ok, everyone including me is blogging and talking about...REO NEWS Titanium Launches New REO company Excellen REO HOT OF THE PRESS I haven't even had a chance to read everyone elses yet...anyhow...This is so new and fresh that my source tells me we all need to slow down and be patient that all the systems are not in place yet to start calling or sending in resumes or anything like that.If you are an HRC, don't bug them about it yet as they are getting swamped and it is interfering with the HRC side.The plan along has been to initially deal with HRCs first when it comes to the REO side, but again, they apparently are not ready to start handing out assignments yet.So, this is still GOOD news and exciting,,,but I guess we all still have to cool our jets and get in standby mode!

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  • Most HRC's also need to be aware that they are now being rated by their performance on assignments. So even if you have been accepted by Excellen, you can lose your seat if you don't do assignments and do them well.
  • Good Morning....a beautiful day here!!!

    My take on Excellen and Titanium Solutions is the same as Dawn "cool our jets and get in standby mode!" as far as being at a advantage by being a TS HRC ... that is why most of us Realtor signed up w/ TS ... I recall during the initial training it was mentioned the potential for REO and their intent to get this division up and running and dip into their pool of HRC's to facilitate the need to staff the REO Agents. Wondering how many HRCs there are in comparison to the 1500 REO Agent position being made available directly to us HRCs?

    Titanium is an excellent employer and the opporturnity to work TS Loss Mit first hand has been of great value to my real estate business. I recommend signing up w/ TS to any agent whom is seeking a opportunity in many different aspects of today's ever changing business ... it may get you a free ticket to Excellen as well.

    It will be interesting to see whom is picked up w/ Excellen.
    • I see that no one has posted an update to this thread recently.

      I received a notice that I was selected by Excellen to receive reo listings, but that I needed to join Res.net in order to be eligible (which I already was a member of), and that I would have to complete the Default School Training program within 30 days of receiving the first assignment.

      So far, no assignments, but, I'm hanging in there, patiently. Titanium has been great to work with and I would expect Excellen to be the same. I'm looking forward to my first assignment.

      • Congrats Mike, the news is to just keep hanging in there.
      • I just received notification that I was accepted to be a HRC trainee w/ Titaniun Solutions. I am a little leery because they are requesting $120 for a training subscription which I need to complete in 30 days. Anyone else take this training or is this just another ploy to get Realtors to pay up front for a promise of future business that never materializes?
        • Aaron,
          Denise is right it is not a ploy. Titanium has been a great company to work for. It may not be for everyone, but it is not a scam and you will be trying to help folks in distress.
        • Aaron,

          It is not a ploy for the $120 training fee. I recovered my cost in only a week of being a HRC that was back in July of 2008.

          Good luck and the Loss Mitigation opportunities are fantasic.....and even REO is in the near future.

          Denise Stovall
  • Thank you Dawn. So is it true, that when necessary, they will go to RESNET?
  • No, there is No direct website that I'm aware of
  • For us experienced REO Brokers who are not HBC's(have not worked with Titanuium), is there a direct EXCELLEN REO website for registration ?? (even though i've heard they may pull REO Brokers from RESNET)
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