May 27, 2016 I learned that National Real Estate Solutions (NRES) will no longer be managing assets for US Bank. Properties not currently under contract will be transferred to another unnamed company. They will no longer appear under my accout 6/3/2016.

June 1, 2016 Old Republic Servicing Solutions sent me a notification that all US Bank properties with ORSS will be moved to Chronos Solutions effective 6/2/2016.

June 1, 2016 Loan Resolution Corp sent a notification that all US Bank properties with LRC will be moved to a new service provider effective 6/3/2016.

Does anyone know more about this than me?

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  • YES, Chronos is the new provider. I have taken their training but have not received any assignments yet.

    • Julie - I took the Chronos training as well.  Did you pay for Equator?  I got an email this morning from Equator wanting me to pay.  

      • Debbie, I get that email every week from Equator. That's their marketing department. I got that email this morning as well from Mia/Nick.

  • I got the same from Old Republic. I was hours away from getting signatures on a contract. I emailed my asset manager and called. No response at all. That's it. 

    • Wow, that sucks! Have they pulled it from your inventory yet, Cece?

      • Oh yes.  It's gone like it was never there. I was instructed to take down the sign and remove the lockbox last Thursday which I did. 

  • Update: My Prelists are all gone from this morning, one under contract is still there (thankfully) and one of my NRES prelists sold in a bulk sale just prior to the switch. NRES says I will be receiving a check for the management of the property sold in the bulk sale. I'll let you all know how that plays out.

  • All I know is that we have had three assets from US Bank and they just used us for property management - "never more" we are refusing assets from US Bank.

  • I received the same e-mail from NRES, however my prelist properties are all still on RESNET.

  • Travis, I have the same information what you already have. I'm wondering why did they switch from to Equator.

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