I will get back to you guys as soon as possible. I will also try to put together a list with contacts and email addresses. If you are really in it to help this economy I will definitely get back with you. If you are some slob trying to just get rich and stab people in the back then me, this forum or my conversation is not for you! I am so tired of Brokers stabbing each other in the back for business, that's bogus! Sorry but I had to get that out seeing what is going on at the 5star. Now back on course...Let me know if you want contacts ok. Cool

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  • wish i could have gone....would love the updates and contacts. thanks for sharing....
    I know what you mean :-)
  • would you be able to provide me with some contacts, Ive done many many BPOs for about 6 different companies. Ive only gotten one REO from Single source but it was taken away from me and reassigned to another agent when the file was transferred to Keystone. No other listings as of yet. If you have any advice I would appreciate it.

    Juan De La Garza
    RE/MAX Hacienda
    S. Texas/ Pharr, Texas
  • Hi Marqueze...I'd really appreciate any contacts you come up with...I am in Metro Atlanta. Thanks and enjoy the rest of Five Star.
  • yep--- contacts would be awesome.... although am not so sure that most companies are really giving too much business.... do you think theyve started up again?? ( with me they havent... :(
  • Greetings Marqueze,

    It is terrific to know there is someone there at 5 Star who is representing a group of caring brokers who really do want to help distressed owners and, as a last resort, sellers of REO properties. While I represent a relatively small area, there is one broker who is getting 95% of the listings.

    I would love for you to get the answers to two simple questions:

    1) What do qualified brokers (me) with certifications, 3 yrs BPO experience, ownership of property mgt co w/ numerous vendors such as trashout, contractors and maintenance personnel, need to do to get more REO listings?: and;

    2) How do we get asset managers to avoid sending listings to out of area agents who aren't even members of the MLS in which their assets are located?

    Thanks for being our eyes and ears!


    • Hi Greg. The 1st thing you need to do is sign up with every company under the son. Do not leave any stone unturned. Keep doing the BPOs. You will have to do them anyway with REOs, yea it sucks but its part of the business. This site along with LinkedIn is a good networking tool. Its not about the AM. Its really about the relationship you establish with your fellow broker, then the AM. Y? Cause your colleague can put in a great word for you with his or her AM. A lot of people were at the 5star like they were going to get new business. NOPE! The AM did not even come out of their rooms. It was like a feeding frenzy when they did. So keep networking sign up with all sites and when you find the company who takes care of you, take care of them!
  • Marqueze,
    Thanks for the offer. My email is
    And of course I would reciprocate with any of this same tpe of information. I am located in Staten Island, NY.
    Thanks again,
  • I went this year, it was my first time, and it was a great experience. I took the REO certification class, I recommend to anyone who wants to get into the REO field.
    • certification class for equator or for Was there Fannie Mae training on Wednesday?
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