• Good company to work with. I also received the notice a few weeks ago that they will no longer be working with REO properties.
  • I received an email they are no longer doing REO services about a month ago FYI
  • They had the BEST and shortest BPO forms out there. My agent got the notice from them a few weeks back about halting their activities.
  • Went out of business.
    Goodman Dean, Inc. has suspended BPO and REO services for the foreseeable future. 12/30/2020
    • Sam, thank you for that information.
  • Highest pay 50 bucks, simple form, no adjustment. The only thing is they do not have much work for me. 1 -2 a months.
  • Only got BPOs from them. No property assignments
    • Maxmilliam, do you know if they issue REOs, maybe I will just call and ask them about REOs, on their website page it appears that they offer both BPOs and REOs. Thank you for your reply.
      • They used to offer 1 listing per good agent. Not sure they have inventory. Again, good agent.
  • I've been with them for several years. They are good to work for, helpful, responsive and pay on time, every time.
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