• I paid the $400 and did two BPO drive by BPOs for REO PRO.  When the six months came and went I demanded my money back and surprisingly the $400 was returned.  

  • This company called me, told me they had 4 listing for me.  I asked her to give me the addresses, she told me she could give me one.  The address she gave me, I already had listed with CitiMortgage, and it was pending escrow.   When I told her this, she hung up on me.  Then they called again weeks later, and tried to do the same thing on a listing (in the works) I had with Chase, they were having repairs done to the basement.  I played along, and told her, is this the one with the damage to the basement, she told me I was her eyes and ears, and would need to drive by the property, but do not gain access under any circumstances.  I told her I would do it, and she sent me the link to pay $400 for the listing.  She also told me she had 6 more in my area that I would get after signing up.  Before I hung up, I told her I knew she was a scam, and that I already had the property listed.  Her manager called me and asked what the issues you, and I told him their company was a scam.  And told him what I knew.  He tried to tell me they bought the house in a package deal, and I told them, I didn't believe it, he ended up hanging up on me.  Haven't heard anything since. 

  • Run like the dickens. This is a BIG SCAM.. Do Not pay any money to this company.  If it sounds to good to be true its a scam and go with your gut and run.  

  • New asset manager name new number same scam 302 212 0637

  • very questionable. They called me with the same story and rattled off the address which I wrote down. and checked one was a pending sale with another agent. I believe they are scammers 

  • Run don't walk.  did 4 for them and never heard a word back.  

  • If
    BPO company wants you to pay.  FORGET ABOUT IT!!! find another quality company that pays you

  • criminal!!!!   scam scam scam.... run!!!!

  • I also had someone from American Management company (Reggie Dixon, assent manager) call me the other day giving me the address of 3 properties that they want to give me to list. Even showed me the portal they use with me accepting the 3 assignments.I was trying to look them up at the same time I was talking to them. Not much info out there on the web but I did not get a good vibe when he gave the spill of only $400 fee to use the portal.  I told him that I did not have my credit card with me so I could not join...LOL..  He has since tried to call several times and even left me a voice message to call him back.   By the way the properties that he had 2 of them probably would have to be sold for a lot lot lot less than what is owed on them let alone all the work trying to get them sold.  I do not do free BPO's... 

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