Ireopro asset manager asking for $700.00

Same voice as bankers reo calls, claiming to be an asset manager looking for top producing agents to give listings to.
Asking for immediate credit card payment for $400.00 for First six months than $300.00 for the remaining of the year. Reading off his sales pitch sheet and directs you to a website www.

There is info on them readily available, check this out-

I declined to work with them and than i was threatened, that they were gonna tell lenders not to work with me.

Make your own conclusions !!! Or do i really need to spell it out, use caution , Beware

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  • Vivian,

    I received that phone call this past Friday and I too felt it was to strange for them to be trying to give me assets while they hadn't yet foreclosed on them, along with a few other statements, not to mention the $400 set up fee. I can only say I will not pay anyone to receive assets from them.

  • Hahaha He just called saying he had 2 properties. He sounded so professional/real. I had my first inkling this wasn't true when he said they don't take a referral fee from the listing agent's commission. All servicing companies do or pay a reduced commission. Then he gave me the addresses of the 2 properties. They were not in foreclosure yet. I'm like you want me to do the BPO on a property you don't have yet? Are you going to pay me? One property had a local lender mortgage. I know they list directly. I asked him who was the mortgage company. He said OneWest Bank. I'm like they also list directly. I told him email me the info so I can Google you. I don't think that is going to happen.

  • Thanks, Vivian.

  • Thanks, Vivian.

  • Thanks for the heads up Vivian.

  • Thanks for the heads up Vivian. Anyone who has to stoop to threatening anyone else is nothing more than low life themselves.

  • Vivian - Thanks for the alert. Some agents still think they can take a short cut in this business by paying these scam artists.

    If one wants listings, then go get 'em They are out there and you do not have to pay anyone. I have gotten 4 listings the past week and still have 3 more to set up appointments with and I did not pay my hard earned money to scammers of the internet.

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