I have searched out this information. The ex VP for NRBA is now with Open Door. I know that conversation has been brought up before but clarification is really needed...What are you guys thoughts? Any one? Which one is the best to join? I am really leaning towards NRBA but Open Door has some good things happening. Please advise...

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  • Alot of people I have noticed have quit the NRBA I am not sure what the deal is but I do find that strange. 

  • For those interested in the Open Door Institute, please visit the website and sign up.  I think is a great organization and the cost is very minimal. 

    • Have you gotten good results from joining? There are so many companies asking everyone to join them and money is tight for everyone. I would hate to pick the wrong thing. atlantareosales@gmail.com 

  • Any one have a discount code for Five Star?

  • Great Topic Marqueze, I was invited to NRBA and Open Door, also Five Star is doing their own version of these. But in reality is they cost money, I don't mind INVESTING my money in the right organization, marketing or software that will increase my business and my productivity. But lets face it I have done OK without any of them, I am not bumping my chest by any means.

    I am just a mid size REO agent. But I have been able to increase my inventory, my relationships, my business and clients, well with the help of some friends and lots of perseverance and always looking for the right opportunity, not waiting for the opportunity to come to me.

    Yes I would like to have more clients, more inventory and make more money, who doesn't? but at what cost. All these groups wont guaratee you anything, and in reality I don't expect them, they will help you knock on the door, but at the end of the day you have to do your own magic, charm, pitch, or whatever you want to call it to get the business. Last year I spend too much in conferences, classes, softwares, websites, mentors, etc. and the only thing that help me make more money were the conferences because of the new friends I made in the networking events.

    This year I am trying to be more selective with them as well. That is the reason I will only attend 4 this year and I will try to space them out. I am sure I will make good contacts and I will increase my business, but I doubt I will join NRBA or Open Door or any other REO "Experts" organization where I have to pay so much money to be part of it. 

    • Jose, hey buddy! Man I just want to say thank you 1st of all. Man track my foreclosure has been a true blessing to me! Now, I understand exactly where you are coming from with your opinion. I consider my self having much favor in this business but I am contemplating on joining NRBA. I was invited by all of the big wigs as well but a great source of mine informed me that they only accept Brokers who are NRBA members. Freaked me out! But hey I figure a new account, 1 closing will pay for my membership. I have done great without them, true...Could I do better with them? Don't know yet but soon I will find out lol...Hey man are you attending 5Star this year?
      • Marqueze it has been a little while little more than five months since you were going to find out about joining NRBA, what have you found out with joining them? Has it expanded your business?


        Looking forward to your feedback

      • I am skipping Five Star this year. I always have a great time and make good connections there, but I will give it a break this year. I will be in the area in June for the REO EXPO, I will go to the West Coast in Sept, and I can't take the whole month on conferences, I am sure my wife wouldn't like that. Got to keep the boss happy.

        I wont say totally that I wont join any of the groups, maybe I will NRBA, I know I miss the boot camp, but I have time till end of April to join and go to Denver. I might see you there.

    • On that note Jose, what conferences do you like?
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