• Payment is no issue with eML, they pay every 2 weeks and there is a calendar on the web site you can see when the next check will be cut. The issue is increased requirements, reduced fee and really convoluted form. I used to work with them 8-10 years ago, but then dropped them when they dropped the fee. Recently I accepted BPO to see how it feels, and I don't like it, the form is repetitive, qc check is ridiculous and form is very rigid with multiple comments fields and check points. Too much work for very low fee.

  • EML is a great payer 15-20days.  Fee is generally negotiable, and the further the distance the more I charge.  Good Company to work for.

  • I've just been connected with them for3-4 months.  They've paid very quickly.15-20 days.

    I don't like their form, though.No cut n paste and they truncate comments without showing the number of characters.(so, at least you would know when to stop)

    Just annoying!  =)

  • I have done work forthem for years and very very good about paying quickly.

  • EML is a good company.  Their initial offer is always low, but as others have said, they do negotiate.  EML and Clear Capital are the best ones I worked for.  CC seems to have lost business to the lowball newcomers lately though, as I have not gotten many from them lately. 
    EML doesn't answer the phones when you call, but they do reply by email quickly.  
    If they have a lot in the area, I don't even mind doing them for $40.  If it's solo, I don't do less than $50

  • I agree on the pics, hate it, but I do like EML a lot, been with them for about 5- 6 years, so I just raised my prices when they asked for more pics....I usually get what I ask for..and if I don't that's ok too...I'll wait, they get somebody cheaper, not a big deal....they come back eventually....they know they can depend on me and I understand they have to try to get it done as cheap as possible...but a lot of times "they get what they pay for", I only work for a couple of them now because that's what I choose, I would much prefer to  "list and sell" homes, but BPO's keep you on top of what the market is doing besides the extra income. I just wish these agents would stop selling themselves so cheap.

  • Yeah, I went ahead and accepted a BPO order yesterday from EML. I had received an email as well as a call. I saw on the email that they only paid $40 for a drive by, but the one who called me asked how much I would charge to do the BPO. I told them $50 and they accepted. They were asking if I would do another one for them, but I wanted $75 because the property was at least 50 miles away. They didn't go for that one.
    But I was caught off guard on the additional photo requirement. Thank God for Google Earth. I was able to get the "across the street view". Because I wasn't about to drive all the way back out to that house. The street photos were no big deal for me because a few of the other BPO companies want those also. So I'm use to automatically taking those. But that one for the "across the street view" is just plain dumb.

    • When I first started doing BPOs in about 1998, I interpreted street view as an angled view to see what the other houses on the street looked like. I did it that way for several years until client instructions stated they wanted down the middle of the street. Many times that view only shows how wide the street is and you cant see the other houses especially in older neighborhoods with straight streets and mature trees.
  • I was about to ask a similar question. I had done hundreds of BPOs in the past for EML, but for some reason I hadn't recieved any orders since the first of the year. And I thought I had seen somewhere of some postings that people were having trouble getting paid by them. So I had written them off. But lately I have been getting calls and emails from them asking what I would charge to do a BPO that they had available.

    I've never had any problems getting paid from them in the past. 

  • I've been doing work with them for at least a couple of years and they pay great. They send a check around 15 days after the job is done. Great people to work with! Scott

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