Jonathan replied to Joseph Petrini's discussion BankerREO Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
"Do you remember the name of the peson that called you..  I signed up and got a BPO right away as well, however  I got that funny feeling in my gut and did a little investigation of my own only to make me feel worse.
1) according to who is and go…"
Aug 20, 2011
Jonathan posted a discussion
Did anyone else get this message from Fannie?  Good Luck if you did, is been a long time coming.. Fannie Mae is currently evaluating its REO listing broker capacity to:Enhance our current broker network; andEnsuring that we have an open and…
Aug 20, 2011
Jonathan posted a blog post
 This call will also target owners and renters that are occupying homes at risk of foreclosure. More important, it cost almost nothing to educate hundreds if not thousands of people at on time.   Our first call was a success and we are looking to…
Jun 7, 2011
Jonathan posted a discussion
Did anyone else get an email from this company ARRO. According to the email First AM has changed to this platform and now all agents have to update info on this system. It appeared legit as they had all my expired information. The email and…
Apr 9, 2011
Jonathan replied to Sally H May's discussion Citi Financial
"All their BPO are done through a company call Finiti however Citi Mortgage  has taken all of their investor REO that use to be outsourced.  The AM's are out of Tx that are operating this portfolio.  Hope this was helpful.  Try Default Schools , I do…"
Apr 9, 2011
Jonathan replied to Chris Butterfield's discussion NAHREP AREAA National Conference
"I will be there.."
Oct 2, 2010
Jonathan replied to Dr. Marqueze D. Williams, Sr, NRBA's discussion (HUD) HOME TELOS ACCEPTANCE
"Congrats. Good Job!!!"
Aug 22, 2010
Jonathan replied to Thomas Moore's discussion eBrokerHouse Tops $1 Billion in Closed Transactions
"your the man. 'see u in Oct the wife and I will be in Vegas"
Aug 18, 2010
Jonathan replied to Walter "Forth" Hoyt's discussion Fannie Mae Broker Training

I go the email and will have staff attend at Five Star. Im in your market and too got a password and log in over one year ago. Unfortunatley still nothing in the way of working with Fannie Direct; however I am hopeful that will change in the…"
Aug 16, 2010
"Saw that, however I need the contact for CA. I haven't seen who's gotten that award yet."
Aug 6, 2010
Jonathan replied to Ann Beetham's discussion Wells Fargo Short Sales

Myself and two broker associtates in my office Received the email. I am currently a PAS REO broker as well as, have active shortsales in Equator with B of A. Don't know if only agents with shortsales in the system got this letter or if it was…"
Jul 15, 2010
Jonathan posted a discussion
Did anyone else get the email and have to complete the 2010 Reo Policy Manual for Citi?  Well I did it , hopefully we will see somthing from them as they have been so quite its scary.  BTW if your not on their list or in the Network you wouldn't…
Jun 13, 2010
Jonathan replied to Fatima Cannon's discussion Wells Fargo
"Been with them for about 3 months now, and NO such thing as a referral fee. They did reduce comssion to a total of 5% vs 6%. However I Like the fact that they don't dictate where the comssion goes. I understand from a buyers side that you are…"
Jun 13, 2010
Jonathan commented on Jesus (Jesse) Gonzalez's blog post Fannie Mae Secret Shopping Their Agents, NATIONWIDE!
"Jessie, I hope you right. However I've been told straight up that the outsourcers in CA are beating the direct brokers 9 out of 10 times and guess what. Those direct brokers still have accounts. Have any of you ever had a government JOB? If so you…"
Jun 6, 2010
Jonathan posted a discussion
Has anyone worked, or currently working with REO World?  They just activated me and sent an assigment after sending over my Lic, E & O and Zips.
Jun 6, 2010
Jonathan commented on Jesus (Jesse) Gonzalez's blog post “Can you tell me the benefit of attending all these conferences?”
"well said.."
Mar 21, 2010