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HUGE News About Our New BPO AutoFill Software!!!!!!!



We are a technology company that strives to be on the cutting-edge of all that we do and with the products that we offer. Since we invented BPO AutoFill software in 2009, we have learned a whole heck of a lot about our business, our subscribers needs, changes in the industy and have taken it all to heart.

We are SUPER proud to announce that we are starting to work on a new version of our BPO AutoFill software product. Although, we officially start work on October, 2nd 2017, this project is something that I have been working towards for years.

We anticipate releasing it very soon as we are currently in beta testing of the new, improved BPO AutoFill software and can't wait to see this dream come true!

More news to follow and we can't tell you all of the exact details just yet but know that this is going to be HUGE!!!!!!


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First off, let me start by saying this is going to be a long blog because, it’s a topic I am sure is going to cause many feathers to ruffle but, I think this question should be asked because, I strongly believe we are in the beginning of a technological revolution that will dramatically and catastrophically change the face of the real estate industry and more importantly, the human face of the industry….specifically Realtors.

Let’s start with what we all know about licensed agents and for that matter, Realtors. Getting into Realestate and becoming a licensed agent isn’t that hard. In fact, the requirements to be a licensed agent are different from State to State but, for the most part, our industry and lobbying group NAR (National Association of Realtors) has done a good job at ensuring licensing requirements aren’t as stringent as other professions. The reason behind this is because, like any “unionisque” type of organization…which NAR is, they only make money on dues paid by their members so, what is their number one goal….to grow membership of course. You can’t grow membership if you limit the number of potential members by strict or hard to obtain licensing requirements. That is why becoming a Realtor is much less difficult that say, becoming a barber or stylist.

Secondly, turnover is high, very high. I believe I saw a statistic back in 2008….maybe 2007 that said during the height of the real estate bubble, before the collapse, over 90% of licensed agents dropped out of the industry after 6 months because, they weren’t able to make a living. I also seem to remember a NAR statistic a couple years ago that said the average salary for a Realtor was $28,000.00 a year…..that just a little better than minimum wage which in my state makes you between $22,000 - $24,000.00 a year. Let’s not forget that NAR isn’t the only expense agents have. For most of us, we pay for our own website, we pay for our business cards, signs, riders, office fees, splits, car note, gas, and marketing…etc…. so, even though you may be making $28,000.00 a year, I seriously doubt that’s all net profit to the bottom line. When I look back at my real estate career, my first year…I was not profitable and I didn’t net anything near $22,000.00. So, just on the economics alone, being a licensed agent is expensive and the pay sucks!

Finally, competition is fierce and new agents suffer the worse in most market places. We all know buying or selling a home is the largest financial investment most people make and as such, no one in their “right” mind wants to use a agent that just got their license 6 months ago and has never listed a home and only worked with two buyers. If you are an honest agent and have this kind of conversation with a potential seller, I am sure you will be shown the door. Ok…sure, most seller’s don’t interview more than 1 agent anyways….we have all see the statistics from NAR that tells us something like 80% of homeowners simply pick an agent they already know or are recommended to them but, that doesn’t make competition any less fierce. You see, that means you as an agent have got to be spending a crap load of money on marketing yourself and networking….which most new agent don’t have that kind of money and aren’t seeing that kind of money come in the door. So, to survive the fierce competition you better be able to afford it.

I say all that to give you a bit of a back story because the meat of this article is coming up. You see, I read a very interesting article on Bill Gates where he was explaining that world governments and business are not prepared for what advancements in technology will do to the job market in the next 10 years. He warned that many jobs will become automated through employer cost reductions using technological advancements in software automation……or robots. Now…for some of you, this may sound all, techy mumbo jumbo but, just think how your home has changed just in the past 5 years. We are seeing home automation take off like nothing any of us have ever experienced before. For goodness sake, we have Google announcing that they expect their driverless cars to be on the roads in 5-7 years from now. We have homes that communicate with your phones and allow you to turn off lights, lock doors set security systems, turn of faucets….etc…. Take this same automation technology….and more importantly mentality and start applying this to real estate.

Yes, I said it, I said take software automation and start applying it to real estate, what do you see is the future of the Realtor? As a Realtor, it really sends a cold shiver up my spine. For many of us, we are already seeing automation in our markets and think of it as a easier way to do business. For example, many of us use appointment centers to schedule our appointments for us. Some appointment centers like the one I use allows my sellers and my buyers to be completely on self help. That’s right, my sellers can log on to their account, set the parameters of their availability and buyer’s agents can log on and schedule showings without ever having to pick up the phone, speak to me, or speak to anyone for that matter. In other words, the buyer’s agent and sellers completely handle their own showing schedule without any involvement from me…….other than simply setting up the account.

We also have wonderful automated lock boxes with phone widgets. Once a buyer’s agent has a showing scheduled, they don’t need me to open the box. They just show up, open their phone widget, type in their code and boom, the box opens and reveals the key. My point is, you don’t need me to schedule the showing or to give entry anymore and we all seem to be ok with this technology because, it makes our life easier.

Now, let’s all jump on board the imagination train and see a future where sellers can go online, find a cloud based real estate brokerage where all paperwork is signed digitally on-line, they upload their own photos, provide their own measurements and can place their own lock box on their door, set up their own schedule center and get all the marketing and advertising such as, MLS, MLS Syndication, National Syndication, Local Marketing, Craigs List Marketing, etc….. for the low 6 month price of only $499.99. No commissions to pay, no silly Realtor to deal with and all of the purchase and sale forms are online and explained so you negotiate your own home sale, directly with the buyer, through a web portal where an online licensed agent can answer any questions you may have via live chat.

Just curious, did you feel that shiver up your spine yet? If not….maybe you should go get checked, you might already be dead.

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If you are a busy REO agent, you know that you don’t have much time between the occupancy check and the initial bpo deadline; and then contacting the vendors, setting up appointments, and organizing the turning on of utilities takes time and energy.

Do you have a customized REO system in place to run a successful REO business to where you are not juggling too many activities unsuccessfully?

In this short blog, I will address WHAT and WHY you need an REO system.

Systems are just the way in which you process your REO Assets. It is an organized and clear, step by step process. You should have your systems documented so clearly that whoever you entrust it to could run your business smoothly in case of an emergency.

Do you have a backup system in place if you were in an emergency? I found out how important this is in the Fall of 2008. We had a terrible wind storm that took out the electricity of over three-fourths of the city. It occurred on a Sunday, but our power was not restored until Wednesday.

I had to inform my clients via cell phone that I had no computer. So I could not work. But because I had a documented system in place, I was able to contact my coworker who used my documented system to meet some crucial deadlines for my clients.

I speak to many agents who state they have all of their tasks in their head. Since you are running a business, your processes should be documented, in for any reason you are not around.

Listed below are three of the items could be included.

  • Task Lists –
    • This would include all of the tasks that are done when you receive the asset.
    • The listing tasks
    • The contract to close tasks
    • And after closing tasks
  • Contacts
    • Important vendors for your trash outs, lawn care, pool care, etc.
    • Repair Vendors
    • Utility companies
    • Asset managers
  • Logins/technology information
    • User names and logins for your MLS
    • User names and logins for all of the asset companies you work with
    • What systems are in place for backing up your critical data?
    • How often do you backup?

It does take time to document the process but I found that it helps to make my thoughts clearer. Also I can always change the process since the REO industry is changing so much. But I feel comfortable having a system in place.

Also with a clear system in place you can easily handle 10-12 REO listings a month without being stressed out!

To your business success!

Roxanne Tidmore

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This same information, but given in a two hour presentation by a totally different source, is a real eye opener of the level of deception being fed to us.

The attached video talks about just one of the 'Sweetheart' deals the FDIC has made. It has similar deals with over 52 banks.

So all the talk about Loan Mods......Window Dressing.

According to DSNews, which by the way has no article about the back door deals being made, but does have several articles on different institutions buying up defaulted loans......gee I wonder why.

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What is wrong with this industry?


"...if all of these REO companies are scaling back, why bother purchase AMP under or get certified with REOtrans if we don't know if there is going to be enough work for those of us who can't get into any other company or the other companies are telling us that they are going to give their work to the preferred brokers ?" Anonymous

As I have always said and will always tell you, it's not the "company" you're with or the subscription level you paid for that is going to give you any chance at getting a REO.

The REO industry is the preverbal “boys club” and for those agents who don’t understand this concept, you will fall victim to false promises made by Asset Management Companies and Technology Platforms alike.

I have preached, revealed, screamed, wrote, published and explained to all of you through my blogs that unless you are actively contributing to this industry…..your success in breaking in is going to be less than stellar, if at all.

“Ned” our resident Asset Manager has revealed to many of his weekly column readers how to either break in or get more business. In fact, his most recent column is about this very topic yet, I didn’t but, 3 orders come in today for a FREE Agent Site, through the REOPro store, I only approved 2 blogs today and the forums seem dead today. Not to mention, I counted at least 4 articles in the Ask the AM archive on this particular topic or at the very least topics very similar and I have about 3 blogs myself I have written along with 1 blog that is nothing more than my top 8 blogs that any REO agent should read. So, with all that being said, why do we still get members who fall prey to the false and blatant lies running rampant through our industry like hungry lions on the plains of the Serengeti?

Granted, even industry juggernauts like REOTrans or RESNET seem to be participating in the “Realtor mop up” but, their lofty place as industry captains makes people like myself see these actions by them as shameless and disgusting yet, we still get agents who are clamoring, saving up thousands of dollars and purchasing higher and higher levels of “preferred status” for nothing more than the promise of a chance.

I read a recent forum thread titled “Valigent” posted by Janet Frederick on REOPro where one of our members Byron Guillermo copied and pasted a reply from an Executive with Valligent named Jeremy that said, Quote…

Lenders take advantage of the fact that many real estate agents in this economy are desperate for listings,”

HELLO! CLUE PHONE IS RINGING! It’s not just the lenders….it’s everyone in the industry. My point is, they can make the promise of a chance, with no guarantee and they will still make money hand over fist from the contract they have with the bank, to the “technology fee” you kick back and then your monthly membership fee and annual “preferred broker” fee. It’s a cash cow because of the very statement made by Jeremy with Valligent.

I am trying to explain to you, if you feel victimized, if you feel as if you have been taken to the cleaners, if you feel like no matter where you go, it’s more and more money……well, yeah, you’re right but, that’s because people are paying for it. Caveat Emptor my friends, or in other words, Let the Buyer Beware.

So, how do you avoid these people and scams, how do you break in……well, it’s as I have always said, it’s about developing relationships, providing a useful service and becoming an expert in your field. If you want to know more about my opinions on these things, read over my blogs, read the AM column this week and search through the archives.

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