• I was a member of both until recently when I allowed my membership with NRBA to lapse. They share when you find the to attend some of their meetings but no business comes of it as most list are outdated and their is no relationship building with new comers. As for the open door institute they have weekly webinars, a great social media group and when you request help they respond. I hope this helps, this was my experience others might have different opinions.
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    Is the conference call open to anyone. Can you send me the details to


    • Fernando, if you click on Shannon's profile and make her your friend on this site she will be happy to send you all of the details.  I will be on the call also.........

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  •  What exactly is The Open Door Institute?   One year I got the email   I had finally been accepted into the NRBA after 2 years of waiting. I paid the dues, over $2000 for the year.  I went to the meetings.  But nothing ever came from it. Sure, i got a list of REO asset managers but I had found most of those on my own over the years.  Art Acosta was with the NRBA at that time and I got the impression that his job was to keep the asset manager contacts and promote the professional expertise of the NRBA members. I think he did a good job with that.   When I saw the emails and his name associated with The Open Door Institute I looked at it. But I really could never figure out exactly what is it?

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  • My biz partner was a member of NRBA. There was no influence or extra biz that evolved from this organization. Clubs are expensive; the owners are the ones who cash in. I know Art Acosta was a member of NRBA and jumped ship to help form Open Door. I feel that referrals and good old hard work gets you where you deserve to be, whether its retail, SS, or REO etc.


  • I got an email from NRBA to update my references since they are considering new applicants in my area. Any members please let us know what your experience has been with both companies.

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