BankerREO Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Received call from BankerReO yestrerday August 17, 2011with the same offer as others, promising a listing on Monday in my Zip Code. All they needed was $345.00 I requested a couple of names of their current agents in California to check with, was promised a call with names yesterday. No call or email came either yesterday or today.

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  • I'm afraid the old saying comes to play...."A fool and their money are soon parted!"
  •      Yep, I recieved that call as well, was promised 2 assets as soon as I signed up,,,,,well, 1st flag was that the woman that called me was on a majic jack line... ( working from home )....not a corp. office in my mind......Next , i asked her to send me a copy of the contract as well as the web site w/ a temp. password so I can take a looksy.....been 2 days now.... nothing was sent to me.... (the flag of an un-coordinated fly-by-night )...... I think this is the same as absreo and is probably owned by the same idiots........

        She's gonna have to produce quite a bit of proof before I release $345 beans!!............ Been there.....have a Beware Y'all........



    Sundance Realty S. Fl.


  • Do you remember the name of the peson that called you..  I signed up and got a BPO right away as well, however  I got that funny feeling in my gut and did a little investigation of my own only to make me feel worse.


    1) according to who is and go daddy there website was just created in Jun 2011 and updated a few days ago.


    2) The BPO that was assigned is not in pre-foreclosure or even a short sale, in fact it is listed on the market as a regular  sale . 


    3) Their office address is a PO Box Corporations Have to have a physical location.  I can' t wait to ask some questions on Monday!!


    IN Their defense the do HAVE A MLA that was sent and signed in addition to a Gauarentee they sent out with signing up. In addition lots of small banks and investors are buying up NP Notes.  Worse case Credit Card Company will Reverse the charges and eat the difference and another scammer makes out with 300K plus depending on how many take the bait.  Why because credit card companies usually just credit back the chrages to good standing customers like ourselves and eat the loss , especially when it a nonimal amount. 

  • There were bpos. We will just have to wait and see. I'll keep you posted.
    • I am promised an REO...upon my signing up, definately skepticle. absolute REO promised also and they did give me 1 BPO and then disappeared no REO. Risks are great but blind risks are just not a good business.
  • I also received a call from them. I was promised an assignment within the next day of signing up. they also told me that I can cancel and get reimbursed. I went ahead and paid and received 2 assignments right away. I think that sometimes you just need to take risks. GOOD LUCK!
    • Hi Yumi:

      I'm glad to hear you received two assignments right away. It apprears that you are more fortunate than most of the others that received responses. Were the assignments BPO's or were they listings?


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