GoodmanDean_UpDate_ Asking for Background Check

I used to do a good amount of BPOs for this company, but I haven't seen any lately. They used to give REOs as well. I guess they are alive, but they sent me an e-mail asking me for a background check. Has anyone received Listings in the last year? If you are doing BPOs who is their main client?

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  • I was getting about one BPO a month from them, but now I haven't gotten one since mid-November. Its a shame because they pay on time and their reports are usually easy to complete. All my BPO companies have slowed down though. Only BPOs I have been doing lately are for my REO listing assignments.

  • Have been doing some BPOs. Mostly "Wells Fargo" Haven't seen any REOs in a couple of years.

  • Received about 4 per month. They are slow right now. I just completed one over the holiday as I walked over took the photos and completed.... All within a few miles.

  • I agree. I was getting up to two and three assignments a week. Now, I'm lucky to see two a month. I wonder if a large influx of agents have dominated the scene and outweigh Goodman's supply. Maybe Goodman is trying to balance the workload to every agent. I've tried to get feedback from the reps but they are pretty tight-lipped about their processes. If anyone has any insight to share, please feel free. Thanks, in advance. 

  • I submitted my background check to them. I do BPOs for them Daily  One of the best companies around

  • I also used to do work for them and they required I have E&O insurance which in Texas is not required haven't done anything with them in years

  • I also did the background check, it only cost me $17.50 and they did send me a copy

  • I do a couple each week for Goodman Dean, this has been on going for several years. They pay well. They must 

    have someone else in my area as they have stated I am approved for REO, but have never received one from them. I no longer do interiors for anyone as the only way BPO works for me is if I can work them into my day. having to schedule a visit means a special trip and additional pictures and uploading for $10 more. I value my time more than that.

  • Yes, Goodman Dean is active and ready to do business. However, they request the Background check. Realtors should have no fear of background check because we should not have any act that will make us suspicious of our responsibilities. I have just sent them the information they want. I think it is proper and fair to do this. In Virginia, all Realtors who wantthe State License must do background check. I agree completely to this system. Too many frauds out there.

  • I've been doing BPOs for them. Not as many as in the past. Their numbers have dropped. I did a background check with Clear Capital 2 years ago and used that for Goodman Dean. Since they said it was good for 10 years. I've never gotten any listings. Its always been BPO work. All for Wells Fargo.
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