Julie Black replied to Melissa Schildtknecht's discussion RES.NET - Is it worth it?
"I received an assignment from a servicer for DiTech. I feel the only connection was RES.NET. Other assignments with RES.NET are probably because I am signed up with the servicer but they look for the agent who is already on RES.NET."
Jan 20, 2017
Julie Black replied to Travis J Cox's discussion US Bank Switching Asset Management Companies
"YES, Chronos is the new provider. I have taken their training but have not received any assignments yet."
Jun 6, 2016
Julie Black replied to Kevin Hill's discussion Anyone Getting Listings in 2016 As A Result of Signing Up as a Premium Agent on Equator?
"I pay for zip codes and  I feel I do get some exposure/listings for paying for zip codes. I have not tried the premium placement but would also like to hear if it is working for anyone."
Jun 6, 2016
Julie Black replied to David Boteler's discussion Is anyone having trouble with Hubzu on getting Titles
"I agree with George, most of Hubzu/Ocwen properties have title or occupancy issues. This is definitely a Buyer Beware situation."
Feb 5, 2016
Julie Black replied to Hugo W Meza's discussion GoodmanDean_UpDate_ Asking for Background Check
"They give BPOs but lost their main source/company for REOs (Aurora). "
Jan 16, 2015
Julie Black replied to Wendell Funderburg's discussion REO Pro Corp
"Yes they call themselves IREO Pro now. After emotionally getting scammed. I took out my frustrations by writing a blog where I highlighted the phone number. So others can find it in Google. Hopefully this will prevent others from getting scammed.…"
Jun 10, 2014
Julie Black commented on Vivian's blog post Ireopro asset manager asking for $700.00
"Hahaha He just called saying he had 2 properties. He sounded so professional/real. I had my first inkling this wasn't true when he said they don't take a referral fee from the listing agent's commission. All servicing companies do or pay a reduced…"
Jun 6, 2014
Julie Black replied to Ronald D Bourgeois's discussion Atisouce / Ocwen BPOs ...
"Altisource orders for me have picked up. I only do about 1 a week, just so my name is in front of them. I have yet to get a new REO from them since they dropped all their local brokers, they have all gone to auction. The fee I usually charge is…"
Jan 27, 2014
Julie Black replied to Chanin Zaragoza's discussion Unity Asset Management
"Thanks for the updates. They just called me to do a BPO. I googled them and told the employee right on the phone, it says here you don't pay. The employee didn't even try and dispute it."
Jan 17, 2014
Julie Black replied to Brent Wilk, SFR, 5 Star's discussion Kailer Real Estate
"I was just checking Google and your like the top hit. Did it work out with them?"
Jan 6, 2014