Nicole Hong replied to Cheryl Foote's discussion Short Sale Letter
"Hi Jerry...what is the letter called or where is it located?  thought i saw it once before, but i cannot find it now.  thanks :)"
Nov 9, 2011
Nicole Hong replied to Marqueze D. Williams, Sr, NRBA's discussion RES.NET TO EQUATOR
"I discovered the library in Equator, its a link in each individual property page, which allows you to upload bulk files. Not sure if you can do it when you already the task assigned, but i found it to be handy when uploading multiple files for HAFA…"
Oct 7, 2010
Nicole Hong replied to Marqueze D. Williams, Sr, NRBA's discussion DOES ANY ONE KNOW OF ANY NEW REO COMPANIES GIVING OUT BUSINESS TO BROKERS?
"if you click on the properties tab you can see the states listed....not very many, but sounds like they may be expanding."
Sep 30, 2010
Nicole Hong replied to Marqueze D. Williams, Sr, NRBA's discussion I AM AT 5STAR IN DALLAS. IF YOU WANT UPDATES EMAIL ME...
"wish i could have gone....would love the updates and contacts. thanks for sharing....
I know what you mean :-)"
Sep 30, 2010
Nicole Hong left a comment for Tony Rosales
"Hi Tony, wondering what your costs are for you the programs you offer. I was just checking out your website. thanks.."
Jul 10, 2010
Nicole Hong replied to Sam Shueh's discussion DispoSolutions-any one actively receiving work from them?
"also wondering what number you called, i tried the 847 # states its only for tech support, I tried anyway but i just waited on hold....for a long time...nobody picked up."
Mar 1, 2010
Nicole Hong commented on Sally Riley's blog post OBummer
"I enjoyed reading that, you made me laugh. :-) very nice, and hang in there"
Feb 28, 2010
Nicole Hong replied to Jonathan Strauss's discussion RES.NET Accelerated Management Platform (AMP)
"I've heard good and bad about if thats what we need to do, i'll do it...are you getting other business/REO from I just hate forking out more $$ unless of course, its going to make me more $$ from doing it. :-)
i need a crystal ball…"
Jan 27, 2010
Nicole Hong replied to John Wise's discussion Agents in WA, OR, CA, ID, NV, MT, WY, UT and CO
"If WA is still open, I would be interested in volunteering.
Jan 26, 2010
Nicole Hong replied to Kim Olive's discussion Linkedin
"You can find me on Linked In, Twitter, and facebook.
social network overload ;-)

Find me under 'Nicole Scrimo Hong'"
Jan 17, 2010
Nicole Hong replied to Dawn Barrier's discussion TITANUIUM REO NEWS------UPDATE to the blogs ,,,etc........
"great, thanks for sharing dawn. what call were you on, is it online?"
Jan 16, 2010
Nicole Hong replied to David Allen's discussion Short Sales and How to Handle HOA Fees Prior to COE
"is this for past due hoa dues from the seller? or an up front fee to the buyer? I had a short sale, and there was over $10,000 in past due HOA fees! you need to find out how much the past due, if there is any... right away... i had my escrow verify…"
Jan 1, 2010
Nicole Hong replied to Nicole Hong's discussion ocwen Loss Mit
"yep...i think it was $25. i replied and told them i was doing a similar thing for titanium, and what they pay. they need to pay more."
May 6, 2009
Nicole Hong posted a discussion
did anyone else get an email proposing loss mit assignments for ocwen?similar to titanium assignments.
May 4, 2009
Nicole Hong replied to Brad Spence's discussion Titanium
"It was $100 up front, you will make your money back. the pay structure just changed, each assignment pays a different amount, it depends. its not a lot of money, but the true value is in the potential leads.
there is tons of info in this forum about…"
Apr 30, 2009
Nicole Hong replied to Suzanne's discussion American Buys Foreclosures
"this forum got so quiet.
has anyone signed up and had positive or negative experience yet? i've been considering it for awhile, but have the same concerns, but i'm still thinking about it.
Have any listings been released yet, Megan? pretty sure the…"
Apr 21, 2009