Citi 2010 REO Procedures Due by 06/16/10

Did anyone else get the email and have to complete the 2010 Reo Policy Manual for Citi?  Well I did it , hopefully we will see somthing from them as they have been so quite its scary.  BTW if your not on their list or in the Network you wouldn't have recived the email and I wouldn't recommend taking the $400.00 course just for the hell of it, or with the hopes it will get you in and assigned properties. I'm in the network and havent seen anything in more than a year...

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  • I have had several from Citi. The thing is they are under the siege lmbo! Nay, the government has them on lock as well. I was told by an asset manager that things will start to look up for REO brokers soon. They have to abide by the government policies 1st by offering home owners different options besides foreclosure. If not accepted then they will lay the smack down! So lets all be patient. Citi will flood us soon enough...I know I can't wait!
  • I am working on it right now. LOL.
  • I took it last yr by invitation..... and received nothing all yr....wont do it this yr...... ouchie...... nope
  • Is this the Default School training?
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