Roy A. Rafos left a comment for Jesus (Jesse) Gonzalez
"I am interested in partnering with your with referrals in the Birmingham and surrounfding areas and counties."
Mar 30, 2016
Roy A. Rafos replied to William J. May's discussion Do SingleSource Pay?
"WTF- you got too much time on your hands. Get a job!"
Sep 26, 2014
Roy A. Rafos replied to julio saldana's discussion Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Etc. are taking away your business
"If everyone who get a call from the public from a listing on one of their websites would give that person their local MLS website address it would soon solve all these problems. Also when someone calls or emails you get their email address and offer…"
Aug 1, 2014
Roy A. Rafos replied to Marvin Von Renchler's discussion BrokerPriceOpinon--need quick help!!
"Go for it Abe!!!!!!! It is about time some of these companies and their CEO's are made accountable for their actions.
Jun 9, 2014
Roy A. Rafos replied to Sally H May's discussion LSI now Servicelink
"They will pay within a reasonable time, they are one of the largest Title companies in the country doing most of Freddie Mac's contract and title work.
Jan 17, 2014
Roy A. Rafos replied to Abby Nelson's discussion Fannie & Freddie
"Almost everything Barbara Scarbrough said is correct there are some other things and errors in her statement that need to be addressed.
The "Childs' are limited to the amount of listings they have assigned you, the maximum. Your Broker  or Company…"
Aug 31, 2013
Roy A. Rafos replied to Kyle Whissel's discussion REO Redbook
"I paid nearly $1,000 to sign up with them 2 years age and none of my REO manages had ever heard of them, much less used there website or book. It is a total rip-off."
Aug 29, 2010
Roy A. Rafos replied to Christy Janas Alwin's discussion Mark2Market
"M2M will put out the blast but you must be quick to get BPO. They pay well. Hint; Log in and reduce to bottom until blast comes."
Jun 4, 2009
Roy A. Rafos commented on Victoria Frieberg's blog post Just picked up a great new company to work for, from this site!
"I also have gotten a good listing from this site and they have offered me another, the first house had been by the first previous agent not monitored and he also neglected to tell the asset manage about the lawn needing mantenance which resulted in…"
May 17, 2009
Roy A. Rafos commented on MIRELA MONTE's blog post Lease To Own Agreements: Are They Dangerous?
"I have personally been selling home for ove 20 years by using a Lease Sale Contract to purchase. I agree that they are very dangerous for both parties and are most often not allowed by the banks holding the first mortgage"
May 17, 2009