C J James replied to jeffrey wilkerson's discussion RREVIEW
"Still getting them. But slow. I get the exclusives as well as the blast's."
Jun 12, 2021
C J James replied to C J James's discussion Who is doing these reports at ridiculous low rates?
"Yeah $25 is fair for exterior PCR. But the $10 one's they ask to knock on the door and hand them a letter, I guess they are unlicensed people I don't get it. Negative cash flow to endanger you life WOW!!"
Jun 12, 2021
C J James posted a discussion
Single source $10 - Clearcapital interior inspection $20 BPO's $30 the list goes on.
Apr 8, 2021
C J James replied to Byron Guillermo's discussion AgentsOnline.net - Don Price
"I was wondering the same. I obtained massive info from that site. It helped me move forward in the last REO cycle."
Jun 3, 2020
C J James commented on Jesus D. Gonzalez Jr.'s blog post 2020 Corona Pandemic Wave of Foreclosures.
"What about the Government. They may not allow foreclosure, same as before only a stronger stop to the inevitable. Hard to say."
Apr 16, 2020
C J James replied to Rodney Weatherholtz's discussion Realtor.com not being upfront
"It's amazing how we pay to insert the information. Then it's sold 10 times over. Then we pay again to receive the leads off our information. And we even get fined from our MLS if we insert the wrong stuff or put our info/web site in the public…"
May 22, 2015
C J James replied to Dustin McQuate's discussion PAS/ Wells Fargo
"We are all expendable by nature. If you don’t meet diversity requirements then you become 95% expendable."
Jan 1, 2014
C J James replied to Jesus (Jesse) Gonzalez's discussion REOPro Makes the Agent the AMC
"I'm in."
May 3, 2013
C J James replied to BOB ROUSE's discussion NRBA vs OPEN DOOR INSTITUTE
"My biz partner was a member of NRBA. There was no influence or extra biz that evolved from this organization. Clubs are expensive; the owners are the ones who cash in. I know Art Acosta was a member of NRBA and jumped ship to help form Open Door. I…"
Dec 7, 2011
C J James replied to Jonathan's discussion ARRO Management System
"Yea, I got it. I will wait an see. $75 x 20,000 agents=$1,500,000"
Apr 10, 2011
C J James replied to Dr. Marqueze D. Williams, Sr, NRBA's discussion NRBA VS OPEN DOOR INSTITUTE

My biz partner is a member (NRBA) for a couple of years now. It hasn’t increased our biz at all. Our clients work with us due to our own relationships and hard work. Building relationships and Google is very productive.
These companies are…"
Mar 8, 2011
C J James replied to Cathy Miller's discussion eMortgage Logic
"Does the find work button work anymore or is it email blast only?"
Dec 15, 2010
C J James replied to Richard J. Allen's discussion OneWest Bank
"Same here first loss I started with them in 2005. I am beginning to think it has to do with your last name. Companies are diversifying."
Aug 17, 2010
C J James replied to Edgar Levin's discussion Evaluation Solutions a.k.a. Evalonline
"Oh, this company has been doing this for years. You would of thought someone would have contacted their client who provides them with the business or maybe they are dirt bags as well dunno.

These Mills get $125 to $175 per order you are paid out of…"
May 16, 2010
C J James replied to John Shipstead's discussion What are the NEWEST ASSET MANAGEMENT COMPANIES you can find or have heard that will be needing REO agents??
"Hi John, how did you find out in PAS that your status changed from REO to BPO? curious because I think this may have happened to me.

Apr 20, 2010
C J James left a comment for Shawn Doran
"Hi Shawn, I am in the Los Angeles , CA area."
Apr 20, 2010