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Have you considered working with a VA? Are you looking for a way to effectively work with your real estate virtual assistant? Real estate is a highly demanding and volatile business. More than half of the bulk is focused on organizational and administrative tasks. As time is of essence in realty dealings, a virtual assistant can come handy to guarantee viability and efficiency from start to closing. Though most real estate agents know the significance of having virtual assistants in this age of online technology, knowing how to effectively work with one is another matter that needs close scrutiny. To give your labor cost the most incentive, here are great tips to realize the true power of your chosen VA:
Identify Duties to Delegate
There are a myriad of tasks involved when dealing real estate. Though essential, some of these tasks do not really need your expertise but still can get a huge chunk of your time and effort. Paperwork compilation, for instance, can be taxing yet, these are important to validate your dealings. To get the most of your labor cost, it is imperative to know what responsibilities and tasks can be delegated to your chosen virtual assistant. It is best to note that virtual assistants do more than just administrative tasks. They can also do market research, financial accounting, and write blogs and SEO-savvy content.
Elaborate on Scheduling and Training
Establish a process for your virtual assistant. Train them to give their best potential and let them familiarize how you do things around. Real estate can sometimes hold sensitive information, and laying down confidentiality clause must be done. Best of all, it is essential that you set ground rules on how reports and paper works must be handled.
Be Updated With Technology
Majority of virtual assistants are found online. Technology is one great help in connecting with them, and keeping yourself adept with such can help forge steady communication and collaboration. Use apps and software to delegate tasks and connect with your real estate virtual assistant. Backup data through cloud software is a common practice nowadays for easy access and security.
Keep Steady Communication Flow
Highly legal in nature, real estate dealings require focus and consistency. The need to connect on a daily basis is essential especially when trying to negotiate or close down a property deal. Make sure that you have the necessary platform and back-up communication. This is to guarantee efficiency of results and easy monitoring of progress. Keep in mind that you might be dealing with a real estate virtual assistant from as far as the Philippines or Australia. To guarantee results, enforce effective communication lines.

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The Pitfalls of Buying Real Estate On Your Own

You can buy real estate on Craigslist, or straight from a Facebook page. You may even buy one from someone you know or from a friend of a friend of a friend. There are, indeed, a lot of ways to buy a new property directly that the thought of not tapping a friendly real estate agent can be taken out of the picture. But is it wise?
Not As Simple As You Think
In this day and age, buying a property without the help of a real estate agent may sound appealing. You can strike a deal on your own and simply be done with it. But buying real estate is not as simple as going to Target and picking out the latest HDTV or a pair of laced-up boots. It requires due diligence and tons of paperwork. With the staggering amount of money involved, it is only imperative that you understand the common pitfalls people encounter when buying a real estate property without the aid of a realtor.
 Not Reading or Understanding the Fine Print
One of the most prevalent mistakes in buying a property on their own is not thoroughly reading and digesting the fine print of the purchase contract.  As a rule, purchase contract is essential on real estate transaction to warrant its veracity and legality. There is no room for verbal agreements in a real estate buy-out, even when dealing with a family member or a next-door neighbor-friend. A purchase contract is usually prepared by the seller with the aid of a lawyer. If you have no idea about legal jargons, consider hiring a lawyer or have a real estate agent do the dealings for you.
 Not Safe for Your Earnest Money
In most real estate transactions in the US and the UK, earnest money deposit is usually given to secure or put the property on reserve for you. Some people call this reservation fee while others call this initial down payment. This can be very misleading and can put a huge dent on your financial coffers should the deal turn out to be a dud. To guarantee that you put your money right where it’s due, an escrow company is a wise option but having a real estate agent to handle it for you would be so much better as they can easily connect with a title company to keep it safe.
 Big Room for Complacency
Unless you have complete firsthand information about a real estate property, it is imperative that you do earnest ocular inspection. Some buyers, however, in their eagerness to buy from someone they are “familiar” with tend to be complacent. A real estate agent usually gives full disclosure on a property to protect their reputation in the market. Through them, you can gather “black-and-white” information about the property and assess it from there.

The risks can be quite high when buying real estate on your own. This is even more so when you rely so much on buyer-seller trust and relationship factor. When it comes to money, remember these words: it is a jungle out there and you, the buyer, are always the unsuspecting prey. If it is a real-deal hassle-free investment you want, have a professional and trustworthy real estate agent to seal the deal for you.
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If you think buying a home is tough, try selling your own. Buying usually gives you due advantage during negotiations, but selling can be more challenging. In real estate, the seller usually takes the brunt of finding the right buyer and facilitating transfer of documents while obtaining a lucrative deal as planned. With much of your time spent on your business or work or an impending transfer, finding time to sell your property in a fast yet productive manner can be best done with a real estate agent in tow. With hundreds of “expert” real estate agents out there, finding one that can deliver what you need can be daunting. But this dilemma can be used to your advantage by simply asking the right questions.
1. Are you an accredited real estate agent in the state where the sale should be done, for how long and how many successful sales have you done in the past 2 years?
It is important to check on a realtor’s credentials vis-à-vis state accreditation, references and reliable sources. Accreditation by the National Association of Realtors would be a plus. Like everything else, experience does matter when it comes to facilitating real estate sales. Though it does not necessarily follow that more established realtors are better than new ones, a realtor’s experience will help you gauge efficiency and turnaround time for property sales. Of course, the number of successful deals complete with references will help you verify if the realtor can live up to the demands of the current real estate market and your expectations.
2. Do you operate locally? If so, how do you plan your sales strategies?
If you are selling a property in Pennsylvania, it would be a total waste of money to spend time and effort with a New York realtor. A real estate agent operating locally usually has enough information on the current real estate demographics, demands, and local marketing solutions to amplify the sale. Make sure to ask how he plans to sell. Dig deep into his marketing tactics, home staging, and other initiatives that quickens the pace of the sale process.
3. What is your selling method?
There are many ways to sell your property using a realtor – auctions, EOI, POA, tender agreement, or direct selling ( i.e, from realtor to buyer). Unless you will be selling your property “as in”, ask carefully if renovations, upgrades o r repairs are necessary.
4. Do you work alone or with a team? Communication method?
A real estate agent no matter how adept in dealing a real estate market should never work alone. Tons of workload awaits them. Whether working with actual or virtual assistants, a realtor must always have a team that does paper transactions, online marketing, and various data management solutions. This gives realtors more focus on his or her core competencies like negotiations, renovations, and arranging an open house. Keep in mind also the communication method and by how frequent. Look for a realtor that provides an open communication line with constant update to his client.
5. How do you charge your commission and by how much?
Normally 3%-5% commission is rewarded to real estate agents but this can be negotiable and can highly vary from state to state. It can also be fixed or according to tiered percentages. Always analyze its impact before signing a deal. Choose one that can deliver great value to your property.
Indeed, selling your home or any real estate property can be an overwhelming experience. Having a capable real estate agent as an ally in this quest is a wise move. By asking these questions, you can ensure finding the right person to entrust your property, way for a quick sale, and more value on your property.
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The Art of Negotiations When Buying A Home

There is no doubt that you want the best deal possible when buying a real estate property. Negotiations are commonplace in the real estate market. But, often, one only thinks about offer-to-buy and counter-offer as their main source of negotiation. You need to keep in mind though that the real estate agent that represents you can only do so much when it comes to negotiations. The best ones provide you with important data on legalities, market trends, and other aspects relevant to the deal but most of the time, your decision is what matters. Your behavior and efforts from the first offer up until closing on escrow hugely matter when buying a property.
Proper Timing
Buying a new home is not a competition. If you try observing real estate agents, they often keep a “likeable” and approachable behavior. The good and experienced ones are often easy to get along with, adept in providing you the right information at the right time, and are easy to talk to. When negotiating to buy a house, mimic how realtors behave. Be nice and careful without being too finicky. Taking an aggressive posture when negotiating will lead you to nowhere. Rather maintain your composure and likeability when releasing every piece of information just at the right time. This will not only earn the respect and trust of the seller or realtor you will be talking to but also gives more competitive advantage on your position in the midst of the transaction.
Appropriate Valuation
Buyers are always aiming to acquire a house or property at the least price possible. However, when you go on a preliminary offer, it is imperative that you are aware of the current housing market in the particular locality where you plan to buy a home. Here, the knowledge and expertise of your real estate agent can be of great help. Keep in mind that you would not want to risk insulting a seller’s asking price by offering too low. This will only make the seller evade further negotiations. A real estate agent’s advice on proper valuation of property would come handy. Negotiation built upon verifiable data usually works big time.
Home Inspection
To give you leverage, a certified home inspection must be done even if preliminary offer has already been set with the seller. Unless it’s brand new, there will always be some repairs needed to be done. These repairs or renovations usually mean price reduction.
Continuing Effort
Negotiations when buying a home is not the usual touch-and-go process. An artful way of handling negotiation is by being consistent in your efforts all throughout the deal. A buyer’s continuing effort from offer submission to counteroffer and then to closing of escrow can spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S to your initiative. It is important to always be consistent and focused, never forgetting every action or decision done during the whole process. Be reminded of proper timing during positioning offers and counteroffers while remembering to never get into uncompromising situation or concession without gain.

Negotiating is as common as breathing in real estate. From the start of the transaction to closing, negotiations come in handy on both buyers and sellers. To sellers, the aim is to obtain the most money for their property. To buyers, it is to snag the best property by obtaining the best value out of their hard-earned money. Indeed, negotiations when buying real estate take time, efforts, patience, perseverance, the right timing, and the right attitude—and a reliable real estate agent whose advice is worth in gold.

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Top Renting Out Tips for First Time Landlords

Deciding on renting out your home or condo is no easy task. It requires patience and perseverance, and a lot of responsibility. You do not just find a tenant and let it be. You need to ensure that you obtain the right person to rent out your place at a rate you specify. However, if you play your cards right, renting out your place and becoming a landlord can be rewarding and a good way to make money without selling your real estate property. For first time landlords, coming prepared requires that you do your homework before renting out your property. To get your wheels turning, here are some important renting-out tips to guide you by.
Tip #1 – A Well-Prepared Property Attracts Numerous Renters
It is important to comply with required standards as prescribed by the law such as structural repairs, adequate ventilation and heating, safe electrical system, and other stipulations. Keep in mind that well-kept properties often get the highest nod among potential renters and, often, earn huge respect, too.
Tip #2 – Learn Your Landlord Obligations Properly
There are stipulated obligations required from landlords. In most states, the need to register your property for tenancy is essential for tax requirements. One of your main responsibilities, however, is to ensure that your tenant have a safe and functional living space. This means your rental property must have passed the specified standards stated by the federal and local housing code. This means plumbing, electrical and structural system, lighting, ventilation, and security systems must be in place. Repairs and maintenance must be shouldered by you, thus, when reimbursable when paid by your tenant. Keep in mind to give adequate notice of termination when you plan to cut-off the lease on your property.
Tip #3 – Learn About Your Rights
Never go to war uninformed of the terrain. As important as your obligations, you need to also know about your rights. This means receiving correct rent on stipulated due date, receiving added charges according to lease contract, annual review of rental contract, be informed of damage or any problems in the property, and subsequently, be given due notice on any planned repairs or home improvement.  Protect your rights by putting this into writing. As a rule, make sure to have a valid contract before setting out a lease on your property.                                                   
Tip #4 – Always Check Tenant’s Payment Ability
Of course, your priority is to gain substantial income from your hard-earned investment. It is wise to check if your tenant can pay-up your rental rate. A reference from previous landlords or employers is a wise move. If you plan to accept students, call in the attention of parents or guardians as guarantors for the lease.
Tip #5 – Better Be Insured
Consider having a rental home insurance. This ensures that your home’s structure, medical expenses, legal fees and loss of rental income is covered when needed. Encourage your tenants to buy an insurance suited for them as renters, too.
Tip #6 – DIY or Professional Real Estate Agent
Advertising a rental property on your own may sound a noteworthy job but it can also be quicksand if not handled right. For first-time landlords, having the assistance of professional real estate agent can help cut down cost involved while increasing your chances of finding a tenant quickly and efficiently. Most real estate firms or independent agents usually do background checks on potential tenants to protect their reputation in the market. If possible, choose one which can also perform managerial functions for your property.
Renting out your home for the first time can be both exciting and overwhelming. This, however, is one lucrative deal that you should not miss if you have a house, a condo, an apartment or even a room to spare. In all these, having a professional (attorney, accountant and real estate agent) to give you sound advice and point you to the right direction will ensure great rewards.
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Are you planning to sell your house or apartment? Would you like to know what can help boost your resale incentives? If you have finally decided to list your property up for resale, you might be inundated by friends or work colleagues on undergoing notable changes to boost results. Though some people may find it easier to sell their homes “as is”, this idea does not apply if you want to gain more out of your hard-earned investment. You do not really have to spend a fortune if you wish to increase the resale value and appeal of your home. All you need to do is exert efforts and a few bucks to guarantee a resale that will put a huge grin on your coffers.
1. Standard Repairs
Aside from location, size, neighborhood, number of bathrooms and bedrooms, and so on, it is important that your property is comfortable and functional. You need to ensure that structure, plumbing, electrical, security system, and other crucial parts of the home are safe and sound. Carefully assess any broken outlets, chipped or cracked tiles, defective electrical and HVAC system, infestation, and other parts of your property. It is your ethical responsibility to sell a home that is functional and serviceable. In cases of serious repairs needed, a professional is one that guarantees a topnotch job, unless you are a master in do-it-yourself.
 2. Organizing Clutter
This may sound tedious at first but, when done right, can give your home a creative facelift without spending a lot. There are many ways to organize clutter nowadays. You can put into storage any unnecessary items which might disrupt a potential client’s interest. You may indulge in simple clean-up but when it comes to de-cluttering, you might want to check out various storage systems nowadays that deliver astounding results.
3. A Paint Job
Paint plays an important role in a home’s curb appeal. It is the very first impression that draws interest from potential clients. If you believe that your home is in dire need of a fresh coat of paint, slap both interior and exterior with a can or two. You may engage in DIY if you have significant experience. Just make sure not to become tacky with wallpaper, odd colors or bad flooring design. When you are not sure, better seek out a trusted local paint contractor to handle the job. Some also have a lot of vinyl siding now. It might be good to paint the exteriors or power wash them to ensure clean appearances for when clients come to view the property.
4. Add a Garden
You can prettify your back- and front yard with a garden. Mowing the lawn can prove to be an exciting chore to both men and women nowadays. A garden full of flowers makes a lot of difference. For small –spaced abodes, AeroGardening or simple recycled container gardening would suffice.
5. Take Note of the Kitchen and Bathroom
Be extra watchful of your bathrooms and kitchen. These areas are becoming highly considered focal points of a home. You might want to invest on new sinks, countertops or cabinets. Replace those with significant marks as this can easily distract a potential buyer.
6. Raise the Roof
Repaint, repair or replace? Carefully assess the problem on your roof. A professional roofer can easily pinpoint essential initiatives that must be done to ensure zero bad credit.
7. Update Security System

Last but not least, make necessary updates on your home’s security. Nothing beats a house that is not only well-kept but also fully secured. Homes with foolproof security system, often, acquire great interest.

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Must Have Apps and Gadgets For Realtors

A lot of changes have taken place in the last two years in technology. Along with these changes, real estate professionals are also busy finding ways on how to communicate effectively with clients and to keep track of a highly competitive and volatile market. Luckily, there are modern gadgets and apps that have been developed to serve every facet of their operation. To give you a head start, here are some of the newly updated gadgets and apps available on the tech market today designed specifically to serve real estate busybodies.

Gadgets You Should Not Miss
A Tech-y Desk
Most real estate agents have offices at home and having a 40-inch touch-screen that you can easily tuck on your desk is one great option. EXODesk allows you to connect, view and operate virtually any computer on either Windows or IOS platform. Apps can be added to suit your business needs.
Tablet Computer
Mobility is your game. Instead of buying a separate computer for home use and laptop or tablet for mobile use, buy one which features both. ASUS Transformer AIO P1801, for instance, works as both a PC and a tablet. It also has a dual operating system to serve its purpose.
Wi-Fi Camera in 3D
You will be taking pictures of homes to sell and what better way to do it than in 3D. Samsung NX300 features not just pixel-perfect results but also the ability to connect to a Smartphone or computer automatically sending photos in a click.
Smartphone and Accessories
Regardless of the size, a Smartphone is an essential gadget that realtors should not work without. This keeps your communication line open for clients and colleagues, and also doubles as your gateway to the Internet. Have a ChargeCard and DeLorme Inreach ready, too. The former gives you an extra charge for your battery while the latter serves as your satellite device when no signal is available.
Portable Scanner
As a real estate agent, titles and other documents are crucial in your transactions. A mobile scanner like that of Xerox comes handy. It can easily convert paper documents into PDFs or JPG files and then, sends these documents directly to your recipient via wireless contact.
Be Watch-ful
No matter how busy, you can always check for your email and phone calls through your “smart watch”. This watch allows you to tell time, retrieve emails, dial phone numbers, and go through social network updates.
New Apps to Consider
Every day, new apps are being developed for public consumption. For realtors, here are some of the current ones worthy of praise:
1. DocuSign - for digital signing of legal documents
2. Magic Plan – creating floor plan in a snap
3. Google Apps – Gmail, Calendar, Google+, Maps, Chrome, Google Drive, and more.
4. Dropbox – for back-up and storage
5. Sitegeist – great tidbits on people and housing, weather, and so on
6. DreamScore – access to local MLS listings
7. DreamPro – search app designed for realtors and brokers
8. Casmy – gather open-house info in real time
9. Open Home Pro – creating listings via phone
10. HomeSnap – take a picture of a home then, find out its market value, bed and baths, taxes, access to schools, hospitals, and so on.

In the months and years to come, more and more tech-y gadgets and apps will be introduced to the real estate arena. You need to keep your eyes open for these changes and updates. In a highly competitive industry like real estate, your chances can be determined by how well equipped you are.

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Tech Tips For The Busy Real Estate Agent

There is no denying the fact that technology has continually shaped everything that we know of now. Aside from affecting consumerism, one massive impact is continually being felt in the real estate realm. Today, real estate agencies are becoming more visible online. The Internet has become a huge factor in advancing its clout even when goals and objectives are locally concentrated. From virtual assistants to interactive websites, iPads and SmartPhones, and needed thingamajigs, “tech-cessorizing” your real estate wardrobe is no longer just an option but a must.
For a real estate agency to standout in a highly volatile market, these tech-savvy tips must be carefully considered to ensure productivity, reliability, transparency and sustainability.
1. Perfect Fusion of Quality Content and Visual Design
Having an online presence is a must but the clamor does not just stop in creating a website. In order to entice potential buyers and sellers, the need to project a visually captivating web design with reliable and trustworthy content is essential. In the last two years or so, data provided on realtors’ websites are experiencing major overhaul. It is no longer just an attractive website but one that is search-engine and mobile friendly, artfully integrated with social media and blogs, easy importation of listing from MLS, and equipped with special scrolling technique that eases the use of a potential buyer or seller.
2. Going Mobile
Another significant impact in today’s high-tech realm is the continual updates on gadgets. Real estate agents, in their need to be competitive and up-to-date, must come geared with necessary tools and equipments. This is the reason why most realtors nowadays are tied up with their Smartphones and Androids, tablets and laptops, Bluetooth, hands-free headset, GPS, and so on. Communication, time management and research are critical aspects in real estate, and these tools give them wide-ranging avenues to pursue their objectives. Meeting up clients, explaining a home-buying process, making follow-ups on payments, updating oneself on current real estate market news and trends, and so on, are now geared for more mobility alongside the continued rise of portable digital technology.
3. The Rise of Cloud Computing
Cloud computing solutions have become a standard norm in many up-and-about real estate firms and independent players. This practice allows expansion of your office while reducing overhead and going paperless. This ensures that agents, brokerages, clients, and potential buyers or sellers gain access to software and documents online regardless of where and the devices used. When it comes to cloud computing, however, there is no such thing as a “fit-all” design. You need to carefully assess your market, work style, and other important aspects that make your business unique than the rest. This also gives rise to the success of real estate virtual assistants.
4. SEO, Social Media and PR
If you have been told that social media is everything, not anymore. Today’s online marketing aspect no longer just focus on social media platforms but rather on the integration of SEO, PR and social media. As most real estate firms, agencies and independent players become more attuned to using online platforms, keeping tabs with highly sophisticated algorithms require more qualitative content, transparent social media marketing, and targeted PR to keep your authority high.

Indeed, the continual integration of technology in real estate management and transactions has made management and tracking much easier. Technology puts them in a powerful position to initiate, compel, and put communication with their target markets on the right track. With easy access to free data on customers’ needs, purchase behavior, and concerns as well as expectations, this gives real estate agents the needed competitive advantage to provide better service and increase sales.
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All You Need to Know About REOs

Looking for a great real estate investment? Why not take a closer look at REOs? A prevalent term in real estate, REOs are considered sought-after properties by realty investors and independent home buyers who wish to get the most value out of their hard-earned money. When thinking of expanding your investment nest egg or when looking for a home to buy, it is imperative that you know what you are getting into before signing that deed. Stay on this page, if you want to know more about REO, its benefits, and where to easily find them.
What is REO All About?
In actuality, REOs are properties which have been foreclosed and turned over to banks or financial entities after it fails to be sold in a short sale. Properties usually include single or multi-family abodes, farms, commercial spaces, and vacant lands and buildings. Most foreclosed homes have attached creditor and tax liens, and sometimes, in need of substantial repair. Through REO arrangement, these attachments can be “cleaned” by the bank or financial institution to make the property more saleable. When repairs needed are substantial, banks usually sell these properties “as is” making it a favorite among prolific do-it-yourselfers looking for money-saving investments. Take note also that banks and lenders sometimes refer to REOs as “bank-owned” properties or simply “available properties” on their website.
Benefits of Buying REOs
Property buyers are predominantly interested in the money they can save from buying a Real Estate Owned property. If you care to check the current real estate market, it is understandable that most REOs are priced or listed sitting just within 10% below current market value. This, however, depends largely on the condition of the property and the amount of repair needed to make it usable and functional. If it is a private home, a buyer would want an REO that is livable and requires less expense on repair. This is no problem though to a home buyer who have great capabilities on DIY as buying it “as is” from a bank or lender can definitely stretch the value of his dollar.
As mentioned, REOs have free title liens and all other claims such as those from HOA, delinquent taxes, and mechanics. It is also generally vacant or unoccupied. This is usually pre-arranged by its previous bank or financial institution owner to increase its marketing and selling power. Think about buying a property with a clean title and no hassles on evicting a previous owner. This gives you enough advantage on not experiencing expensive and time-consuming legal predicaments later on.
Best Places to Find REOs

Predominantly, REOs can be found on bank and various mortgage lender websites. Lucky for those who have contacts, they can easily get good deals from insider information. Today, however, these financial institutions often sell their REOs in bulk or have these properties marketed by real estate brokers with standalone listings on their site. You can check out multiple listings on the net and make use of these sites with their easy-search mechanism. Some sites allow you to filter your search according to location, price range, property type, square footage, and sometimes, number of bedrooms and baths. This somehow saves you time and effort in finding the best property to invest upon. If buying REOs is an entirely new endeavor, working with an REO specialist can be of great help in locating the perfect property for you at a much reasonable price.

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Today’s real estate market is continually meandering towards recovery amidst a slower-than-normal pace and an ongoing world economic distress. With almost six years of excruciating struggle, this sounds like a good deal for buyers-and-sellers, and realtors in the market. But what are the current emerging trends in the real estate market nowadays?  To give you a closer perspective, here are some top trends most investors, realtors and independent home buyers and sellers have observed.
Low Mortgage Rates
As the economy slowly perks up, it is understandable for the fixed 30-year mortgage rate to nosedive. This could mean an impending increase anytime soon. But contrary to previous prediction, this will not skyrocket abruptly. The Federal Reserve is wise enough to keep it low for at least the whole year to help hasten recovery in the housing market. As it scale back its stimulus program, expect rates to gradually rise but, as a rule, never at an abrupt pace. For buyers, this could mean that now is a great time to buy your dream home.
Dynamic Bidding Wars
With the purported recovery, bidding wars have become even more dynamic and forceful in various places like Southern California, Seattle, Boston, New York and Washington. This has, however, shown a decline in other states like Pennsylvania, Maryland and Baltimore. But with the ever fluctuating norm of the real estate market and the economy as a whole, dynamism of bidding wars has great rely on present locale situation.
Flexible Tenure and Adaptability
Before the economic upheavals, buyers are expected to stay in their purchased homes for a certain amount of time. Current trend, however, has shown that almost half of home buyers do not have clear expectations on their tenure in a particular property. As economy continually shifts, so does the mentality of a home buyer. With this, sellers must ensure to market their homes according to what a buyer needs taking into consideration a buyer’s future needs. You might want to promote flexible space characteristics like a convertible garage or basement.
Increase Demand from Married Couples
The current driving force in home buying lies on the hands of married couples who are not necessarily first-time buyers. This could be affected by the sudden shift in the economy and employment market. For sellers, staging a property that appeals to couples will definitely increase its appeal.
A Steady Influx of Renters
Unlike couples, the growing number of yuppies escaping their parent’s overcrowded basements and extended garage pave the way for the rise of demand on rental properties. As young people start moving back into the employment market brought by an improving economy, moving out of the family homes has become a norm steadily giving rise to a lucrative rental business. For sellers who are uncertain on their decision, renting out their property can be a good opportunity.
Rise of City High Rise Living
Whether the real estate market dip low or jumps up, the demand for high rise living like condominiums continually climbs at a steady pace as cities are becoming more compacted. The problem in space and more employment pouring in to these niche locations pave the way for accelerating demands and prices in condominiums. For sellers this could be a great time to invest as it can both capture both renter and buyer markets.
Consistent Rise of Digital Marketing
Of course, reliance on online trend persistently continues as the top search engine for both buyers and sellers. Digital data has become the most important resources of information. This also posed a good opportunity for realtors and private sellers as online marketing is much cheaper and wider in scope.
Let these real estate marketing trends give you a heads-up on where to put your investment. Finding which markets or sectors offer the best incentive to your hard-earned money can be quite challenging. With steadfast expectation and a competent realtor handy, home buyers and sellers can productively manage sudden shift on these trends to their advantage.
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Amidst the recovering real estate market, it can be observed that the usual word-of-mouth tactics employed by private homeowners is not helping. If it does, this usually leads to a decrease on your price tag. If you want to sell your home in a fast and efficient manner with the price you desire, listing it with a competent realtor will definitely do you good. These people are seasoned professionals when it comes to selling houses. They do more than just show properties or negotiate offers to help close a sale. Below are some things that these realtors do to make your house more sellable.

Help Improve Your Home’s Stature 

Competent realtors do not just list your house, match it with a potential home buyer and be done with it. Often, these people ensure that your home is ready for that open house event or for buyer viewing by making use of their connections in the field of home improvements. They can assist you in improving the curb appeal of your home by contacting their contacts in plumbing, roofing, fencing, painting, landscaping and so on. Keep in mind that buyers are mostly concerned of a home’s interior and exterior appearance. A fresh coat of paint, a clean roof and exterior walls, updated plumbing system, and so on will help augment the appeal and face value of your home. With their connections, they can help find you general contractors which can perform all the needed improvements at a much affordable rate to suit your budget.

Experts in Pricing Your Home Right

An important aspect in selling a home is in pricing it right. Realtors are experts in estimating the value of a certain property with their experience and skill-set. They are proficient and up-to-date with important considerations like target market, location, demand and supply, and the type of house. They are trained and experienced in property evaluation to demand appropriate pricing to ensure that your home gets every bit that it deserves.
They Help Sweeten the Deal

Another way to make home-selling more attractive to buyers is by offering perks. Credible realtors know precisely how to play around the selling price or add-in any other special deals that will help make the buyer realize the added advantage on this particular investment. Some realtors are also connected with service contractors and home insurance agents. They can use those connections to offer an extra mile in their services as leverage in letting the buyer perceive the deal as an “added value” service. Some also offer transferable home warranty (with the consent of the homeowner) for at least a year. This helps cover maintenance and warranty on appliances and other home fixtures—and this helps sweeten the whole deal. 

Help Gain Home Buyers Trust

Do take note that 90% of all real estate transactions occur with the assistance of realtors. This could be due to the reason that these professionals have an ethical obligation to disclose hidden or latent shortcomings or defects in a home. Buyers want an honest-to-goodness deal and you as a seller might be perceived being biased when asked for details on your home.

The Bottom Line

Selling a home can take extra work and knowledge. You may put all your efforts in getting your home in excellent shape but when you have no knowledge on marketing it or knowledge on the present condition of the real estate market, you will most likely find yourself empty-handed. With competent realtors, you can effectively increase the odds of getting your home sold on the market.

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