• Never pay any company any money up front for listings or BPO work. They are scammers.

    Any legit company claiming to have listings does not ask for money up from. They will request to be paid a referral.
    BPO companies get paid by a lender or party requesting the BPO.

  • Yes they call themselves IREO Pro now. After emotionally getting scammed. I took out my frustrations by writing a blog where I highlighted the phone number. So others can find it in Google. Hopefully this will prevent others from getting scammed. Here it is. 

    REO Scam

  • Yes they did the same thing to me. They are a scam. Gave me 2 assignments of properties that were not in foreclosure, asked for and received $400 for these junk leads. I spoke with a guy named mark riley, very slick individual.
  • I think they are calling themselves IREO now.  They assigned me two properties yesterday that were supposedly in foreclosure.  Both properties occupied.  It just so happened that one of the properties belongs to a friend of mine which happens to be a local police officer.  I know for a fact that it is not in foreclosure.  How are these companies getting away with this?  You never know to what extent they are willing to go to get your money. Their cost was $400 per year for the use of their platform.

  • These people are ridiculous. If one is scamming, why use the same technique? lol I have been contacted numerous times already thru e-mail and phone calls. They offer two listings, then said it is in FC so it is not a listing. When asked, what banks do they work with, they have no answer. ask us for the 400.00. What can we do to get rid of them?

  • Yep . . . they are scammers.  And I would love to stick my foot so far up their rear that it would take a team of proctologists hours to get it out!  None of these outfits would exist if it weren't for the hungry agent who is willing to pour out good money to create a career.  Every MLS organization and state real estate commission would do well to offer a yearly course in "how to avoid the bottom feeders" in real estate. 

  • This guy named Brian emailed with request for 2 assignments and it was the same company REO Pro Corp.

    I mentioned to him I was not interested because of the fees and compared him to FOOTPRINTS and  BANKERS ASSET MGT and he just said he knew he got caught in the scam.

  • Sally-Thanks so much for the information. Appreciate your efforts.

    • Your're welcome, Billie!


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