Michael Sims replied to Theresa Grant's discussion 24 Hour Asset Management
"Theresa, I have the same situation with the Veterans Charity program and non-reimbursement of expenses.  I am about to take this to the courts.  I wonder if this can be put in federal court since they are doing it in multiple states?  Let me know if…"
Apr 22, 2016
Michael Sims commented on Michael Sims's blog post Beware the BAD Business Practices of 24 Asset Management
"Yes Jim Hess, I knew the rules, however when I abide by the rules and agree to them is one thing.  24 Asset Management systematically denied payment on utility bills that I put out money for.  YES the LISTING AGREEMENT specifies what the rate of pay…"
Apr 22, 2016
Michael Sims posted a blog post
Normally I would not complain about someone sending me business but after dealing with 24 Asset Management (hereinafter 24AM) on a number of JP Morgan Chase owned properties I had to file a formal complaint with the Illinois Attorney General's…
Apr 15, 2016