i turned back the order-

    they will not give you a phone #, and pay in 90 days!

    no thanks-I asked them for payment up front

  • hey-did you ever get paid for the BPO you did for them?

  • Just got an email from them about a BPO.

    • hey-did you ever get paid for the bpo you did for them?

  • Did a search on both REO Vendor Manager (REOVM) and Kailer Real Estate. REOVM is a paid subscription site that supposedly puts your name out in front of asset managers. (There are other companies out there that make similar claims and promises that charge anywhere from $195 to as high as $495. Make sure it is money that you can afford to loose and don't expect much.) Kailer Real Estate has a web site, but to contact them is by email only. There is no other information on their site for a phone number or where they are located. That's a big red flag for me.

    If you guys are looking for reo and bpo work you should check out Elite REO. They are a regular real estste brokerage that does operate in a few states. I know a couple of agents who do work for them. They also are named Elite Premier Properties. With that said, the 2 agents that I do know have said that their BPO and REO workload has declined some since the real estate market has improved here in Sounthern California. So they have had to start working on getting listings.

  • Hi Brent,

    What state are you in for this Kailer Real Estate to contact you? Also, what is their website to sign up?

    Luanne Dvorak

  • I have been signed up with REOVM for several years and have just received 2 listings with 3point asset management via Kailer. I have also done several door knocks and have a CFK coming up which should lead to another. Good luck.

  • I was just checking Google and your like the top hit. Did it work out with them?

  • Never
    Heard of them???hmmmmm........
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