Greetings REO Brokers! I just wanted to know if any one got accepted by HUD? I filled out my application and guess what? I got in!!!!! I almost fainted today when I received my package from them. OMG, no, like literally GOD! I still have to fill out the rest of the paper work but my team and I are ready like Freddie! Well, I hope everyone else got in as well! Happy Selling! 

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  • Do you have any suggestions of what to put in the marketing plan?

  • Congratulation<<<<<<<<<<<<<.

    Can you please guide me the process as well. I am only agent licensed in Virginia and maryland. Do you have to be a broker to apply for that?.
    • The application process I was told is closed. I don't know about the 2nd round of Brokers but if it is that's good too. I hope everyone get their chance to work with HUD!
    • Congratulations to all who have gotten their notices of acceptance. I called hometelos today and the lady told me that there will be a second round of approvals . But she does not know when it will be done.
      • Gina...thanks for bringing that up. I too called HomeTelos and she told me the same thing. She was also kind enough to check my application and make sure all was in order so that I could still get accepted and I CAN! My theory is that those of you that need to get the extensive packet and insurance requirements may have gotten the first round. Here's hoping!
  • Congrats. Good Job!!!
  • Did anyone who already has a profile in HomeTelos get a broker packet?
  • CONGRATS!!! happy selling.
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