Julie Baldino replied to Broker Girl's discussion New Vista REO
"I have several with them, and they are great to work with. One of their AM's was referred to me, so they called with an assignment and asked me to go through their application process. The next week I received about a half dozen more from them....…"
Jan 1, 2012
Julie Baldino commented on Cindy Billman, CDPE, SFR's blog post Bankers REO
"I got the call too, and just told him that I was no longer paying for the "possibility" of a listing.... I'm too busy with real listings! Honestly, the guy got a little snide with me when I said no. Red flag!"
Aug 27, 2011
Julie Baldino commented on Jan Baron, RDCPro, CSP, BPOR's blog post No such thing as an approved HAFA Short Sale
"I reported one to the Dept of Treasury and the bank was on top of that file like you wouldn't believe. I had an approval within 48 hours of filing the complaint.
Jul 5, 2011
Julie Baldino replied to Doug Grantham's discussion New York Community Bank (Formerly: AmTrust)
"I work for them... said they found me on REO Network. Hope that helps :)"
Apr 8, 2011
Julie Baldino replied to Shawn Doran's discussion LAMCONetwork
"I got a listing after being signed up for one year. They (LendersREO) were great to work with, priced competitively, and the property closed in a week. I have a good relationship with the AM now, and do anticipate more business from them if they…"
Mar 19, 2011
Julie Baldino replied to Hudson Santana REO Listing Agent's discussion Any thoughts on LAMCOnetwork?
"Yes I did, but I kinda wish I would have just done the lifetime membership... it's not that much more money, and worth it even if you get one assignment a year. They do not use any system. They use your local MLS listing and P & S agreements, but…"
Jan 13, 2011
Julie Baldino replied to Hudson Santana REO Listing Agent's discussion Any thoughts on LAMCOnetwork?
"I just closed a transaction with them... they were great to work with. I had been signed up for almost a year and had done a few BPO's for them. One of the BPO properties didn't sell at auction and I was given the listing. They priced it…"
Jan 13, 2011
Julie Baldino replied to ZUBARIA LATIF's discussion Carrington Mortgage Services
"Carrington is my best client (in the Pacific Northwest). I asked someone there and was told they started outsourcing in some states... thankfully not mine because I get to keep them for a while! They found me on Equator."
Jan 11, 2011
Julie Baldino replied to Michelle Long's discussion Lamco Network
"I just closed an REO with LAMCO and they were awesome to work with. I believe they try to auction their properties first, and if it doesn't sell they assign the listing to an agent. It took just over a year as a member to get the assignment, and I…"
Dec 31, 2010
Julie Baldino posted a blog post
It is so astonishing that I am blogging about this, as I cannot fathom a seasoned agent (or educated adult for that matter), spelling their clients name wrong.... much less a client that gives you 100 listings a year!  In 2010, every agent with the…
Dec 27, 2010
Julie Baldino replied to Stephen D. kady's discussion Any movement yet?
"Hopefully they are too busy getting organized with tons of new business to call back :)
I'm staying positive too. As I have said on many forums... these are not the type of people to promise something and not follow through."
Dec 14, 2010
Julie Baldino replied to Johnny Huang's discussion LAMCONetwork-for real or just like the others that charge??
"I just closed one for LAMCO... they were awesome to work with and priced aggresively (sold for cash in 3 days). They auction their own properties. If you did the BPO and it doesn't sell at auction, you get the listing. I had been signed up a year,…"
Dec 10, 2010
Julie Baldino commented on Blaine Radford's blog post Expanding my business and bringing my daughter in
"I formed an LLC so my business is woman owned, and it helped... got a few new accounts since then. Good idea and good luck!"
Nov 17, 2010
Julie Baldino commented on Jesus (Jesse) Gonzalez's blog post I have all of Google’s Top 10!
"Good advice, Jesse... and so true!"
Nov 17, 2010
Julie Baldino replied to Israel Gonzalez's discussion Anyone working with Bridge Asset Servicing Network?
"Anyone who attended the conference got to know the people at Bridge, have faith in them, and are hoping business amps up for them soon. These are good people. I guarantee there's no evil plot to scam agents out of their money. Besides, I don't think…"
Nov 17, 2010
Julie Baldino replied to Juan J De La Garza's discussion <a href="http://www.camreo.com">www.camreo.com</a> ??
"Save your money :)"
Nov 8, 2010