• They pay very little and do take 60 days to get a check.  I did one in January and still have received payment.  I did find out that the the amount they offer can be negotiated.

  • How about a company called SmartVal. Anyone know anything about them. They keep sending me emails to join their team. Just wondering about a company that keeps coming after you

  • A rep from Valuation Vision called me today and asked what my fee and turn time would be for a BPO in Yelm, WA which is about 2 hours away.  I just threw out a random number ($200) since I didn't think they would approve it and I didn't really want to drive that far.  Well guess where I am heading first thing in the morning????  Be careful what you wish for!

  • I received a check yesterday for $80 for a BPO I completed on 12/15/2016!!  Slow progress!!

    • Yes, they are slow, but they do pay!

  • Finally received a check for December BPOs

    • That was actually pretty fast. 

  • Refuse to work for them 45.00 or less for a BPO, I just laughed at them and hung up.

    • Patti, I hear what you are saying. This is a frequent concern that I also hear from my AutoFill software customers and remind them that this trickle down effect (on the fee that is offered to do a BPO order) has been happening since the invention of BPO's and the proceeding explosion of the industry when the real estate market went through the major industry melt-down period.

      I tell my customers that you can accept a lesser fee to do a BPO IF it takes you less time to complete the research part of finding the best comps and in doing the data entry side of your BPO. When someone has tools that cuts down on total time it takes to do a BPO to 15 minutes for a typical order, (It should take a user 10 minutes to pull good comps when using the NAPBOP's BPOSG and 5 minutes for the data entry side when it's automated) then it is definitely in their best interest to accept a lesser fee per BPO because you don't have to spend as much time completing one. Also by doing this, your chances of getting more volume (which is one key to being successful in the BPO side of your business), will increase because if you accept even a few dollars less and produce the same or better results than a competitor, who do you think is going to get more business? You! Some food for thought :)

      P.S. Patti, I used to think just like you when I was doing BPO's, before I started using BPO Automation software and what it did was price myself out of getting work from high volume companies. I changed my approach and took the emotion out of it completely. It all comes down to working smarter not harder and doing what makes best sense for your business goals.
  • I'm in a remote area where it's now taking 4 to 6 weeks to get an appraisal and they are charging close to $500.. So when some one needs a BPO in this area I quote from $100. in area and then up to $275. when it's way out there. So far I have lost a few to some new agents but that's ok because I'm just using them to supplement my income and keep me busy. So get a grip and stop working for $40 and $50. when we have sometime hours involved in finding comps of dealing with way to many fill in the blanks.

    I'm thinking about Nicol's program that fills in the blanks on BPO'S any one have any comments about her program?  

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