Ray Anderson replied to CECILIA D FOX's discussion Is any one a TREO International Elite Agent?
"Hey Cece,

Off Topic I know but just wanted to thank you for one your posts discussing Ocwen stock price, picked up some Put "options" the other day and if you have been following their stock it has been a beautiful week  for "shorts" that  is (I've…"
Jan 13, 2015
Ray Anderson replied to Sally's discussion What are you doing now, when BPO or real estate work is low?
"I have been in the Real Estate Business for 23 years and still love it, however I am not getting back into selling. I have been doing BPO's for the last seven years and made a significant income doing it so I went and got my appraiser Licence and…"
Nov 26, 2014
"All good now, they had slow pay last year but all has been rectified"
Nov 26, 2014
Ray Anderson replied to Willie Matthews's discussion BPO Software
"Get better at filing out the form yourself, what I did when I started is I sat there and did the same report over and over and over again, until you dont have to look at form to input and your only look at your research, make sure your research is…"
Oct 27, 2014
Ray Anderson replied to G. Gonzalez's discussion Market to Market
"don't listen to the non sense great company been with them for years, I got started with them by sitting there refreshing the screen and picked orders before the bast ever reached anyone and now 1000's of bpo's later I am glad to share, they called…"
Oct 2, 2014
Ray Anderson replied to Darlene M Untermeyer's discussion Equi-Trax
"This business winding down that's all she wrote...."
Sep 16, 2014
Ray Anderson replied to Darlene M Untermeyer's discussion Equi-Trax
"Still consistent in Chicago for Equitrax but other companies have slowed in the last 60 days I am down 30% overall the last 2 months"
Sep 15, 2014
Ray Anderson replied to Ed Tobey's discussion How long does it take you to do a really good BPO?
"These people crack me up, nice to see someone knows what they are doing, did you see the ones about automated comps search lol......"
Jul 22, 2014
Ray Anderson replied to CECILIA D FOX's discussion Valuation Vision huge amount of orders today - almost spamming
"Yes I am getting them as well, as if it's not bad enough they pay substandard fee's they are spamming orders to the point I just ignore them, BPO Fulfillment/Mainstreet are doing them same thing and same fee's I hope others are ignoring them at…"
Jul 3, 2014
Ray Anderson replied to Jim Marks's discussion Valuation Vision WARNING
"I also have about 40 orders waiting to get paid on dating back to November, do you have an e mail for this guy ZAIO?"
Mar 25, 2014
Ray Anderson replied to Marvin Von Renchler's discussion FARVV / Corelogic being sold. Beginning of the end, friends.
"They are good company fell behind in payments last year but for the most part caught up now. I have been with them fro 7 years and have done allot with them, people there are the best in the business from my experience and I work with allot of…"
Mar 3, 2014
Ray Anderson replied to Ruben Laviaga's discussion Broker Price Opinion
"10 out 10 brokers will tell you they don't pay or they will negotiate down to 70% to get you off thier back and give you some stupid story"
Feb 27, 2014
Ray Anderson replied to Craig Phillips's discussion New to reo pro
"Hey Craig,

I have been doing this for 7 years now, been in Real Estate for 20 and can offer you some solid advise but you need to accpet my  "freind" request and I will write you back"
Feb 24, 2014
Ray Anderson replied to Suzanne's discussion Received email today from Brokerpriceopinion regarding payment.
"This is very typical for them as I am sure you learning, the next step they will take is try to offer you 70-80% payment paid in full or 100% over a 12 month period and give you some excuse about an "employee" again all very typical for them"
Nov 16, 2013
Ray Anderson left a comment for Juli Turrell
"Hey Juli regarding doing BPO's for free, I have completed well over 10,000 bpo's over the last 7 years and have never received a listing nor an offer of one. So personally I wouldn't do a BPO for free to get a listing, just my two cents. For the…"
Sep 26, 2013
Ray Anderson replied to VICTOR COHEN's discussion MARK TO MARKET
"Yes I have been working with them for 7 years and I do allot of work for them, they have always been great, actually everyone there is great Payments were always like clock work never any issues until this year, I don't know exactly what is going…"
Sep 26, 2013