Nancye Fritz replied to Adam Zagel's discussion Financial Asset Services, Inc requires payment to be Vendor
"Wondering if there is any update on working for this company. I don't usually consider paying up front, found them all to be scams, but since so many are requiring background checks and this fee includes that I have been rethinking. Has anyone…"
Mar 24
Nancye Fritz replied to Derek L. Foy II's discussion BPOFULFILLMENT FRAUD! BPOFULFILLMENT LAWSUIT!
"do you have a website for signing up, tried a search with no luck"
Feb 5, 2019
Nancye Fritz replied to Joseph Lee's discussion Valuations Vision
"I did work for them in the past but their fees are ridiculously low, so haven't accepted anything in the last year."
Mar 20, 2017
Nancye Fritz posted a discussion
I keep getting e-mails that this company is getting lots of listings and to sign up as an Elite member. In general I don't pay to work for companies, being on is pricey enough. Their fee is under $200 so I am wondering if anyone has any…
Jan 18, 2015
Nancye Fritz replied to Ryan Whitney, RDCPro, CDPE, SFR's discussion Specialized Asset Management
"I have done work for them for years, have done dozens of bpo's only got one listing about 3 years ago. They do pay well so you don't have to chase after them for your money."
Jan 6, 2015
Nancye Fritz replied to Heidi Mueller's discussion Accepting low price BPOs
"Would love to know which companies pay $75 and up for drive-bys. I don't see any over $50, occasionally a rush and by that I mean the same day is $65. I don't accept the $35 fees, and that is the majority, but I guess other people in my area do."
Jan 6, 2015
Nancye Fritz replied to Al Brooks's discussion Valuation Vision
"Has anyone been paid, since being told they were catching up?"
Jun 2, 2014
Nancye Fritz replied to Sally H May's discussion Valuation Vision
"I do work for them all the time- they pay quickly and I have never had a problem with them. I think they are a standard company."
Mar 7, 2014
Nancye Fritz replied to Char Brown's discussion Has anyone worked with SAMREO, Specialized Asset Management?
"you just report the amount on 1099 and then take it off as expense-that makes it a wash- keep your invoices if you get audited, I've been doing it for years"
Mar 7, 2014
Nancye Fritz replied to Ruben Laviaga's discussion Broker Price Opinion
"worked for them for over 10 years doing bpo's they were great until a few years ago and then got hard to get paid- never got a listing from them"
Mar 7, 2014
Nancye Fritz replied to Margarita Villoch's discussion Banker REO
"I did a bpo for them as they told me they were getting a house in my town and i would get the listing- they sent me a check for $75 and it bounced- they never paid me and I never got the listing form 10 months ago"
Aug 22, 2012
Nancye Fritz posted a blog post
Has any one had any experience with the follwoing companies- there ae some that are legit but so many that are not, take your money and you never hear form them again: REO Industry Directory  they charge $295 and promise a free renewal if you get no…
Apr 13, 2012
Nancye Fritz replied to Gina's discussion Lamco- Lenders Asset Management Company
"I have a listing form them now- weird thing is tehy won't pay you for the buyer side if you bring the buyer, they were shocked when I told them I would not try to sell to my clients."
Mar 2, 2012
Nancye Fritz replied to Nancye Fritz's discussion REO companies
"Chrisley said they have a $200 training fee- so I was just wondering if anyone has done any work for these companies."
Oct 31, 2011
Nancye Fritz replied to Brian Roberts's discussion Banker REO - Another Wolf in Sheep Clothing???
"yes but only after receiving a bpo form and checking that the house was really in foreclosure- I'll see what happens"
Oct 28, 2011
Nancye Fritz replied to Brian Roberts's discussion Banker REO - Another Wolf in Sheep Clothing???
"I was called by them as well that they have an REO listing for me- they actually gave me an address and had me do a bpo- it was jsut last week so i have no idea if it is for real"
Oct 28, 2011