Is this another company that is charging fees without listings? I keep getting emails to sign up, but hestitating sicne they are charging fees.I noticed they had an older format website and I had signed up without any fees, however, no listings or BPO.Any thoughts?

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  • I signed up and paid my registration fee 9 months ago and nothing. I haven't had the opportunity to work with them so I can't say much other than I haven't seen any bpo's or reo's come my way. Maybe there's just not much going on with them in my area....
  • Good company. I had listings in 2008, 2009 so far none in 2010. I had several BPO's from their company. If they don't sell in action you get the listing. BTW - pay well for BPO and well for listing 3%. No referral fee.

  • I think the answer is common to all registration sites.  They have limited georgaphic areas of presence.  I think LAMCO is a reputable vendor.  However, I did sign up last year and received no assignments, not even a BPO.  When I was solicited to renew this year, I polled my REO friends across the country for their experience.  Most had received no assignments.  A few had received one to a hand-full of BPOs.  None had received any assets.  Based on my experience and the feedback of trusted REO friends, I decided to decline the 2011 renewal.  FYI, I'm in Northern Virginia (suburban Washington DC).





    • I just closed one for LAMCO... they were awesome to work with and priced aggresively (sold for cash in 3 days). They auction their own properties. If you did the BPO and it doesn't sell at auction, you get the listing. I had been signed up a year, had done a few BPO's for them and just renewed my membership in hopes to work with them again :)

  • I have been signed up with them for several years. I have only received 1 listing from them back in 2009. None so far this year. They contacted me about 40 times this year to renew at the tune of $399. I did and have not seen anything since renewing in August.
  • I've had several BPOs, they good to work with. I'll stay with them.
  • I joined about 2-3 months ago and have not recieved even a bpo. I understand things are slow out there for some, so I will be patient on this one and try contacting some AM's. It is always good to see posts like Jen's knowing there still may be hope.
  • I noticed that all of these notes are from before 2010- any recent experience with these guys, they just called me today
  • I am in Florida not sure where you are located at but would you share your address to lamconetwork with me so that I could sign up I am central Florida Pasco Hernando Sumter and Hillsborough County so I don't think I would be competition to you.
    Thank you in advance you can email me at
    Thank you
  • I signed up prior to the payment requirement and never received a property. However, what I did receive was near daily e-mails promoting their amazing network and personal asset managers. This is regardless of the fact that I have "unsubscribed" from their list...
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