Atisouce / Ocwen BPOs ...

I'm located in Massachusetts and do BPOs for Altisource.   I have not seen a request or order from Altisource in the past four weeks. 

Has anyone else seen a decline in Altisource orders?

Have they gone to an AVM model?

Do you have any information you can share with us?



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  • stop while you are ahead, there are other companies hat pay more and on time...

  • Altisource orders for me have picked up. I only do about 1 a week, just so my name is in front of them. I have yet to get a new REO from them since they dropped all their local brokers, they have all gone to auction. The fee I usually charge is $145.00. They have been paying, and yes that $145 not $45.00.

    • There were a few times I could get $100 for a drive by, but no lately.  There are just to many agents and BPO auto  acceptors in my area.  I see in your post that the rate in your area is $45.00 in my area it's $40.00 two day turn around time.

  • As a preservationist I'm getting their work outsourced by USBestRepairs & Buczek

  • Hi Ron,

    I still see some (although, apparently, less) offers from Alti occasionally

  • Altisource calling you for BPO orders is DOA as of yesterday if you haven't noticed! Joey Singh 9178594400

    Stay on your computers and press refresh people on New Offers! They are not going to call you for orders for the foreseeable future. ( interesting fact is they are now 24 hours TAT and dropping it to $35 in a lot of places)

    My well informed sources tell me management was seeing that they were paying higher prices doing the " whats your fee and turnaround emails" and it was ripe with cheating, favoritism...and possibly, alleged other problems......aaaahhh think no bid contracts....

    At least Now everyone has a fair chance to capture orders as long as they refresh every X.X seconds only XXX times in a 24 hour period not from the same IP address...

    Joey Singh
    ATX BPO Outsourcing Inc.
    Business Development
    Skype: Ameritax1
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    1 800 689 6028 Fax
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  • I'm in California and I seen the decline here as well, however I refuse to accept orders from them just because I don't care for the way their system works, no set time when they send out request and then they have you running around

    like chicken looking for feed. I feel they just are taking advantage of Realtors for just $40.00 bucks not wothit

    if all Realtors would recognize this Ocwen would have more respect for our Industry.




  • Ed, 

    Please reactivate with Altisource ! - They have a lot of orders in IL and IN - they went crazy today 

    I know of a broker who gets 30 orders a day from them- Seriously you need to reconsider

    • I will. Been busy. What is best way to get higher fee from them? I don't want to work for $45

  • I am in Tampa Florida and I have been getting a bunch of BPO requests.

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