• I also did 2 bpos last December and have not been paid....The lady sounded so convincing on the phone about payment and now they ignore me after using me for my time energy, photos .  They are bullshit.....WATCH OUT

  • Thanks for the updates. They just called me to do a BPO. I googled them and told the employee right on the phone, it says here you don't pay. The employee didn't even try and dispute it.

  • She is a real peice of work, Esp to work for and Tiffany is correct on all the things she said. Julie is a horrible person to work for.

  • Looks like this Julie Linkus with Unity Asset Management is a REAL piece of work.  Several pages of complaints after this article and if you check the BBB you will find several formal complaints all for not upholding a contract and NOT PAYING HER BILL...flipping phoney scammer! SEE BELOW: Maybe these banks and other companies will get smart and GOOGLE these losers before they become comstomers....disgusting!
    Ok, I have been following UAM blogs for quite some time now. I have some
    factual information that some of you may be interested in.
    10 years ago my husband worked for a company named Cartel the owner Walt
    Coats, his right hand person was Julie Linkus. Ironically, ten years
    later my daughter gets a job working for UAM/Julie Linkus. Julie has
    always denied any association with Cartel. She lied, as this is where she
    got the idea/database to start her own company. After intense research and
    the information from my daughter, we have learned that the company moves
    every 6 months or so, mainly because they do not pay their bills. The
    company finds it to be funny not to pay the agents for the BPOs and really
    doesnt care. Once an agent starts to make enough noise and threatens a
    lawyer, they seem to get put on the priority payment schedule, otherwise
    one shouldnt expect payment very quickly or ever.
    The politics in the company are a joke. Julie is bi-polar and is
    constantly screaming at everyone. The employee turnaround is also a joke.
    Alfred finally quit (literally walked out) two months ago. My daughter
    did the same last month. It is abusive and extremely unprofessional.
    Julie drinks (heavily) with Adam for several hours most days for lunch
    then returns to the office to abuse the employees. Julie changed my
    daughters withholding exemptions twice without her knowledge and they
    currently owe her money for hours worked. We have taken this up with the
    Colorado Department of Labor and will continue to persue. Jennifer will
    probably stay, although she has been passed up for multiple promotions.
    Her skin is thicker since she has been with Julie for 8+ years and only
    allows Julie to make her cry about 3 times a week. Still, I cannot feel
    sorry for her or anyone that stays there.
    When my daughter started there in December they had 6 employees that were
    placing BPOs. When my daughter left NO ONE was left from December, they
    retrained approximately 9 new people (all gone now) while my daughter was
    there from mid-December to mid-April. Frankly it was the worst job my
    daughter will ever have. UAM has no integrity and they will eventually
    put themselves out of business, although I am surprised that Julie keeps
    ducking under the radar. Her file in the BBB is a joke. The banks are
    not happy with her, and I cannot imagine why she still gets orders from
    them. Rumor has it that several banks are taking this service to an
    in-house basis and will actually GIVE the realitors the option to list the
    The reason my daughter stayed there so long is because in March she put an
    offer in on a condo and had to stay until the loan closed. My daughter did
    not use Julie as her real estate agent (for obvious reasons) and the last
    month for my daughter was a living nightmare.
    Promises of the agent doing the BPOs the listing have NEVER been granted,
    nor was there any intention of ever giving the agents the listings.
    Just remember, that most of the workers there are decent people that need
    a paycheck. They wont be there long as after the first week they are
    already looking for a new job. They have no control of payments, they are
    just trying to do their job without making waves prior to leaving. The
    majority of people that leave this company DONT have alternate employment
    lined up, they just cannot take it anymore.
    The people to focus your frustrations are
    Julie Linkus
    Adam Goetz (Adam Goetz [] When writing a response to this
    blog, he actually spelled his name wrong.... go figure.
    Jennifer Yarbrough

    Truth be told continued
    Unity Asset Management is a joke. I can say from personal experience that Julie is a bi-polar drunk. She takes about a two hour lunch with Adam Goetz and other employees to sit at a bar and get drunk. When they return from lunch Julie is extremely mean and nasty to all the employees. She yells constantly to the employees in the office even though there are phones and instant messaging at each desk and computer.
    Adam Goetz has it made at Unity. He never shows up to work on time, calls in sick almost every two weeks, and Julie pays for him to go to school. Julie pays for all of his school expenses, which is why nobody is getting paid for the work appraisers do. He knows exactly what Julie is doing and does not care. They all don't care.
    I would not recommend anyone to work for this company. Julie is a scam artiest and she is not trust worthy. She knows how to sweet talk people into doing what she wants. Thank god for Wonda for speaking out on Julie about her nasty, unprofessional ways.

    • This is a very interesting story because Walt Coats is listed as the CEO for, Inc/First Valuations - the company being sued in the class action law suit for not paying thousands of real estate agents for BPO orders.

      • The only thing a class action lawsuit does is drive a company into bankruptcy leaving NO money for real estate agents. Since BBB complaints get you some payment, I would stick with that.
        • BBB has not gotten payments from them and they have zero power to do so

          they respond to any complaint in one of the following similar manner:

          1. already paid the agent

          2. agent didn't complete the assignment

          3. promise to pay agent by xx/xx/xxxx - payment NEVER comes

    • Hi just an update on Unity's latest scam :

      They call for a rush bpo and ask that you to send the photos as soon as you take them, At that point they ask for a verbal value then comes the cancellation notice. I'm ashamed to say got me Monday 11/26/2012:

      Just a warning the devil is alive!!!

  • Just Google them and you will find several reasons to avoid this company.
  • Bad news for you, while doing some research I came across other forums where people have stated that they have not been paid for orders completed. Looks like you might be out of luck. Take this as learning experience and remember to do your research before you take on a new company. At least it seems that you only did one order for them and will not lose a ton of money.
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