• I haven't received anything from the book.
  • I paid nearly $1,000 to sign up with them 2 years age and none of my REO manages had ever heard of them, much less used there website or book. It is a total rip-off.
  • I just signed up for the first time. It sounds like I might have wasted my money. I will keep the faith and if I do not recieve any listings within this year I will not renew.
  • I think this post has served its purpose and will hopefully save some newbies thousands of dollars.

    Posts like this are what forums are all about!
  • As a former asset manager for Ocwen and Fidelity very rarely does an asset manager or  vendor manager use Red book. That's just from my experience. These larger firms have too many agents in their system. The book is beautiful don't gets wrong but when was the last time you used an actual phonebook to search for  a business or phone number. 
  • I also advertised in DSNews and was featured in both the online Redbook and the print version. I had poor results so I don't think I will be renewing despite the numerous emails I am getting from DSNews.
  • Hi,

    I had an ad last year , no results.
    I had better luck with REONetwork &
  • I agree, save your money for something more worthwhile. I never received a thing!!
  • My name is Amber Zimmerman and I work for DSNews, we publish the annual Redbook, Can you please email me some concerns or problems that you have had with the Redbook? We are ALWAYS looking for ways to perfect it. As with any marketing it is not a guarantee, but we do want to make it beneficial for everyone who uses it.
    or you can call me directly at 469.298.2852


  • ME TOO, Save your money.
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