insure that double billing will not occur during the switch-over from BPOA to OCI. If you see anything that appears incorrect on your next billing statements, please know that you will be issued a refund for any duplicate billings, if any, that are found.

You should find Order Central 2.0 to be very familiar and won't require any relearning. Most enhancements we've made are under the hood. We want to make sure current BPO Automation Group customers are able to transition smoothly before we introduce new features.

Thank you,

Nicole Ocean and Steve Lorimer

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NAR Broker Price Opinion Resource BPOR

Michael Collins Earns NAR Broker Price Opinion Resource Certification

Sellers and Lenders Benefit from REALTOR® Expertise in Broker Price Opinions

Madison, WI — Michael Collins with Rock Realty has earned the nationally recognized Broker Price Opinion Resource certification. The National Association of REALTORS® offers the BPOR certification to REALTORS® as evaluating properties depends more than ever on professional expertise and competence, the best use of technology, and a commitment to approach the valuation assignment from all pertinent perspectives.

“As the real estate market evolves we are seeing more demand for broker price opinions, and it’s imperative that REALTORS® are knowledgeable and educated about how BPOs work, as well as the risks involved,” said NAR President Moe Veissi, broker-owner of Veissi & Associates Inc., in Miami. “The BPO Resource certification not only adds value to the services provided by REALTORS®, but also it helps practitioners grow their business.”

“BPOs: The Agent’s Role in the Valuation Process” is the required one-day course that provides REALTORS® with knowledge and skills to reduce risk and increase opportunities to create professional and accurate BPOs. In addition to completing the course, participants are required to take a Webinar. Once awarded the certification, REALTORS® will be eligible to receive BPO orders as a preferred provider.

In addition to providing members with the opportunity for BPO business, BPO Resource will explore the multiple uses of BPOs, how they can and cannot be used, and how to filter and select comparables to create expert and precise BPOs. The certification also assists member in creating more comprehensive comparative market analyses for their customers’ listings.  For more information about the BPOR certification, visit

# # #

NAR BPOR Certificate

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BPO Automation Group

"REO's Have Slowed Down, I Neglected the BPO Side & Now It Feels Like I Am Starting Over!"

I decided to write a blog about this topic after talking with yet another Top Producing REO Listing agent today. In a nutshell, the above quote is what he told me and as such I wanted to share some insight into this phenomenon. I hope there is a gold nugget of wisdom buried within this blog!

I firmly believe that when people stumble upon a good thing, many times they tend to focus on just one specific item, instead of see the big picture. This is when it's common to see the little details that you overlooked come back and 'Bite You!' It's human nature, what can I say, I've been guilty of it too!

Because of the fact that almost everything in life is based on cycles, it's critical to understand how important the BPO and REO industry cycle works. I have seen it unfold firsthand these last 6 years in the business.

In the last 2-3 years specifically the industry has weeded through the masses of people doing BPO and REO work to find some truly exemplery real estate professionals that have worked their way up the ranks to stand tall above the rest. In essence, these folks have paid their dues!

Many BPO and REO professionals decided early which direction they wanted to take their businesses.

Some of the choices people had were to:

  • Focus strictly on gaining and servicing REO Listings and neglect going after BPO's
  • Try to do both BPO's and REO's
  • Only do BPO orders and turn down REO's

The real estate professionals that chose to focus their time and efforts only on the REO side at some point down the road realized that they should have also been doing paid BPO orders while servicing their REO listings. For some, they learned this INVALUABLE lesson too late and had to get out of the business.

You don't have to be in that same boat, it's not too late for many. With REO listing being down through the U.S. nationally, looking to paid BPO's as a profit center is still a viable option and one that many are still thriving in.

I would love to hear any comments, feedback or suggestions also everyone, feel free to share!

Sending my best,

Nicole Ocean
Founder | BPO Automation Group and BPO University
360-223-2482 ext. 5 |
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About BPO Automation: With thousands of clients nationwide, we're the #1 provider for BPO form-completion and automated order-acceptance software in the United States. Our focus is on quality solutions that save time, boost revenue, and let you focus on growing your business. Learn More »

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BPO AutomationBPO UniversityBPO Companies

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NAWRB Appoints New Director to Board

Today NAWRB announces the appointment of Elizabeth Goodchild to the national trade group's board of directors. "We're excited to announce Elizabeth's new role with the organization. We went through a rigorous vetting process to fill this vacancy, and Elizabeth has all the skills and passion we were looking for in a new Director. Her business's specialized real estate services, relocation, distressed asset disposition, and short sales, plus her experience in publishing and education makes Elizabeth a natural fit for our board," said Patno. 

Goodchild will serve in her new role until bi-annual elections scheduled to be held in early 2013. NAWRB, a trade group representing women-owned businesses in the housing economy, is one of the most visible trade groups in mortgage default media and generates over $200,000 a year in media attention on behalf of its member businesses. 

To read the full press release click here: NAWRB Board member Elizabeth Goodchild.

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It’s Women History Month.  Let’s honor those women who have changed our lives.  As a national women's association, NAWRB pays homage to influential women all month.  “Being persons, then, women are citizens; and no state has a right to make any law, or to enforce any old law, that shall abridge their privileges or immunities.” Susan B. Anthony proclaimed during the suffrage movement.

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National Association of Women REO Brokerages to launch new website Monday


Be sure to visit National Association of Women REO Brokerages' new website this Monday, January 23, 2012.  NAWRB has a refreshed looked and is fill with lots of information, tools and resources.

Be sure to check it out:


We would like to hear your feedback on your experience.

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New Year’s Resolutions


New Year’s Resolutions


With all the holiday cheer, it’s time to sit down and take to paper all of the goals that we will strive for in the New Year.


  • Revamp your office – make it more efficient and organize those piles of files sitting around
  • Challenge your self – take one those tasks that you have been procrastinating with
  • Invest in a good time management calendar or make it a point to use your Outlook calendar.  Learn a new feature on your outlook that will increase your productivity.
  • Get up-to-date with technology – see how you can optimize your technology
  • Start that social media forum – see what’s trending and make sure you don’t fall behind
  • Modernize your marketing plan – how can you tap into a new market, create a niche
  • Volunteer – Get involved in your community – you will enjoy every minute of it!



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Buying a Wisconsin Short Sale


Tips for Buying Your First Mc Farland Wisconsin Short Sale

A short sale is a fairly simple procedure, at least in theory. A homeowner sells their home for a price below the current mortgage balance. The bank agrees to take this lesser amount as payment in full of the mortgage in order to avoid the heavy cost of a foreclosure. Here are some tips for buying your first short sale.


Short Sale prices are determined by the Market

Banks determine which offers to accept by reviewing the current market conditions. They will look at the prices of homes that have recently sold in the nearby area. This information will provide the lender with solid data for the average price of a home in that vicinity. How low will they go? This depends on how quickly they would like to sell the home. If they determine that they would prefer to sell the home now, and not proceed to foreclosure, they may agree to sell the home at below market value.

Ask your Realtor® for their Price Opinion

Before you submit a low-ball offer to the seller, ask your Realtor® for their price opinion. This is a good way for a prospective buyer to find an appropriate price range for an offer. Your agent can look at recently sold comparable homes and give an opinion on what they feel the home should sell for. This is similar to a Comparative Market Analysis, or CMA.

Multiple Mortgages Can Cause Problems

When a home has a 1st mortgage and 2nd mortgage that are held by separate lenders then a short sale could take a very long time, if it gets approved at all. Unfortunately, this type of scenario is out of the hands of the real estate agent and the seller. Whether or not the two lenders agree to the short sale offer is totally up to them.

Approved Prices are Usually Processed Faster

If a lender has already determined a price that they will accept, this can speed up the process. Usually, this is an indication that the seller has been in contact with the bank to discuss the possibility of selling the home. If an offer within that price range is submitted to the bank, the short sale is far more likely to be approved quickly.

Prepare for the Bank to say No

While short sales can help buyers get a home at a discounted price, the process can stretch out over time. The sale can get turned down by the bank for a number of reasons. This is why people looking to buy a short sale should be prepared to move on to a different property in the event that the bank denies the short sale. Keep an eye open at available homes during the short sale process. If the bank does say no, you will then have a list of potential houses that may also be an option.

While a short sale transaction may span a few months, it is a good way to buy a home at a friendly price. Talking to an experienced Realtor® about the available short sales in your area could put you in line to get a good home at a great price.

Buying a Short Sale - Original Post

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BPO Automation Group


Our BPO Company of the Month of August is....Ocwen/Altisource!


I woke up this morning and like most day's I start by opening up our Order Central AutoAccept software to check the Stats and see how the software is performing for our customers.


When I opened up the 'Statistics' tab this morning, I was SHOCKED! I learned that Ocwen/Altisource is on fire this morning! Our OC AutoAccept software already captured 176 out of 196 orders with this company alone and all before 8:30 am. Please see the image below!



As I talk with BPO/REO agents and brokers all over the U.S each month many of them ask about Ocwen/Altisource and I tell them that this is the MOST successful company in our OC AutoAccept software. I try to let people know just how powerful our Stats are because if they use them they would see that Ocwen/Altisource drops the majority of their orders from 3 am to 8 am nationally.

Many of these same fine folks go on to get a good amount of orders with this company and with the other 15 companies that we offer. We are planning on adding 5 more companies to our software in the next month as well. I'll let you know the companies in my next blog posting.

In case you haven't heard, BPO Automation Group's Order Central auto-accept software has been producing record numbers of BPO orders for BPO & REO agents and brokers nationwide in the last 2+ years. We are one of the few remaining companies to provide real estate professionals with needed software to help in capturing more work as it is getting more and more difficult to receive BPO orders.

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Our network captured over 3,300 verified BPO orders just in the month of July. With faster performance, greater stability, and a ton of new features like address-mapping, remote account-access & detailed capture-logs, Order Central will take that to a whole new level. 

Feel free to give us a call with any questions,

Steve Lorimer

Sales Manager | BPO Automation Group
(360) 223-2482 ext 1 |

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About BPO Automation: With thousands of clients nationwide, we're  the #1 provider for BPO form-completion and automated order-acceptance software in the United States. Our focus is on quality solutions that save time, boost revenue, and let you focus on growing your business. Learn More »

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BPO AutomationBPO University BPO Companies


BPO Automation Group LLC
PO Box 1325, Ferndale, WA 98248
Tel: (360) 223-2482 | E-mail:


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Hi everyone,


 This is Nicole Ocean of the BPO Automation Group. I, along with Tim Ventura started the BPO Automation Group in April of 2009. In case you aren't familiar with what we as a company do, let me mention quickly that we are the industry leaders in BPO automation software for BPO & REO professionals nationwide.


 After talking with Jesse Gonzalez, the founder of this wonderful forum a few weeks ago, he mentioned that it would be a good idea to touch bases with everyone and let you know more about where we as a company are going,etc.


 As 50/50 partners of the company, Tim and I have spent the last 2 years literally in the 'trenches' working side-by-side our clients. We listened to their needs, wants and desires and took all of their feedback and applied it enhancing and improving our products as much as possible.



Everyone who has been involved with the BPO Automation Group has really poured so much of themselves into our cause these past few years, so you can imagine that as I write this, our company has come SOOO far in the past few years!


 After reaching a critical point both professionally and personally about one month ago, I purchased Tim's 50% share of the BPO Automation Group. It was a well thought out move and a difficult one to make and in the end it has proven to be a great decision for everyone involved, even for Tim himself. Like all good things in life changes is inevitable and I intend to do the best I possibly can with this change for the betterment of our clients, the industry at large and for everyone else that we effect by what we do.


 Tim helped our company in countless ways and we are an organization are forever indebted to him, his efforts and his dedication. Let me point out that BPO Automation Group is still in very good hands! I intend to make sure that BPOA continues to thrive, as well as evolve into an even better industry network and respected organization then it was under different management.


 BPO Automation Group is continuing in our mission of always moving forward despite internal changes of company ownership. In the last month our staff has been working diligently to make things even better than they were under different management while Tim was a part of the company.


 Here is a short list of priorities and things that clients and potential clients can expect to see from us as a company:


 * Increased levels of customer service (Example: Clients can now call our dedicated tech support line during business hours to receive help over the phone.)


*  AutoFill as a monthly subscription will soon be available for $59 for 2 users (or 2 computer setups with our AutoFill software) along with a $49.00 one-time MLS setup fee. Addt computer setups will be just $10 a piece per month.


* All monthly AutoFill clients will receive all of our Add-on products as well as many new ones like our free Excel-based 'BPO Payment Log.' (This is HUGE!!!)


* More Companies added to our popular 'Order Central' Auto Accept software.


* More Research and Development in all of the free resources we offer like our BPO Companies list.


I'd love to hear any feedback, comments or suggestions you'd like to see with our products too! Feel free to reply to this posting or reach out by emailing or calling me.


Here's to everyone's continued success for as long as we are able!



Nicole Ocean


BPO Automation Group

360-223-2482 ext 2

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This year I have been completing numerous BPO's for homes in my area. BPO is an acronym for Broker Price Opinion.  Broker price opinions are a valuation service that real estate brokers can offer to banks.  Performing these BPO's has only strengthened my ability to properly assess how much a property/home is worth in today's market conditions.  Completing BPO's in local cities like Janesville, Milton, Beloit, Evansville, Elkorn and Madison has given me a unique view into the intricacies related to each market.  I also have a better understanding of how the banks determine their home values when it comes to short sales, pre-foreclosure decisions and REO properties.  The article below explains in greater detail what a broker price opinion is.

Michael Collins - Broker
Short Sale & Foreclosure Resource

What is a Broker Price Opinion?

Broker Price OpinionWhen a bank or asset manager obtains a new foreclosed listing to sell, they immediately need to know the home's value. Typically a bank will assign one to three agents to evaluate the approximate selling value of a home. These banks expect each agent to submit three comparable sold listings and three comparable active listings as well as an estimate of what the agent thinks the home will sell for.

A Broker Price Opinion is not as detailed as an appraisal and does not entail as much work. BPOs differ from Appraisals in a number of ways:

  • Appraisals typically cost over $300. Most BPOs pay brokers between $50 and $100.
  • Appraisals require detailed square footage measurements. BPOs rely on county assessors' recorded measurements.
  • Appraisals use a standard format recognized and used by lenders and mortgage professionals for precise property valuations. BPO's are prepared in different formats and are used simply as decision making tools for asset managers of each bank.
  • Appraisals are typically 15-20 pages long with detailed information on each aspect of a property. BPO's are usually 2 pages long with information pertaining only to a final selling price.


Why Do Banks need Broker Price Opinions?

Asset managers and bank personnel make decisions on several properties every day. Reading through a lengthy 20 page appraisal and filtering out the critical information is a waste of their time. These asset managers need concise, financial documents that make their choices easier. That's why BPOs are so critical to their job. In addition, a BPO saves the bank over $200 per property compared with a standard appraisal. That money adds up quickly and saves the bank thousands and thousands of dollars a year.

Another reason BPOs are preferred by banks is that the turnaround time is much quicker than appraisals. BPOs can usually be performed by agents in under 48 hours. Many appraisers visit the property within 48 hours, but then require another day or two to process the information and create the full report.

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