So are any of you having a back up plan with less work to do or less income?  I got a job with InstaCart (shopping for people and/or delivery groceries) as a back up plan. I have been with them for about a week.   It's an interesting job.  You get to go to nice neighborhoods you never seen before.  The drive is nice and you schedule your own work hours which is pretty nice.

I believe I will be getting more pay doing this than the BPO orders.  From what I can see, I maybe able to put at least quite a bit of money into my retirement account or pay off my debts.

One realtor told me, he had a friend working for Uber and is making 6 digit figure from driving CEO clients in an area.  You have to have a nice cleaned reliable car with a clean driving record.  Not sure they if they preferred a particular model.

From what I got out of this back up job, working with business clients is better.  Thought, I'll throw this information for those who need income while the real estate market is not doing that great at the moment.

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  • I have been in the Real Estate Business for 23 years and still love it, however I am not getting back into selling. I have been doing BPO's for the last seven years and made a significant income doing it so I went and got my appraiser Licence and doing that now, although my"sponsor" in the appraisal side of the business isn't used to my work ethic, (he thinks 1 appraisal a day is a busy day) lolol.... I will get him trained and up to speed soon.. I hope!!

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