• sent me an email asking if I could do an interior BPO 3 miles from my office.... I said yes, of course...Just not for your company, you do not pay unless

    • yes stay away from them. I don't understand why they are still in business.

  • I started doing bpo's for this company in February of this year (2014). They first told me payment would come in 30-60days. In the mean time I accumulated 45 completed work order....the last one being May 9th. I had started requesting payment after 60 days and just got the run around like everyone else. I changed my tactic...went on the offensive and started contacting the company, corporate executives and broker coordinators with all the bad news I was finding. Everytime I emailed bad news, I made sure employees got the same email that the execs got. I also emailed the every realtor I could find between Denver and Westminster. I emailed City government in Westminster and cc'd evryone at at the company.....The result is I've been paid in full....all $1,635 including the last completed work order done on May9th. Why...because they were being exposed to their employees that were making the calls to the agents in the field. Most of the broker coordinators didn't know they weren't paying us. They sometimes got ten emails from me in 1 day.....GO ON THE OFFENSIVE AND THEY WILL PAY YOU TO SHUT UP. If anyone would like copies of letters I sent out to the banks andbusinesses but also to the company just send me an email and I'll send you out what I was doing. My email is

  • They owe me a ton of money for half a year. I advise everyone to stay as far away from them as possible.  I know the acct. payable lady and they have been promising a check for months.   dont do it  you will regret it.  pass it on to other too. stay away!

    • Marvin, I don't know what State you are in, but they will take notice once they are a served court papers. I'm in California and a lawyer friend of mine told me the correct way to sue these BPO companies and get paid. 
      Search online also, because several of these BPO companies are now involved in class action lawsuits or about to be involved in a class action suit. The problem with being part of a class action is that you will more than likely only get pennies on the dollar of the amount that you are owed. Some of these companies are running to file BK to avoid being sued and having to pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars only to later re-emerging under a different company name pulling the same scam until the lawyers start to catch up again. 

    • This is just my thought.....

      I don't believe they are the actual BPO company that the lenders/service providers are doing direct business with to pass on the BPO jobs to Realtors with a paycheck. I believe they maybe a 3rd party company acting as a real estate brokerage and using BPO Automation to get those orders from the BPO companies.  It is very easy to fool a BPO company, if they don't have something in place to prevent a machine from getting those orders.  With those orders, they can pass them to Realtors and pay them a portion or no pay at all. 

      I would not be surprise they are probably claiming a Realtor's BPO work as their own work, which of course will have  the BPO companies pay them directly instead of us. 

      I believe the lender/service providers really need something in place, so we are protected from illegal activities, if you understand what I mean.  They really need to investigate how a BPO company give out their orders and who get so much BPO jobs all at one time.  To me, it would be something fishy to look at. 

      The pay structure on a Realtor's BPO work should include:

      - Distance or gasoline to and back from the property

      - Wear and tear on the car and computer equipment, including maintenance

      - Insurance on the car

      - Include income tax on the check

      - Time spend on the order, which is usually at least 4 hours each on the average

      Usually all of the above are covered by a regular sales job within a corporation, if you are in sales. You would get more than these $50 or $100 jobs.

      • Well, they have been after me to complete some that I started and I just cant take the chance. I emailed them this thread, hoping that they would respond and give some assurance. Im going to take the loss of time and fuel for the remaining plus the ones they took back, and just pray that 3 or so months from now I get paid on what I did. They cant blame me---not after this, and this isnt the only discussion about them in the web. I once owned Lucent Tech stock. It started to tumble. I was a fool and didnt sell it at a little loss, then watched it tank to squat in a short time. I lost most of my pension funds. Sometimes ya gotta know when to cut your losses.

  • How much more of a warning does anyone need to know not to do work for  Even if they do eventually pay, is it worth having to chase them down for the money they rightfully owe?   I learned really quick after completing 4 BPO's for them and having to wait several months before getting paid to just ignore their emails, calls and orders.  I had to work to hard to get paid for the order I completed and realized it wasn't worth it.

    I learned my lesson from Evalonline who didn't pay me for work I had completed to be very cautious when accepting work from new companies. So I limited my exposure to and only took a few to see how they paid. I learned quickly they don't pay and stopped taking orders from them.

    I also learned to use REOPRO to research BPO companies to see if they are legit and pay or if they are just churning and burning agents.

    The problem is that these non-paying or low paying companies always find some poor soul who doesn't know any better to accept their orders.

  • I refuse to work with them.  They ran up a debt of over $1,800 with my ex-partner and then offered to settle for half that in 30 days - after about 6 months.  Then they tried to renege on that!  I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole.

  • Go for it Abe!!!!!!! It is about time some of these companies and their CEO's are made accountable for their actions.


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