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I have heard more than just rumors that Lenders with REO's are very closely looking at how Realtors use video to promote their properties.   Clearly the 85% demand number is going to move our industry.  In fact I know of a growing Brokerage here in San Diego, that is offering video support to the right, hard working, agents as an inducement to join their firm.

This week I am going to be a webinar guest for Woman in Diversified Services.  If anyone has any comments about video and REO use, I would love to hear them before the webinar.

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This same information, but given in a two hour presentation by a totally different source, is a real eye opener of the level of deception being fed to us.

The attached video talks about just one of the 'Sweetheart' deals the FDIC has made. It has similar deals with over 52 banks.

So all the talk about Loan Mods......Window Dressing.

According to DSNews, which by the way has no article about the back door deals being made, but does have several articles on different institutions buying up defaulted loans......gee I wonder why.

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