Tim Perkins replied to Adam Zagel's discussion BPO volume Increase and who originated the loan. Any guesses?
"There has been an increase in my area the last few weeks. Most are credit risk orders at this time."
Mar 14
Tim Perkins replied to Eulonda Martin's discussion Goodman Dean
"Good company to work with. I also received the notice a few weeks ago that they will no longer be working with REO properties."
Mar 14
Tim Perkins replied to Sandra Page's discussion General Liability Insurance
"If you sale REO's, many companies require it now.  If you do interior BPO's, some companies also require it but most do not.  I do evaluations related to PMI which all are interior for a company and they require General Liability Insurance before I…"
Mar 3, 2017
Tim Perkins replied to Ronald Sweeney's discussion Valuation Vision
"They are extremely slow to pay.  Sometimes it takes several phone calls.  Not worth the time invested to do the work and chase down the payment."
Feb 6, 2017
Tim Perkins replied to Vicki Taylor's discussion Single Source
"Orders from them have been slightly below normal in southern Kentucky.  I think overall number of orders from most BPO mills are down in this area currently."
Feb 6, 2017
Tim Perkins commented on Michael Sims's blog post Beware the BAD Business Practices of 24 Asset Management
"I worked for JP Morgan / Chase for several years before they outsourced everything.  Good company to deal with at that time.  When they went with multiple AMC's I chose to work with 1 of them.  The others that required a lot of free work with no…"
Oct 28, 2016
Tim Perkins replied to RICHARD D. TARTAGLIONE's discussion EMORTGAGE LOGIC
"They are a good company.  They have always paid me and the wait times for checks is minimal, usually 30 days or less.  They are one of the better BPO companies out there."
Jun 30, 2014
Tim Perkins replied to Pat Ferrell's discussion cash for keys
"I send them a certified letter explaining why I would like to meet with them and possibly help them move on from the house.  You never know how a homeowner who has had trouble with a bank will react when you show up on their doorstep asking to talk…"
May 9, 2014
Tim Perkins replied to Ryan Diedrich's discussion Sick of being treated like the "Standard Agent"
"Unfortunately, she is right.  There are thousands of agents out there that take the listings, hope to spend little time on the listing and let someone else sell them if they are not local.  I have had the same discussions with Asset Managers many…"
May 9, 2014
Tim Perkins replied to Sally H May's discussion Valuation Vision
"I have done a few jobs for them.  Took around 6 months to get paid for one job and still waiting on another I did about 5 months ago.  I usually process jobs in 3 days or less.  I dont like waiting 6 months to get paid."
Feb 10, 2014
Tim Perkins replied to Dawn Barrier's discussion RRReview BPO company to work for has changed their system.....
"The will still directly assign the order if it is not picked up at the discount fee through blast.  I still get several many which were due to be assigned some time ago.  I also believe some of the orders I get have been assigned but work was never…"
Dec 2, 2013
Tim Perkins replied to Sally H May's discussion Valuation Vision
"I have done a couple of orders for them and they wanted me to take more but I have not received payment for the 1st one yet which was done over 5 months ago so I have declined.  So far they have not responded to my invoices about the work done. …"
Nov 11, 2013
Tim Perkins replied to julio saldana's discussion Clear Capital background check and its $39.50 charge to do so.
"I don't mind the checks as I have already submitted to several with other companies in the past but most were for a very low fee or did not cost me anything.  I have worked for Clear Capital for years but just have been asked for the check this…"
Sep 16, 2013
Tim Perkins commented on Jesus (Jesse) Gonzalez's blog post The Reasons Why We Do Not Have High REO Inventories
"Any time politicians (either side) get involved in the economy in any way for political gain there is usually a long term negative impact.  No one looks after our money/finances like we should be doing if we are responsible individuals.  Giving…"
Sep 9, 2013
Tim Perkins commented on SANDRA E GLEICHER's blog post BACKGROUND CHECKS
"I received the same e-mail.  I have been working for Clear Capital for years.  I recently had to do a background check for company purposed that I e-mailed them.  I don't like the idea of paying to work for companies.  It sounds like a way to…"
Aug 4, 2013
Tim Perkins replied to Mary M. Walsh's discussion Mark to Market
"I have done work for them in April but have not received payment.  I usually stop taking orders when companies go past 60 days without payment or notification. 
Jul 8, 2013