Accepting low price BPOs

I don't accept $40 BPOs. Just to drive by and take a picture takes 30-45 minutes. We ought not sell our knowledge that cheap. I don't do a BPO under $75-80. If they won't pay it I don't accept it. I don't work for $10 an hour.

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  • I have seen $10.00 a BPO......seriously and what is even more amazing, they have Realtors doing them.


  • I've been doing BPO for 10 years now. In the past 5 years I have never seen a drive by BPO for $75.00 unless it was a negotiated price with the company. I do private work and get that rate but not from the general list of BPO providers.  Today's market will bear $40-$50 Drive-By BPOs.   As and Independent contractor I do work for over 100 companies and that is the going price today.

    If it's below $40.00 for a BPO just tell them  " I will not put my keys in the car for a BPO that is less than $40.00" and please notice that the companies offering BPOs below the $40.00 price range generally want a ton of information, someday there will be a data field that will ask " Does the Homeowner wear Boxers or Briefs".  If your doing Discount BPOs just take notice at the amount of data fields you need to complete, more data fields more work at a discounted rate.  WAKE-UP your going broke!  Even if you have Auto-Fill.

    When BPOs were not a main stream commodity as they have become in the past 5-6 years, you could make a real good living doing BPOs, today you'll survive and if your doing them under $40/bucks consider working at McDs at least you'll eat.

    • I wont do them any more for less than 50--bpofulfillment is now looking to pay 50 for interior, 

  • Would love to know which companies pay $75 and up for drive-bys. I don't see any over $50, occasionally a rush and by that I mean the same day is $65. I don't accept the $35 fees, and that is the majority, but I guess other people in my area do.

  • One company sends them out starting as low as $35. If no one accepts they'll increase it or you can negotiate. I've done a couple at $65 but lately I never see them go higher than $40 so someone is accepting them that low. I've got a couple of clients that pay $50 and I'll do them if they are real close or I get at least 3-4 orders in a general location at once. Like you I won't work for $10 an hour. I shoot to be at least $25 so for a $50 order I've got to be able to do it in 2 hours or less including drive time. My best client pays $65 and one will increase fees if no one takes them at $50. Last week they gave me two at $95 each so I drove a little further. While I was out I accepted two more at $50 because they were right on the way home, less than 5 minutes each to shoot pictures. If I wasn't already in the area for the $95 orders I wouldn't have taken the $50 ones. I also will not accept anything that is too difficult to find comps for. If I know the property is a manufactured home, an unusual custom or something with a lot of weird additions I turn it down. I want cookie cutter tract homes I can find comps for in a few minutes. I also stopped taking interiors all together. To many times access issues have required multiple trips that kill my $ per hour.

  • I wish I would get $75 for a drive by.  In my area $40-$50 is the going rate.  Maybe it depends on distance and area of the country.,  

  • I agree!

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