This call will also target owners and renters that are occupying homes at risk of foreclosure. More important, it cost almost nothing to educate hundreds if not thousands of people at on time.   Our first call was a success and we are looking to partner with agents around the country to do more. Please listen to the audio of the first call, in which 50 people attended.  This is better than any workshop I've held or seen when it comes to foreclosure.  May 25th, 2011 Audio

"The only way to bring about stabilization to our neighborhoods is to get valuable information out to the people that need it most. Workshops are not working." said Broker and CEO, Jonathan G Burgess. Burgess has overseen the sale of over four hundred foreclosed homes and short-sales over the last 3 years throughout the company’s California offices. Neighborhood property values, cities, counties and utility providers suffer the most when the wrong decisions are made by the occupants of these homes. Code 3 Realty & Mortgage Inc. has made equipping individuals with the necessary information to make the right decision concerning their situations a top priority.

Many real estate companies are hosting workshops for distressed homeowners to get much-needed foreclosure prevention information, however attendance to those events is usually low. “I’m not surprised attendance is low because this is a sensitive topic and can be embarrassing for many” said Burgess. "The majority of home owners struggling to keep their homes would rather not attend an open forum to discuss foreclosure. Telephone conferences are a discrete alternative."

Owners and renters can get valuable, free information about programs and options to assist them by joining these conference calls. This information must get out if we are going to bring about stability to our economy and restore property values in neighborhoods.

The first conference will begin on Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 at 7:00pm -7:30 pm.


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