• Min. $60-$65 for exteriors and $80-$85 for interiors that are located within 10 miles of my office is as low as I can go. I still get some but most are taken by others and hopefully only licensed agents are doing them but who knows... I don't know how people can live for anything less; you could work at McDonalds for $18+ an hour and save the wear and tear on your car, gas $$, office supplies/overhead (electric).... It's crazy how much it has come down in what companies will pay over the past 20 years when they were actually paying more then vs today
  • Sam, my guess is an office that hires unlicensed people to do their photos and data entry for them. Due to the virus situation, I do NOT do any interiors unless they are vacant on lockbox. I know ProTeck has condition reports in this area for $50 which is double what others pay. I really like to get them.
    • Proteck has an option that one can counteroffer asking more. Often a robot approves it if not greedy. Its drive by pays just 15.
      I do commercial full-blown rpt that can pay up to $190 or finding 3 commercials for $100 ish. Need Costar subscription.
  • If they call I ask for a reasonable price. Gas is ~$6 dollars/gallon in SFBA so I ignore them focus on other chores.
  • I won't do an "interior" anything for less than $75. It takes too much time to work out time/date with POC. They mess up the flow of my work day and everything has to work around them. I have even gotten to some homes and the POC "forgot" that it was scheduled even after it was confirmed.
  • Not me - I counter them all for much more depending on locations
  • Not me. I guess there are people out there who will? I have gotten some BPO requests that start really low and then get email that the price has increased.
  • I haven't seen any Clear Capital in a while, but Single Source is paying $35 (?) for exterior BPOs which, frankly, is way too little. However, since they do negotiate the Standard Property Inspection Reports (photos only) from $15 to $25, I imagine (you) could ask for a fee upgrade. Truth is, I don't want to be bothered with BPOs anymore - too time-consuming for too little money. I am doing a lot of the standard Property Inspections Reports, though. A drive, 5 photos and $25. The extra money pays my office fees :)
    • I am live in CA and gas prices are $5 a gallon and driving an SUV doesn't help. I will end up paying them to do it, however if they did assign assets then it would pay off sooner or later.
      • wow! of course - I wouldn't either. However here in Houston, TX the gas is about $2.69 and I don't go more than a 15 mile radius. As far as assets? well, who knows. I doubt it but hey, you never know. I've only had 2 in the last couple of months.
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