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Secrets to Real Estate Success for Newbies

Secrets to Real Estate Success for Newbies


Getting started in real estate can be tough is almost like trying to learn a brand, new game. It comes with its very own set of special rules, laws, systems, standards and guidelines that you must learn. While you are trying to become more competitive in an already over-saturated field where everyone knows someone who is a real estate agent or broker, you must be able to figure out a way to hustle and be different than your competition.

As you try to balance your new career and all the responsibilities that come with us, the real test of success is seeing if you can really juggle everything in the air at once, keep it moving smoothly so you don’t drop any balls and come out making enough money to maintain the lifestyle that you desire.

All of this is possible and I know because I’ve “been there, done that” myself. I’ve been a new real estate agent and quickly learned how to carve out a niche for myself so that I could not only stay in real estate and keep practicing it but also to see to it that I was thriving in my career. The same is possible for you, even though nothing is promised to you, you have the same opportunities to succeed as everyone else, IF you are willing to work for it, learn how to play the game and keep up with your duties on a daily basis.

For me, I found out about a way to make supplemental my income by doing CMA types of reports for banks called, broker price opinions. It saved me in more ways than one, in fact it helped pull me out of poverty as a single Mom to a young, bright-eyed and very loveable boy. And I’ve never looked back!

I’m very vocal about the BPO industry and I’m in love with it. I live to help real estate professionals around this great nation of ours that want to also carve out a niche for themselves in their real estate business by doing BPO’s. I also live for coaching and teaching, it’s what makes me happiest at my core on a professional level.

If you are curious to learn more about anything related to BPO’s, I’d love to be your guide, your coach and hopefully someone that you look up to.

Learn more about my newly updated “Broker Price Opinion Basics 101” video course here:


If you already know the basics about BPO’s then I’d like to invite you to learn more about how to double and triple your BPO income by using BPO AutoFill software here:


Your BPO Coach,

Nicole Ocean



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I have found that being in the BPO and REO business is much like playing a competitive sport when you were a youngster. Whether your favorite sport is football, basketball, baseball, soccer or any other sport, one of the first things you were taught was offensive skills, which of course was soon followed by defensive skills. The better you were at both, the more likely that you would be successful at beating your opponent, right?

The same scenario and expectations applies within anyone's BPO and REO business, the only difference is that we are now all grown up and more is on the line and at stake.

When I got started in the BPO business in Sept. of 2006 the phrase, 'Broker Price Opinions' was something that a very select group of people in the real estate business knew about. I'm guessing that the percentage was very low at the time.

I was able to put together a BPO Manual for others (in Jan 2008) who wondered what a BPO was, what it involved and every possible question under the sun as it applied to broker price opinions. Sales of my BPO Manual really took off in early to mid 2007. I had to presume that at this point the 'secret' was out of the bag. So, it had to be a matter of time before everyone jumped on the bandwagon. I was right!

For those that heard about and saw the tremendous opportunity they benefited greatly if they dove into doing BPO's. For many REO listing became the next logical product of the vast amount of BPO work they did. For the next two years, I saw more and more people jumping into the BPO and REO business.

During this time I also talked to lots and lots of people in the business. They came from all walks of life, backgrounds, time in the real estate business and everyone had own their opinions about the BPO business. I appreciated each and every phone call, email and letter that I shared with my fellow peers. They helped me understand so much about the business that I would never have been able to figure out on my own. I owe a lot to these countless number of fine folks. If you are one of them, thank you very much for everything! :-)

I guess a good secret can't stay hidden for long though, huh! Thank goodness. This business is filled to the brim with open-ended possibilities.

And in the end, if you have found or are finding that many in this business stay very guarded and extremely secretive about their own BPO and REO business (I can respect and understand the need behind this) there are a few others that will share their knowledge and expertise with you. Me being one!

Feel free to drop me a line sometime, I'd be more than happy to help in anyway I can!

Keep your chin up and keep shooting for the stars!


Nicole Ocean

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BPO Mills, Are They Valuable to REO Agents?


More often then not, I hear agents and brokers say that BPO mills are a waste of time because they don’t lead to listings. I, at one time felt the very same way. However as my business has flourished and Reo Listings are more abundant for me than they were a few years ago when I was breaking into this business, my views have changed.

BPO mills are extremely valuable to my operation and will continue to be a intricate part of the success of my business. They are valuable because they provide a training ground for agents within in my team, and those looking to be added to my team. The agents also get paid for the training.(For Example 50 drive by, my agents get 40 if the bpo is turned in on time and not rejected, for each rejection 5 bucks is taken off.) As the experienced REO Broker will tell you, as well as any Asset manager, REO begins and ends with a Good BPO. As REO agents, and Brokers, we are as strong as our weakest link. Your link starts with the BPO, therefore the more agents on your team that can do quality BPO’s, the better off you are for taking your business to the next level.

BPO mills are great because the have their own built in quality control and QA. What better training could one provide for agents looking to join their REO team? Further more this also allows you to determine when your team member or agent is ready to complete BPO’s related to listings.

My concept is simple, get your BPO’s done ahead of time, and on time at the very least, without rejections and your on your way to being added to my team of REO agents. Well, it not as easy as that. I require my agents to complete a min number of BPO’s per month from BPO mills. This allows me to continuously monitor and evaluate agents on my team. It also gives the ability to assign co-listing agents to those that have proven themselves worthy, just as all of us have as REO agents.

The more agents on your team you have trained, the better off you will be to effectively handle the massive volume that many of us will see. So, the next time you get that email from a bpo mill, consider accepting it to train another. After all, like I said earlier, your as strong as your weakest link. How many REO’s can one persons effectively handle, vs. a team of trained agents? I’m ready for the volume and to take on more. Are you ready?

Very Truly Yours

Jonathan Burgess

Code 3 Real Estate CEO

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