GoodmanDean_UpDate_ Asking for Background Check

I used to do a good amount of BPOs for this company, but I haven't seen any lately. They used to give REOs as well. I guess they are alive, but they sent me an e-mail asking me for a background check. Has anyone received Listings in the last year? If you are doing BPOs who is their main client?

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    • How does Goodman Dean pay? ACH transfer or mail you the check?

  • Used to get listings, still get about 5 to 8 bpo per months

  • GoodmanDean is a great company, Do a considerable amount of bpos for them but have never received an Reo,.

    James Loftis

    Real Estate 911 Inc  Broker/Owner

  • They give BPOs but lost their main source/company for REOs (Aurora). 

  • I had listings in 2010, 2011, 2013 but none in 2014 and only occasionally BPO.  Stick with them they are extremely  good company. 

  • Goodman Dean is the name of the company?  I was wondering if Equitrax was still alive.  Haven't received a BPO from them since last July. 

    Sounds like I should work for Goodman and quit wasting time with Valuation Vision!

  • Agree with all the comments above.  Good company, they pay timely, easy to work with.  We too only have done BPO's, no REO to date.

  • Yes they are, I still do a few each week for them. 

  • Very good company and they pay. No REOs..I have done many BPOs.

  • Excellent company. I have done many BPOs for them. No REOs. Pay on time.

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