ARRO Management System

Did anyone else get an email from this company ARRO. According to the email First AM has changed to this platform and now all agents have to update info on this system. It appeared legit as they had all my expired information. The email and registration does not guarnetee listings however its a $75.00 fee and they indicate a new cleint using that platform has been brought on board.


If all is true its things are lining up to be busy by late 2nd quarter, just a few months away. 

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  • Checking in.  How is everyone out there doing?  Anything with ARRO?  How about business in general?  My MLS has a lack of Active listings, unfortunately, so bidding wars are going on.  But too many people are still underwater and not selling (yet).  I'm in southern California (Antelope Valley).

  • Well I signed up with this platform in January but I'm not holding my breath. I signed up because of the reputable names behind it. You are not able to update your license and E&O Insurance yourself. Website says  "Insurance and License expirations will be reviewed and updated by ARRO Vendor Management"


    Never a BPO order, never an REO assignment could this be because any asset manager that comes across my profile thinks my E&O insurance expired 112 years ago?


    I understand that there is no guarantee of orders or assignements but is it too much to ask to maintain your database for the $75 you request? My profile has been wrong since I registered. Any feedback/follow up from the original posters?


    My advise to anyone considering signing on is save your money.


    They say that they will respond to voicemails in 48 hours and it is faster to email than to leave a message. Sure. I'll check again in 112 years.

  • I received an email to sign up with this company.  I understand they are a platform, but do they actually assign listings?  I am already on board with LPS.  Do the First Am listings come directly from First Am or thru Arro when assigned?  I too have done BPOs for First aM for years & was accepted for REOs, but never saw any.  I would gladly pay the fee if it is worth it.   Just trying to decide if I should finish the app.  Thanks!

    • Nothing yet and it has been awhile

  • I used ARRO for a couple First Am listings, worked out good, both as a platform and for reimbursements. 


    The listings were ones I had with one servicer that got transferred to First Am, at that point I was asked to sign up with ARRO.

  • I just received a new listing assignment from them.  I have also done bpo work for First American for several years.  They are a very reputable company.   

    • Hmmm...  Kathleen, you must be the only person to actually see anything from this outfit...

      • Hi Rochelle,  As I mentioned this is my first listing assignment through them.  It would appear that Arro is a platform similar to Equator or ResNet that lenders/asset management companies use because the listing is from First American.  Many of the platforms charge a fee and do not guarantee listings.  You just have to do what makes sense for you dollar wise.  I've done a lot of bpos for First American over the past years and I feel very comfortable with working with them.  I'll let you know how it works out. 

        • Rochelle, did you pay the additional $49 to sign up for LPS?

          • LPS has fees to sign up and then you are charged $5.00 per invoice you submit through them.  I think the cap is 5 invoices per property and anything over is free.  You would have to verify that data through LPS.

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