Bankers REO

Has anyone heard of this company? They have called me twice - they have a yearly fee of $349 and guarantee you listings, money back if you do not get. They say there is no referral fee!!
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  • Total Scam. Steer clear or REO PRO Corp. Their name chosen to to prey on the good folk here at REO Pro blog.  I don't know how these scammers get to continue to rip us off, year after year, They are a reformed iteration of Bankers REO (meant to be confused with Bankers Asset Management, a legit company). They were also Footprints REO. Before that, they were Absolute REO (ABS REO). DO NOT PAY their fee! The only thing that has changed is they went from $300 to $349 and now ask $400 to join and get listings. Please just move on from them. I have no idea how we don't have them put in jail for this long-running scam. They shut down, move to another state and reopen the corporation with another name. They are thieves, scoundrels, liars, rip-offs. Could I be any more clear here? See this video as well. You Tube Video on Bankers REO  Thank you Mike for video!

  • Potentially thousands of agents have been scammed in the past from Banker REO.  Watch this NEW 2-minute video PROVING that Banker REO is back at it again, this time, they changed their name to FootprintsRE.  They are just doing the same, exact scam they did as Banker REO, and before that as Absolute REO (ABS REO). 


    View this 2-minute video with undeniable evidence that they are one in the same company -

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    We must stand for something, or we will fall for anything! TAKE ACTION!

  • Watch this video! Check out FootprintsRE.  Notice any similarities between Banker REO and FootprintsRE.

  • BEWARE! Many are claiming that Banker REO has reformed as FootprintsRE and are doing the same thing as before! Check these two forum discussions out -

    I just received an email from FootprintsRE.  The email address it is coming from is Banker-REO54. Not sure if this is the same group or not, but tho…
  • I received an email, today, from an outfit named "Foot Prints RE"...when clicking on the link, it goes to "Banker-REO54" before making it's way to FootPrints RE" ...It has the same scheme as Banker REO...I am deleting the email....

  • Hi Avery one, I have to admit that I'm one of many agents that have been scammed and had pay the $349 dollars to these thefts, about 8 months ago I got a call from Camrom Langford saying that I was going to get listings and that he had an assignment for me ready to go, I got to exited and went ahead and pay the fee, he did gave the address of a property and I went ahead to do the BPO, it took more then the 3 months and many calls and emails to Mr. Langford to get pay $75 dollars for the BPO, after almost 4 months of not hearing from them I started emailing them again and they send me another address to perform another BPO, two months later when I tried to contact them about payment I found out that their telephone number is no longer in service, PLEASE EVERYONE OUT THERE LETS SHARE THIS EXPERIENCES WITH OTHER AGENTS.! I hope that somehow the law catch up with them and they pay for what they have done to a lot of agents like me.

  • Hey gang! I got a call yesterday about this bunch and vaguely remember having them call me a couple of years ago. They "gave" me two listings that they wanted me to drive by take photos and "begin the process"

    After I took the photos and emailed them, a little light went off. Lets go to REO PRO and see what they all say.

    Inquisitive minds want to know.... and sure enough....crooks. I emailed them back and said no thanks.

    Of course they got indignent and swore up and down that they "werent like that". I asked for names of agents in Kentucky and , of course, they could give me none, and couldnt for any other state. Imagine, no referral names and they are in the REO business? Mr Langford told me that my attitude was the reason "all the other agents were getting all the listings" Of course I told him that I had over 30 and doing quite well, he  wouldnt email me back.   Lets keep it up gang...strength in numbers.

  • I find it comical that after all the calls I have received from Bankers REO I final call them out when they called today and said before you call anyone you may want to google your self and see what people are saying about you before you call anyone else. After we hung up one minute latter I received the email below. Stay Clear of fast talking people that want you to pay to do work for them.
    We appreciate your desire to join our agent network. We regret to inform you that we are unable to accept you into our agent network at this time. We are constantly adding services and coverage areas to our network. Should our business needs change in the future, we will contact you. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us regarding your experience and qualifications.

    If you feel you have received this email in error, contact us by e-mail at or by phone at (888)-356-9111.
  • I would really like to see companies like these be investigated and punished accordingly. We have way too many things on our plates as professional Realtors these days, to have to tolerate scam artists like this. I got a call from them again yesterday.  Here is how their PITCH went! It started by asking if I could handle REO properties, and that they had an assignment for me. (CARROT)  Next they started throwing interviewing questions at me in order to make this sound credible, as if it really mattered what kind of experience I had. I could have answered I am an ICBM missile maintenance technician, which I was at an earlier time in my life, and would have still gotten a membership.  Once I got past that short part, they hyped on about the first assignment and that it needed to be done within the first 3 business days: and asked if I could handle the time frame. Once they got the typical YES response from the prey, they went into the membership part. Remember the carrot is still dangling in front of you.  After his pitch on the membership, he asked if I was ready to get started, I responded by asking him a single question…. Would he be ok with paying his own salary….No answer!  I then proceeded to tell him I would contact him if interested. End of Call…   J

    Think about this: You pay them or anyone for that matter a $ 349.00 up front fee. In the event you actually get a BPO from them, they pay you 50-75 dollars… So they make roughly 275-300 dollars, and at the same time fulfill their commitment. Did they really fulfill their commitment or does it just appear as though they did?  How easy would it be to give a wrong address, or schedule an exterior BPO?  You would typically drive by, take a picture, check vacancy etc. and do your BPO: Presto.. Assignment complete and no one to the wiser! I am sure many other charges can be applied here; but, one for sure is the F word: FRAUD! …   This should involve PRISON TIME….   

    Remember…No one should pay to work in this fashion. Stay strong fellow agents, don’t get suckered… Your time is better spent by… PROSPECT, PROSPECT, PROSPECT! If you need a dependable Las Vegas Realtor, look me up…  …Hope this helps!

  • BOTTOM LINE......Don't Pay any upfront money to do BPO's. There are too many companies out there. REO isn't back yet. The lines are clogged up and probably won't be released until AFTER the upcoming election. The Banks are right where this administration wants them. I am seeing 30% of the BPO's i am doing are Vacant. It's coming but not until Next Year.

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