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I have all of Google’s Top 10!

WOW, I just was looking over some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) stuff for a question recently sent to me by a member and I noticed, in Google’s search Engine, if you type, Jesse Gonzalez Nashville, you get 293,000 results of which, I am all of the top 10, first page!!!!

The best part of all this, I didn’t have to pay a dime for it. Yes, it was completely free.

So, how did I do it?


That’s right, all I did was blog at least once a week and now my brand, my name, is the top 10 for Jesse Gonzalez Nashville. In fact, I started looking over other possible searches for me like, Jesse Gonzalez, Jesse D. Gonzalez, Jesse Gonzalez Realtor, Jesse Realtor in Nashville, Jesse Foreclosure Realtor, Jesse Foreclosure and it seems that no matter how you word it, I pop up at least twice in the top 10 and at least once in the top 5.

Once again, if you want to become a local real estate expert, if you want to SEO optimize your brand, you can’t underestimate the power of blogging.

For goodness sake, what is stopping you? Are you just sooooo busy that you can’t spend at least 20 minutes a week writing at least a three paragraph blog. Are you soooo busy that you can’t post your blog on AgentNewsWire for even greater SEO Optimization are just soooo busy all that is just too much? Are you sooooo scared that you might write something wrong or misspell something or offend someone or (insert your excuse here).

I got one thing to say…………..just remember that your competition isn’t.

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Why I Like comments!

No Brainer if you ask me. What is the point of writing a blog if no one comments? I guess there is something to be said for getting a bother off your chest....venting so to speak. However, I feel it rather nice to be more interactive. I like to make a post that others have an interest in reading. I more than like to hear what they thought about it. The interactive aspect is a learning tool and a networking tool for me. So please, if you read my blogs......leave me a comment about your thoughts. I wanna hear ya! Your comments will help get to know you better. It is called 'branding' ;~)Linda Landry, REALTOR ® Exit Realty 1st Choice Tucson, Arizona
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Helpful Tools

I would like to share a wonderful tool that I have discovered to you. I know that many of you may already have this tool however, it never hurts to share again and I didn't see it in the archives of this platform.This wonderful tool is called - Google ChromeWow - that is all I can say.Had I known this tool existed it would have made my life so much easier.It is an additional browser that you can use in addition to Explorer, foxfire, etc. But the capabilities far exceed anything they do. It is wonderful for those of us that have to constantly check sites for BPO orders, REO tasks, etc. You can set this program up so that when you open it, ALL of the sites YOU CHOSE open up at the same time, with one click!This is a free program, easy to use and decipher. It has even lead me to Google Docs and many other tools I didn't know existed.To download it - go to and download the program - you will be AMAZED at what it does.Play with it, enjoy it and realize the time that this program is going to save you in opening sites alone!!!! Not to mention the faster speed in which they open.I know that I haven't even hit all of the highlights, but was excited to share this great find with you and help you make your life easier.Hope you are having a better than great day!
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ABC: Blogging 101

A=Action Your subject line must create action! Think about how you scan material you receive in your inbox or on your screen and how you decide what to spend your time reading. Your subject line must not only communicate your content but compel your potential reader to open.B=Body This is your content information. Keep it as simple and informative as possible. Your personal style will dictate. Some people are more education and teaching directed and others have a way of communicating with humor. Follow your personal style but keep in mind the short attention span we seem to all have when browsing the net. Say or convey and then take your bow and leave.C=Comments This is where you learn if you have conveyed your point. When others respond they provide you feedback and critique. This is your opportunity to evaluate your purpose, interact with others and often gives you food for thought for your next blog!Linda Landry, REALTOR ® Exit Realty 1st Choice Tucson, Arizona
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Did you Google Me?

Many times before, I have written on the importance of blogging and, I am not sure I have made that big of an impact however, let me share with you a recent chance encounter that lead to business for me. As many of you know, I am a huge blogger, I love it so, to get me to do it, isn’t that hard and after I tell you what happened recently, I hope you to see blogging in a different light. Too make a long story short, I got directly contacted by an AM who googled me after reading my blog here on REOPro. He was directed to REOPro by searching, “REO Professionals” where came up in the 3rd spot. After seeing my blog and reading it over, he then googled, “Jesse Gonzalez” where I have the 2 and 6 spot. From there he was able to easily find my personal website and from there, he contacted me directly using the “Got a Question” feature. My point, blogging is a form of advertising and if you aren’t using it as such, you really aren’t utilizing to the fullest. Granted, it’s like farming, it can take a while to get established but, when you do, it pays off big. The lesson here, blog, blog, blog. It’s a great way to get in the community and, allow others to use your editorial almost as a long term online interview. So, I got 1 question for ya, did you Google me?
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I am proud to announce that REOPro’s Google page rank is now up to 2. If you don’t know why that is important, let me explain. A Google page rank is a number that represent just how important your page is on the web. The more important you are, the more likely you will appear at the top of searches using keywords that describe your page. In other words, if someone does a Google search for “REOPro”, the more likely our page will appear at the top of the results that come up with a higher page rank. In fact, right now, we are number 8 out of 84,200 results with a current page rank of 2…that’s great! Now this is true with all our keywords, granted, none of them are as high as REOPro but, the higher our page rank, the more likely all those other keywords will start bubbling to the top. Keep in mind, those of you who blog regularly……the more appearances on the main page, the more likely keywords in your blogs will be ranked as well. For example, if you search “Jesse Gonzalez” you will get 2,800,000.00 results of which, I am in the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 10th slots, putting me in 4 of the top 10. If we change the keyword just a bit and type “Jesse Gonzalez REO” then I appear in the top 9 spots out of 163,000 results, not bad. The best part is, almost all of those 9 spots are my blogs. Do you get the idea? So, what can you do to help you improve your page rank as well as help out REOPro’s page rank? Linking is one of the most important things you can do to raise your page rank. Google calculates that if your page is important enough to have someone link to it, then that means something. So, if you haven’t put our REOPro badge on your main page of your website, you need to do so. Links and back links to industry related sites are the key to obtaining a high Page Rank. Thanks again all and good luck. I look forward to seeing those link request coming in.
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REOPro – How Can We All Benefit?

REOPRO is a new site that is focused on REO Agent education. At the time of this writing, there are about 150 members. From a very rough review of the site, my guess is about half of us have little or no REO experience and want to break into the niche du jour while the other half has been doing this long enough to think they know what they are doing. I like to think I fall into the later category.As with any new site, our success depends on one another. I hope that we do not fall into two different camps – those in the know and those wanting to know. We are all here, I assume, to grow and better perfect our trade.MY METHOD - BLOGA method that I have been very successful with in my own personal growth is to teach. When I teach, I am forced to research and know the answers before I share them. Now, I don’t teach in a traditional classroom or even with traditional students. Rather I write.That’s right, I will find a topic of interest to me – typically one that I know enough about to be dangerous – but not an expert. What usually prompts me is I question something that I think I know, but am not sure of. So, I research and I document my research. Other times, I write about my experiences as I go through a certain aspect of my business / life.If you are a seasoned REO Agent, then you have something to share. I know you are busy, but this is an effort that will come back and reward you many times over – if you do it right.If you were to Google my name, you’d find that I have over 400 articles published – most on my primary blog – HemetRealEstateBlog.Com. I do have 4 or 5 other blogs that I write to on occasion, plus I am a guest author on another handful of blogs. When you Google me, make sure you check out Video as a search option and you’ll find that I have nearly 200 videos published as well – all of them from the very early days of video on the internet – March to June 2006. I quit, because I was not satisfied with my editing capabilities and I thought I looked goofy. However, there is not a month that goes by when I still don’t receive a phone call or email asking a specific question about the content of one of my videos.I share this because a public forum like REOPro can give you instant credibility and it helps everyone else who participates.MAKE THE MOST OF REOPRONow, this is a site that is dedicated to REO real estate and not all aspects of real estate. So, I for one truly hope that we will not see a bunch of articles that are off topic – you know what I mean…no one cares bout new home sales, FSBO’s, or any other real estate topic that cannot be tied to REO’s.OK, so if you are new, what can you write about? Well that’s easy…document your journey. Write a diary of what you go through to build your business. When you see something that someone in your market is doing good, let us know…then again if you see something that someone in your agent is doing that gives REO’s a bad name, let us know that too.Being new to the niche will mean you have the most questions. Instead of asking the same questions over and over again in different blogs, why not turn your question into your won blog post and solicit help from readers. I would suggest a format where you ask the question and give your best idea of what the answer is – and ask for clarification and further input.GOOGLE AND SEOBy generating your own blog, you are now generating your own credibility – both here in the REOPro community as well as in your own market. The good news, the more article that are written the more Google and the other search engines will respect this site and give us higher search engines in our own market. I’ll add some article here about blogging and the search engines – but believe me when I say, the more the merrier for everyone.The second step you can take to make REOPro a more productive networking platform is to add comments to others blogs. If you read something that makes sense to you – or maybe it doesn’t….leave a comment for the author. As a blog writer I can tell you that comments on my blog validate me which encourage me to write more. Maybe you missed Stacie Cunninghams blog article about me - well, I've got to tell you it motivated me to start contributing here.Way to network Stacie!Another task you can take on yourself is to invite others to REOPro - remember, the Team spirit - Together Everyone Achieves More!Finally, the way I see it, REOPro is so new that we are on the ground floor. This can get as big and as important in our industry as we make it. Can you imagine the clout the agents who started NRBA or REOMAC have in those organizations today?So, to all of those REO REALTORS and those who want to be, welcome to this site and I hope you will make it your own.John Occhi, REO REALTOR®Century 21 Crest – CrestREOJohn Occhi is a REO REALTOR® thatspecializes in the sale of bankowned homes in the Inland Empireregion of Southern California. Hehas helped many buyers acquiregreat deals on these REO homes.His company, CrestREO, the REODivision of Century 21 Crest – the77th largest C21 in the Nation, hasSold Over $1Billion in REO Sales.

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